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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Imran (The Family of Imran, The House of Imran)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Family of Imran, The House of Imran(al-Imran)
3:1 A.L.M. (Alif. Lam. Mim.
3:2 God, there is no god except Him, the living and the eternal
3:3 He sent down the book to you with the truth confirming what was before it and He sent down the Torah and the Gospe
3:4 in the past as a guide for the people, and He sent down the criterion. Indeed those who disbelieved in God’s signs, a severe punishment is for them. God is powerful and revengeful
3:5 Nothing is hidden from God on the earth and in the skies
3:6 He is the One who shapes you in the wombs as He wants. There is no god except Him, The powerful and the wise
3:7 He is the One who sent down the book to you, of which some verses are firm and they are the basis of the book, and others are metaphorical. As for those who have perversion in their hearts, they follow the metaphorical ones of it, wishing for disorder and looking for its interpretation, while no one except God knows their interpretation. And the scholars of knowledge say: we believe in it, all of it is from our Master. But only the people of understanding (reasonable people) take notice
3:8 Our Master, do not let our hearts deviate after You guided us, and give us mercy from Your presence. You are the giver
3:9 Our Master, You are gatherer of the people on the day that there is no doubt about it. God does not break the promise
3:10 Those who disbelieved, their wealth and children will never benefit them against God. They are fuel for the fire
3:11 Like habit of Pharaoh’s people and those before them, they denied Our signs, so God punished them for their sins. God is severe in punishment
3:12 Tell those who disbelieved: you are going to be defeated and gathered together in hell, and it is a bad resting place.
3:13 Indeed there was a sign for you in the two groups that encountered (in the battle of Badr), a group was fighting in God's way, and the other disbelieved. They saw them twice as many, with their own eyes. God supports anyone He wants with His help. There is a lesson in this for those who have insight
3:14 Love of the desires such as women and children and loads and loads of gold and silver and branded horses (of excellent breed) and the livestock and the crop was made attractive for the people. These are the enjoyments of this world’s life, while the best place to return is with God.
3:15 Say: shall I inform you about better than that? Those who control themselves will have with their Master gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever, and pure spouses and pleasure of God. God sees His servants
3:16 those who say: our Master, we believed, forgive us our sins, and protect us from the punishment of the fire
3:17 the patients (and persevering) and the truthful ones and the obedient ones and the spenders (in God's way) and the ones asking for forgiveness at the dawn
3:18 God and the angels and those having knowledge testify that there is no god except Him, standing with the justice. There is no god except Him, the powerful and the wise
3:19 Indeed, the way of life before God is submission (to Him), and those who were given the book did not disagree except after knowledge came to them, due to jealousy among them. And if anyone disbelieves in God’s signs, God is quick in accounting
3:20 If they argue with you, say: I submitted my manner (of life) to God, and so did my followers. And say to those who were given the book and the illiterates: did you submit yourselves? If they submit then they are guided and if they refuse then your responsibility is only preaching. God sees His servants
3:21 Those who disbelieve in God’s signs and kill the prophets unjustly and kill those among the people who order to justice, warn them of a painful punishment
3:22 They are those whose works became useless in this world and in the hereafter, and there are no helpers for them
3:23 Did you not see those who were given some benefit of the book, being invited to God's book to judge between them (in their disputes), then a group of them turned away and they opposed
3:24 This is because they said: the fire will never touch us except for a few days. And what they were fabricating deceived them in their way of life
3:25 And how will it be when We gather them on a day that there is no doubt in it and every person is paid back (in full) for whatever he earned and they will not be wronged
3:26 Say: God, owner of the rule, You give the rule to anyone You want and You take away the rule from anyone You want, and You give honor (and dignity) to anyone You want and You humiliate (and disgrace) anyone You want, goodness is in Your hands, and You are capable of everything
