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Luqman (Luqman, Lukman)
as rendered by Aisha Bewley
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Aisha Bewley rendition of Surah Luqman, Lukman(Luqman)
31:1 Alif Lam Mim.
31:2 Those are the Signs of the Wise Book —
31:3 guidance and mercy for the good-doers:
31:4 those who establish salat and pay zakat and are certain of the Next World.
31:5 Such people are following guidance from their Lord. They are the ones who are successful.
31:6 But there are some people who trade in distracting tales to misguide people from Allah´s Way knowing nothing about it and to make a mockery of it. Such people will have a humiliating punishment.
31:7 When Our Signs are recited to such a person, he turns away arrogantly as if he had not heard, as if there was a great weight in his ears. So give him news of a painful punishment.
31:8 For those who have iman and do right actions there are Gardens of Delight,
31:9 to remain in them timelessly, for ever. Allah´s promise is true. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.
31:10 It is Allah Who created the heavens with no support — you can see them — and cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth so that it would not move under you, and scattered about in it creatures of every kind. And We send down water from the sky and make every generous species grow in it.
31:11 This is Allah´s creation. Show me then what those besides Him have created! The wrongdoers are clearly misguided.
31:12 We gave Luqman wisdom: ´Give thanks to Allah. Whoever gives thanks only does so to his own good. Whoever is ungrateful, Allah is Rich Beyond Need, Praiseworthy.´
31:13 When Luqman said to his son, counselling him, ´My son, do not associate anything with Allah. Associating others with Him is a terrible wrong.´
31:14 We have instructed man concerning his parents. Bearing him caused his mother great debility and the period of his weaning was two years: ´Give thanks to Me and to your parents. I am your final destination.
31:15 But if they try to make you associate something with Me about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. Keep company with them correctly and courteously in this world but follow the Way of him who turns to Me. Then you will return to Me and I will inform you about the things you did.´
31:16 ´My son, even if something weighs as little as a mustard-seed and is inside a rock or anywhere else in the heavens or earth, Allah will bring it out. Allah is All-Pervading, All-Aware.
31:17 My son, establish salat and command what is right and forbid what is wrong and be steadfast in the face of all that happens to you. That is certainly the most resolute course to follow.
31:18 Do not avert your face from people out of haughtiness and do not strut about arrogantly on the earth. Allah does not love anyone who is vain or boastful.
31:19 Be moderate in your tread and lower your voice. The most hateful of voices is the donkey´s bray.´
31:20 Do you not see that Allah has subjected to you everything in the heavens and earth and has showered His blessings upon you, both outwardly and inwardly? Yet there are people who argue about Allah without knowledge or guidance or any illuminating Book.
31:21 When they are told: ´Follow what Allah has sent down,´ they say, ´No, we will follow what we found our fathers doing.´ What! Even if Shaytan is calling them to the punishment of the Blazing Fire?
31:22 Those who submit themselves completely to Allah and do good have grasped the Firmest Handhold. The end result of all affairs is with Allah.
31:23 And do not let the kufr of those who are kafir sadden you. They will return to Us and We will inform them about the things they did. Allah knows what the heart contains.
31:24 We will let them enjoy themselves a little, then drive them to a harsh punishment.
31:25 If you asked them, ´Who created the heavens and the earth?´ they would say, ´Allah!´ Say: ´Praise be to Allah!´ But most of them do not know.
31:26 Everything in the heavens and earth belongs to Allah. Allah is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy.
31:27 If all the trees on earth were pens and all the sea, with seven more seas besides, was ink Allah´s words still would not run dry. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.
31:28 Your creation and rising is only like that of a single self. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.
31:29 Do you not see that Allah makes night merge into day and day merge into night, and that He has made the sun and moon subservient, each one running for a specified time, and that Allah is aware of what you do?
31:30 That is because Allah — He is the Truth, and what you call upon besides Him is falsehood. Allah is the All-High, the Most Great.
31:31 Do you not see that ships sail on the sea by Allah´s blessing so that He can show you something of His Signs? There are certainly Signs in that for everyone who is steadfast and thankful.
31:32 When the waves hang over them like canopies, they call on Allah, making their deen sincerely His. But then when He delivers them safely to the land, some of them are ambivalent. None but a treacherous, thankless man denies Our Signs.
31:33 Mankind! have taqwa of your Lord and fear a day when no father will be able to atone for his son, or son for his father, in any way. Allah´s promise is true. So do not let the life of this world delude you and do not let the Deluder delude you concerning Allah.
31:34 Truly Allah has knowledge of the Hour and sends down abundant rain and knows what is in the womb. And no self knows what it will earn tomorrow and no self knows in what land it will die. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.


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