3:27 You make the night pass into the day and You make the day pass into the night, and You bring the living from the dead, and You bring the dead from the living, and You provide for anyone You want without any limit
3:28 The believers shall not take disbelievers as their supporters (and protectors) in lieu of the believers. And whoever does this, then he is not on anything from God (and has nothing to do with Him), unless you cautiously protect yourself from them. And God warns you about Himself (and His punishment). And the final return is to God
3:29 Say: whether you hide what is in your minds or you disclose it, God knows it. And He knows what is in the skies and what is on the earth. And God is capable of everything
3:30 A day that every person finds, all the good it did and all the bad it did, present and wishes for a great distance between itself and between that. God warns you about Himself (and His punishment). God is gentle to His servants
3:31 Say: if you love God, then follow me, so God will like you and will forgive your sins. God is forgiving and merciful
3:32 Say: obey God and the messenger. But if they refuse then God does not like the disbelievers
3:33 God chose Adam and Noah and Abraham’s family and Imran’s family above all other people
3:34 Some were offspring of the others. God hears all and knows all
3:35 (Remember) when Imran’s wife said: God, I pledge dedication of what is in my womb to You, so accept it from me, indeed You hear all and know all
3:36 So when she gave birth to it, she said: God I gave birth to a girl, while God knew better what she gave birth to, and boy is not like girl, and I named her Mary and I place her and her children under your protection from the expelled Satan
3:37 Her God accepted her with best acceptance, and raised her with good upbringing, and made Zachariah her guardian. Every time Zachariah entered the chamber, he found food with her. He said: Mary, where did this come from for you? She said: from my God, indeed God provides for whom He wants without any limit
3:38 It was then that Zachariah prayed to his Master, he said: Master, give me a good child from Your presence, You are the hearer of the calls.
3:39 And the angels told him while he was standing in prayer in the chamber: God gives you good news of Yahya (John the Baptist), who confirms God's word, and a gentleman and innocent, and a prophet from the righteous
3:40 He (Zachariah) said: God, how can I have a son, when I have reached old age, and my wife is infertile? He (the angel) said: it is like that, God does what He wants
3:41 He said: God, give me a sign. He said: your sign is that for three days you will only speak to people in sign language, and remember your Master often, and praise Him in the evening and the early morning
3:42 And (remember) when the angels said: Mary, God chose you and made you chaste and chose you above all the women of humankind
3:43 Mary, be obedient to your Master, and show humbleness, and bow down with those who bow down
3:44 This is among the stories of the unseen that we reveal to you. You were not with them when they were drawing their ballots that which one will be the guardian of Mary, and you were not with them when they were disputing
3:45 (Remember) when the angels said: Mary, God indeed gives you the good news with a word from Him, his name is Jesus Christ, son of Mary, respected in this world and in the hereafter, and one of the close ones (to God)
3:46 And he speaks to the people from the cradle to old age, and he is of the righteous
3:47 She said: my Master, how could I have a son when no human being has touched me? He (the angel) said: it is like that, God creates what He wants, when He decides on an issue, then He just says for it: be, and it will be
3:48 And He (God) will teach him the book and the wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel
3:49 And he will be a messenger for children of Israel (saying): I came to you with a miracle from your Master, I make something in the shape of a bird, out of clay for you, then I blow in it, and with God’s permission it becomes a bird, and I heal the born blinds and lepers and bring back the dead to life with God’s permission, and I tell you what you eat and what you store in your houses, there is a sign in that for you if you are believers
3:50 and confirming what is before me from the Torah while I make lawful some of the things that were forbidden to you and I brought you a sign from your Master, so be cautious of God and obey me
3:51 God is your Master and my Master, so serve Him, this is a straight path
3:52 When Jesus felt their disbelief, he said: who are my helpers to God? The apostles said: we are God’s helpers, we believe in God, and be witness that we are submitted (to God)
3:53 Our Master, we believe in what You sent down and we follow the messenger, so write us down as witnesses
3:54 They plotted and God planned, but God is the best of the planners
3:55 (Remember) when God said: Jesus, I make you die, and bring you up to Me, and cleanse you from those who disbelieved, and make those who follow you above those who disbelieved until the resurrection day. Then, your return is to Me, and I judge between you in what you disagreed about it
3:56 As for those who disbelieved, I punish them severely in this world and in the hereafter, and they have no helpers
3:57 And as for those who believed and did good works, He paybacks their reward (in full). God does not like the wrongdoers
3:58 We read that to you from the signs and the wise reminder
3:59 The example of Jesus with God is like Adam, He created him from dust and then He said to him: be, and he was
3:60 The truth is from your Master, do not have any doubts
3:61 And to anyone who argues with you about it after what came to you from the knowledge, say: let us invite our children and your children and our women and your women and ourselves and yourselves, then let us plea and put God’s curse upon the liars
3:62 This is indeed a true story. There is no god except God, and indeed God is the powerful and the wise
3:63 And if they refuse, God knows the corruptors
3:64 Say: people of the book, come to a word that is common between us and between you, (which is) do not serve anything but God, and do not make anything (or anyone) His partner, and some of us do not take others as our masters besides God. And if they refuse, then say: be witness that we are submitted (to God)
3:65 People of the book, why do you argue about Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel was not sent down until after him? Do you not understand
3:66 You are those who argued about what you had knowledge of, so why do you argue about things that you have no knowledge of? God knows and you do not know
3:67 Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a submitted monotheist and he was not one of the polytheists
3:68 The closest people to Abraham are those who followed him and this prophet (Muhammad) and those who believed. God is the protector (and supporter) of the believers
3:69 And a group of the people of the book like to misguide you, but they only misguide themselves and they do not realize
3:70 People of the book, why do you disbelieve in God’s signs, while you testify
3:71 People of the book, why do you disguise the truth with falsehood, and you hide the truth while you know
3:72 And a group of the people of the book said: believe in what was sent down to the believers during the daytime, and disbelieve it at the end of it, so they may return
3:73 Do not believe in anyone unless he follows your way of life. Say: indeed, the (true) guidance is God's guidance. (They say: do not believe) that anyone is given like what you were given, or they will argue with you before your Master. Say: grace is in God’s hand, He gives it to whomever He wants. God is bountiful and knowledgeable
3:74 He allocates His mercy to whomever He wants. He has enormous grace
3:75 Among people of the book, there are some that can be trusted with huge amounts (of money) and they will return it back to you, and there are some that if you trust them even with one dinar (or a penny) they will not return it back to you unless you keep up your demand, because they say: we have no responsibility to the illiterates. They lie from God, and they know
3:76 Yes, anyone who fulfills his promises and is cautious (of God), then indeed God loves those who control themselves
3:77 Those who exchange their promise to God and their oaths for a small price, they will have no share (of joy) in the hereafter, and God will neither speak to them nor look at them nor purify them on the resurrection day, and they will have a painful punishment
3:78 And among them is a group twisting their tongues (and speak in a way) about the book, that you think it is from the book while it is not from the book, and they say that it is from God while it is not from God, and they lie from God while they know
3:79 It is not (appropriate) for a human being that God gives him the book and the wisdom and the prophethood to say to the people that be my servants besides God, but rather (he says): be servants of your Master because of the book you were teaching and you were studying
3:80 And he will not instruct you to take the angels and the prophets as your masters. Will he instruct you to disbelief after you have submitted (to God)
3:81 And when God took a commitment from the prophets: whatever I gave you from book and wisdom, then a messenger came to you confirming what is with you, you shall believe in him and shall help him (and teach your followers to do the same). He said: do you agree and take on this contract? They said: we agree. He said: then be witness and I am with you among the witnesses.
3:82 Anyone who turns back after that, then they are disobedient
3:83 Are they looking for other than God's (recommended) way of life while everything in the skies and on the earth, willingly or unwillingly, submitted to Him and they are returned to Him
3:84 Say: we believed in God, and what was sent down to us, and what was sent down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Tribes (of Israel), and what was given to Moses and Jesus and the prophets from their Master, we do not differentiate between any of them, and we are submitted to Him
3:85 Whoever looks for a way of life other than submission (to God), it will never be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be of the losers
3:86 How does God guide a group who disbelieved after their belief, and testified that the messenger is true and clear proofs came to them? God does not guide the wrongdoing people
3:87 Their punishment is that the curse of God and the angels and all the people is upon them
3:88 remaining in it forever, their punishment will not be reduced, and they are not given any delay
3:89 except those who repented and straightened out after that, then God is forgiving and merciful
3:90 Indeed those who disbelieved after their belief, and then increased their disbelief, their repentance will never be accepted, and they are the misguided
3:91 Indeed if those who disbelieved and died while disbelievers fill the earth with gold and offer it as ransom, it will never be accepted from any of them. They have a painful punishment, and they have no helpers
3:92 You will never achieve the goodness until you spend (in God's way) from what you love. And anything that you spend (in God's way) God knows about it
3:93 All the foods were lawful for children of Israel before the Torah was sent down, except the ones that Israel had forbidden to himself. Say: bring the Torah and read it if you are truthful
3:94 Anyone who makes up a lie (and attributes it) to God after this, then they are the wrongdoers
3:95 Say: God spoke the truth, so follow faith of Abraham, a monotheist, and he was not of the polytheist.
3:96 The first (or best) house set up for the people was the one in Bekkah (Mecca), blessed and a guide for humankind
3:97 In it there are clear signs, (like) where Abraham stood (for prayer). And whoever enters it, is safe. The Pilgrimage of the house (Hajj) is due to God from the people, if they can afford the journey to it. And whoever disbelieved (should know that) God does not need any being.
3:98 Say: people of the book, why do you disbelieve in God’s signs, while God is witness over what you do
3:99 Say: People of the book, why do you obstruct God’s way for anyone who believed, looking for its distortion, while you are witnesses (to its truth), and God is not unaware of what you d
3:100 You who believe, if you obey a group of those who were given the book, they will turn you to disbelievers after your belief
3:101 How can you disbelieve while God’s signs are read to you and His messenger is among you? And whoever holds on to God is indeed guided to a straight path
3:102 You who believe, be cautious of God, the way He is deserved to be cautioned, and do not die except while you are submitted (to God)
3:103 And all of you hold on to the rope of God (Quran), and do not be divided. And remember God’s favor upon you, when you were enemies and He united your hearts, and you became brothers by His favor and when you were on the edge of a pit of fire and He saved you from it. This is how God clarifies His signs for you, so you may be guided
3:104 And there should be a group of you that invite to the good and instruct to the right (acceptable) and prohibit from the wrong (unacceptable). And they are the successful
3:105 And do not be like those who divided and disagreed after clear proofs came to them, and for them there is a great punishment
3:106 On a day that some faces become white (and are honored) and some faces become black (and are ashamed). As for those whose faces turn black (they will be told): did you disbelieve after your belief, so taste the punishment because of what you used to disbelieve
3:107 And those whose faces turn white will be in God’s mercy, remaining in it forever
3:108 These are God’s signs that We read them to you in truth, and God does not want any injustice for any being
3:109 Everything in the skies and on the earth belongs to God, and all affairs are returned to God
3:110 You are the best group that are brought out for the people, instructing to the right (acceptable) and prohibiting from wrong (unacceptable), and believing in God. And if the people of the book believed, it was better for them, some of them are believers while most of them are disobedient
3:111 They will never harm you except annoyance, and if they fight you they will turn their backs to you (and run away), and they will not be helped
3:112 Humiliation is marked on them where ever they are found, unless by (grabbing) rope of God and rope of the people, and they deserve God’s anger, and the poverty is marked on them, that is because they were disbelieving in God’s signs and were killing the prophets wrongfully, and that is because they disobeyed and were exceeding the limits (set by God)
3:113 They are not the same, some of the people of the book rise and read God’s signs during the night and show their humbleness
3:114 they believe in God and the last day, and they instruct to the right (acceptable) and prohibit from the wrong (unacceptable) and they rush to do good, and they are of the righteous
3:115 And whatever good they do, it will never be rejected, and God knows those who control themselves
3:116 Indeed those who disbelieved, their wealth and their children will never be of any use to them against God, and they are inhabitants of the fire remaining in there forever
3:117 The example of what they spend (in God's way) in this world's life is like an ice cold wind that hits harvest of a group who wronged themselves and destroys it. God did not wrong them, but they wrong themselves
3:118 You who believe, do not take any confidant besides yourselves, as they will not stop to drive you crazy, and they wish you what agonizes you, hatred has appeared from (words of) their mouths , and what their chests hides is even greater. We have clarified Our signs for you, if you understand
3:119 You love them while they do not love you, and you believe in all the books (while they do not). When they meet you they say: we believed. And when they are alone, they bite their fingertips because of the anger for you. Say: die with your anger. God knows what is inside the chests
3:120 If any good happens to you it upsets them and when any bad happens to you, they enjoy it. And if you persevere and control yourselves, their plots does not cause the least bit of harm to you. God surrounds what they do
3:121 And (remember) when you left your family early in the morning to assign the positions of the believers for the war (battle of Ohod). God hears all and knows all
3:122 (Remember) when two groups among you intended to be cowardly while God was their protector (and supporter), and believers should put their trust in God
3:123 And God helped you at (war of) Badr while you were weak, so be cautious of God, that you may be thankful
3:124 (Remember) when you told the believers: is it not enough for you that your Master helps you with three thousands angels being sent down
3:125 Yes, if you persevere and control yourselves, and they suddenly come upon you (and attack you), your Master helps you with five thousands striking angels
3:126 And God only made it as good news for you and to reassure your hearts with it. And the help is only from the powerful and the wise God
3:127 In order to cut off (and wipe out) a part of those who disbelieved, or to subdue them so they turn back disappointed
3:128 Nothing is up to you, He either accepts their repentance or punishes them. They are indeed wrongdoers
3:129 Everything in the skies and on the earth belongs to God, He forgives whom He wants and punishes whom He wants. And God is forgiving and merciful
3:130 You who believe, do not consume usury multiplying (compounding) it over and over, and be cautious of God, so you may be successful
3:131 And be cautious of the fire that is prepared for the disbelievers
3:132 And obey God and the messenger so you may receive mercy
3:133 And hurry up to forgiveness from your Master and to a garden as wide as the skies and the earth which is prepared for those who control themselves
3:134 those who spend (in God's way) in richness and in poverty, and suppress their anger and excuse people. And God loves the good doers
3:135 and those who, when they act indecently or wrong themselves, remember God and then ask forgiveness for their sins, and who forgives sins except God, and do not insist on what they did while they know
3:136 Their reward is forgiveness from their Master and gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever, an excellent reward for the doers
3:137 Ways (of life) before you have gone by, so travel through the earth to see what the end of the deniers was
3:138 This (Quran) is a declaration for the people, and a guide and an advice for those who control themselves
3:139 Do not get weak and do not be sad, while you are the superior if you are believers
3:140 If you were wounded, the group (of your enemies) was wounded similarly. We alternate these days among the people, so that God knows those who believed and He takes witnesses from among you. God does not like the wrongdoers
3:141 And so that God refines (by testing) those who believed and He wipes out the disbelievers
3:142 Or did you think that you enter the garden while God does not know those of you who tried hard (in His way) and those who persevered
3:143 And you certainly used to wish for the death to meet it in the past, so now you have seen it while you are looking (at it)
3:144 And Muhammad is only a messenger, the messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, would you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heel will never cause the least bit of harm to God. And God is going to reward the grateful ones
3:145 No one dies except by God’s permission, a determined mandate. And whoever wants the reward of this world, We give him from it. And whoever wants from the reward of the hereafter, We give him from it. And We are going to reward the grateful ones
3:146 And many prophets with many devoted men along side of them fought, and they did not lose courage by what happened to them in God's way and they did not weaken and they did not surrender. And God loves those who persevere
3:147 And they only said: our Master, forgive our sins and our excesses in our affairs and solidify our steps and help us against the disbelieving people
3:148 So God gave them the reward of this world and good reward in the hereafter. And God loves the good doers
3:149 You who believe, if you obey those who disbelieved, they will turn you back on your heels and you turn losers
3:150 Yes, God is your protector and He is the best helper
3:151 We are going to cast horror in the hearts of those who disbelieved for what they partnered with God, without Him sending down any reason for it. Their housing is the fire, and it is a bad place for the wrongdoers.
3:152 And God fulfilled His promise to you when you defeat them with His permission until you slacked off and disputed in the matter and you rebelled after He showed you what you loved. Some of you want this world and some of you want the hereafter. So He turned you away from (following) them to test you, and He has certainly excused you, and God is gracious to the believers
3:153 (Remember) when you were climbing and not paying attention to anyone, and the messenger was calling you from behind you. So He gave you sadness upon sadness, so that you do not feel sad over what you lost or what inflicted you. God is well aware of what you do
3:154 After the sadness, He sent down to you a peaceful nap overcoming a group of you while a group were worried about their lives, unjustifiably thinking about God like the thoughts of the ignorance, saying: is any part of the matter up to us? Say: indeed all the matters are up to God. They hide in themselves what they do not reveal to you, they say: if anything about the matter was up to us, we would not be killed here. Say: even if you stayed in your houses, those whom the death was written for them would come out to the place of their death. And God tests what is in your minds to purify what is in your hearts. God knows what is inside the minds
3:155 Those of you who turned away on the day that the two armies encountered (in the battle of Ohod), indeed Satan made them stumble because of some of what they did, and God has certainly excused them. God is forgiving and patient
3:156 You who believe, do not be like those who disbelieved and they said about their brothers when they travelled on the earth or were in a war: if they were with us, they would not have died and would not have been killed. So that God makes that a (source) of regret in their hearts. God gives life and causes death. And God sees what you do
3:157 If you are killed or die in God's way, then forgiveness and mercy from God is better than what they accumulate
3:158 Whether you die or you are killed, you shall be gathered before God
3:159 Because of God’s mercy you were gentle with them, and if you were blunt and hard hearted, they would have certainly gone away from around you, so excuse them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the affair, and when you decide then put your trust in God. Indeed God loves those who put their trust (in Him)
3:160 If God helps you, no one can overcome you, and if He leaves you then who helps you after Him? And the believers should put their trust in God
3:161 It is not right for any prophet to cheat, and anyone who cheats brings what he has cheated to the resurrection day, and everyone is paid back (in full) for what they did, and they are not wronged
3:162 Is anyone who follows God’s pleasure like someone who brings God’s anger upon himself and his place is hell and a bad destination
3:163 They have (different) ranks with God, and God sees what they do
3:164 God has certainly favored the believers when He sent a messenger among them from themselves, to read His signs to them and to purify them, and to teach them the book and the wisdom, while they were in clear error in the past
3:165 Or when a tragedy hits you while you have hit them with twice that, you said: where is this from? Say: it is from yourselves. God is indeed capable of everything.
3:166 And what happened to you on a day that the two armies encountered (in battle of Ohod) was with God’s permission and in order to know the believers,
3:167 and in order to know the hypocrites. And they were told: come, fight in God's way or defend (yourselves). They said: if we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you. In that day they were closer to the disbelief than to the belief. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts. And God knows better what they hide
3:168 To those who stayed behind and said about their brothers that if they had obeyed us, they would not have been killed, say: turn away the death from yourselves if you are truthful
3:169 And do not think of those who were killed in God's way as dead, but they are alive and have provisions with their Master
3:170 enjoying from what God gave them from His grace and being happy about those left behind them who have not joined them yet, (knowing that) there is no fear and no sadness for them
3:171 They are glad about God’s favor and grace, and that God does not waste reward of the believers
3:172 those who accepted the call of God and His messenger after being wounded, for those among them who did good and controlled themselves there is a great reward.
3:173 Those who when the people told them that the people have gathered against you, so be afraid of them, it increased their belief and they said: God is enough for us, and He is the best advocate
3:174 So they returned by a favor and grace from God, and were not injured, and they pursued God’s pleasure. And God has enormous grace
3:175 It is only Satan that scares his supporters, so do not fear them (Satan’s supporters) and fear Me if you are believers
3:176 Do not be sad by those who rush into disbelief, indeed they will never harm God a bit. God wants no share (of joy) for them in the hereafter, and a great punishment is theirs
3:177 Those who bought the disbelief for (the price of) the belief will never harm God a bit, and a painful punishment is theirs
3:178 Those who disbelieved should not think that whatever time We gave them is good for themselves, We only gave them time so that they increase their sins, and a humiliating punishment is theirs
3:179 God is not to leave the believers in the state you are in it, until He separates the bad from the good. And God is not to inform you of the unseen, but God chooses from His messengers whom He wants (to reveal the unseen to them), so believe in God and His messengers, and if you believe and control yourselves then a great reward is for you
3:180 Those who are stingy with what God gave them from His grace should not think that it is good for them. No, it is bad for them. What they were stingy about it, is going to be around their necks on the resurrection day. And inheritance of the skies and the earth belongs to God. And God is well aware of what you do
3:181 God has certainly heard word of those who said: indeed God is poor and we are rich. We are going to write what they said and their killing of the prophets unjustly, and We say: taste the burning punishment
3:182 This is for what your hands sent ahead (your deeds), and indeed God is not unjust to His servants
3:183 Those who said: indeed God charged us that we should not believe in any messenger until he brings us an offering of sacrifice that the fire eats it. Say: indeed messengers before me brought you the clear proofs and with what you said, so why did you kill them if you are truthful
3:184 So if they denied you, the messengers before you who brought the clear proofs and the scriptures and the enlightening book were also denied
3:185 Everyone tastes the death, and your reward is paid back on the resurrection day, so whoever is moved away from the fire and is entered the garden has succeeded. This world's life is only the illusion of enjoyment
3:186 You shall be tested with your wealth and your lives, and you shall hear a lot of harassment from those who were given the book before you and from those who associated (partners with God), and if you persevere and control yourselves, it is certainly a matter of determination
3:187 And (remember) when God took a commitment from those who were given the book, that you shall express it for (and make it known to) the people and not hide it. But they threw it behind their backs and traded it for a small price. They made a bad trade
3:188 Do not think that those who are happy with what they did and love to be praised for what they did not do, are safe from the punishment, and a painful punishment is for them
3:189 Rule of the skies and the earth belongs to God, and God is capable of everything
3:190 In the creation of the skies and the earth and the alternation (and the difference) between the night and the day there are signs for the people of understanding (reasonable people)
3:191 those who remember God standing up and sitting down and (lying) on their sides and think about the creation of the skies and the earth (saying): our Master, you did not create this for nothing , glory to You, so protect us from punishment of the fire
3:192 Our Master, indeed You have humiliated anyone whom You admit into the fire, and there are no helpers for the wrongdoers
3:193 Our Master, we heard a caller call for the belief (saying) that believe in your Master, so we believed. Our Master, forgive us our sins and remove our bad deeds from us, and make us die with the good ones
3:194 Our Master, give us what you promised us through your messengers and do not humiliate us on the resurrection day, certainly You do not break the promise
3:195 Their Master answered them: I do not waste deed of any doer among you whether male or female, you are all from one another, and those who migrated and were driven out of their homes and were harassed in My way and fought and were killed I shall remove their sins from them, and I shall admit them to gardens which rivers flow through them as a reward from God, and God has the best rewards
3:196 Do not be deceived by moving about the land (and successes) of those who disbelieved
3:197 (it is) a small enjoyment, but their housing is hell, and it is a bad resting place
3:198 But those who were cautious of their Master, for them are gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever as a gift from God, and what is with God is best for the good ones
3:199 And indeed among the people of the book there are those who believe in God and what was sent down to you and what was sent down to them, humble before God, they do not trade God’s signs for a small price, they will have their reward with their Master. God is indeed quick in accounting.
3:200 You who believe, persevere and call for perseverance and unite and be cautious of God so that you may be successful


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