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al-`Ankabut (The Spider)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Spider(al-`Ankabut)
29:1 Alif Lam Meem
29:2 Do people think they will be left alone because they say, “We believe,” then will not be tested?
29:3 We tested those before them. Allah knows the truthful and the liars.
29:4 Or do evildoers think they can beat Us? How wrong they judge!
29:5 Anyone expecting to meet Allah should know : Allah’s appointed time is fast approaching; and He is the Hearer, the Knower.
29:6 Whoever strives hard he strives for his benefit. Allah is Self-Sufficient, independent of all creation.
29:7 The believers who do good works will have their sins erased and We shall reward them in the best way for what they did
29:8 We urged humanity to treat their parents well, but if they strive to get you to associate with Me anything you have no knowledge of, then do not obey them. You will return to Me, when I shall inform you of what you did.
29:9 The believers who do good works, We shall join them with the righteous
29:10 Some people say, “We believe in Allah,” but when they are persecuted for the sake of Allah, they consider people’s persecution like Allah’s punishment. But if help arrives from Your Lord, they say, “We were with you all along.” Surely Allah knows best what is in people’s minds.
29:11 Allah knows the believers and the hypocrites
29:12 The disbelievers say to the believers: “Follow in our footsteps, and we will bear the burden of your sins,” though they won’t carry the believers’ sins. They are liars.
29:13 However, they will carry their own burdens and other burdens beside; and on Judgement Day they will be questioned about whatever falsehoods they made up
29:14 We sent Nuh to his people; he lived amid them for one thousand years less fifty. Then the flood destroyed them, they were still unrepentant wrongdoers;
29:15 We saved him and the companions of the Ark, which We made a sign for all people.
29:16 And Ibrahim too, when he said to his people: “Worship Allah and be mindful of Him. That is better for you, if only you knew.
29:17 Whatever you worship beside Allah are nothing but idols, you create a lie. Those you worship beside Allah have no power to provide for you; so seek provision from Allah, worship and thank Him; eventually you will return to Him.”
29:18 Makkans, if you reject the message, you will be like so many other nations before you. The Messenger’s task is to convey the message clearly
29:19 Have they not considered how Allah sets creation in motion and then periodically restores it? That is easy for Allah.
29:20 Say: “Wander about the land and see how He previously set creation in motion. Then Allah will bring into being the life of the Hereafter.” Allah has power over everything.
29:21 He punishes whomever He wills, and He shows kindness to whomever He wills; and eventually you will revert back to Him.
29:22 You can’t defeat Allah, either on Earth or in the sky; you have no protector or a helper beside Allah.
29:23 People who deny Allah’s signs and meeting Him despair of receiving My kindness, and they will have a painful punishment
29:24 The only response Ibrahim’s people gave was: “Kill him,” or “Burn him.” But Allah rescued him from the fire. There are signs in that for the believers.
29:25 Ibrahim said, “The reason you adopted idols beside Allah is the love of this life, something that you have in common. On Judgement Day, you will disown and curse each other when you see that your home will be the Fire, and you will have no help.
29:26 Lut believed in Ibrahim when he told him: “I am migrating to my Lord. He is the Almighty, the Wise.”
29:27 We granted Ibrahim Ishaq and Yaqub, planting prophethood in his offspring and knowledge of the Book; and We rewarded him in this life, and in the Hereafter he will be amid the righteous.
29:28 And Lut, when he said to his people, “You approach gross indecency in a way no one in the whole world has done before you.
29:29 How can you approach men, kidnap them, and perform repulsive acts in the clubs where you meet?” His people’s response was: “Fetch us Allah’s punishment, if you are truthful.”
29:30 Lut prayed: “My Lord, support me against people who are spoilers.
29:31 Our messengers came to Ibrahim with the good news of a child, then they told him, “We came to destroy the people of this city, its residents are wrongdoers.”
29:32 He quipped, “But Lut is living there.” They said, “We know who is living there. We will save him and his household, except for his wife, who will remain behind.”
29:33 When Our messengers came to Lut, he felt distressed since he couldn’t protect them, but the angels said, “Don’t be afraid or sad. We are here to save you and your household, except for your wife, who will remain behind.
29:34 We are to bring down a plague from the sky against the residents of this city because of their habitual sinfulness.”
29:35 We have left enough remains of it behind to be a clear sign for people who understand
29:36 To Madyan, We sent their brother Shu‘ayb, who said: “My people, worship Allah and long for the Last Day, and don’t roam the land, wreaking havoc.”
29:37 Yet they rejected him, so an Earthquake took them all of a sudden and by the next morning they lay dead in their homes.
29:38 Similarly, Ad and Thamud, what happened to them is quite clear from the ruins of their homes. Satan made their deeds appear attractive to them, preventing them from the path of Allah, though they could see right from wrong
29:39 Musa came with clear proofs to Qarun, Pharaoh and Haman, but they were arrogant in the land, they weren’t the first.
29:40 So We punished each one of them for their crime. We sent sand storms; the Blast; swallowed them in the bowels of the Earth; and others We drowned. Allah did not wrong any of them; rather, they wronged themselves
29:41 An example of those who adopt gods beside Allah is like a spider that spins a web – and a spider’s web is the weakest of homes – if only they knew.
29:42 Allah knows what they call on beside Him is nothing. He is the Almighty, the Wise.
29:43 We give people such examples, and the knowledgeable understand them.
29:44 Allah has created the Heavens and the Earth, and in that there is a sign for the believers
29:45 Recite the Book revealed to you, messenger, and perform the prayer. Without doubt, prayer protects from indecency and evil; and to remember Allah is greater still; and Allah knows well what you do
29:46 Believers, debate courteously with People of The Book – except the oppressors among them – and tell them: “We believe in what’s revealed to us and what’s revealed to you, Our God and your God is One, and we submit to Him.”
29:47 That is how We have revealed the Book to you; and those to whom We previously gave a share of the Book believe in it, just as some of them believe in it; only the disbelievers reject Our signs.
29:48 You did not recite any book before, nor did you ever copy it out with your right hand; had you done so then the fault finders would have a reason to doubt.
29:49 On the contrary, it contains clear verses in the breasts of knowledgeable people. Only wrongdoers reject Our signs
29:50 They say: “If only miracles were sent down to him from his Lord.” Say: “Miracles come from Allah, and I am a clear warner.”
29:51 Isn’t it enough that We revealed the Book to you so it may be recited to them? There’s kindness and a reminder in that for people who believe.
29:52 Say: “Allah is sufficient witness between me and you. He knows whatever is in the Heavens and the Earth. As for those who believe in falsehood and reject Allah, they are the losers.
29:53 They ask you to hasten the punishment, but the punishment would have already come, if the appointed time hadn’t been fixed. And it will strike them suddenly, when they least expect it.
29:54 They ask you to hasten the punishment; but Hell is big enough to contain the disbelievers
29:55 on the Day when the punishment envelops them from above and below their feet, and Allah says: “Taste the fruit of your deeds.
29:56 My believing servants, My Earth is vast, so worship Me wherever you are.
29:57 Every soul tastes death, then to Us you will be returned;
29:58 and the believers who perform good deeds shall settle in lofty homes of Paradise under which rivers flow, living there forever. What a wonderful reward for the hard workers,
29:59 who were patient and trusted their Lord
29:60 Animals don’t carry their provisions around; Allah provides for them and you. He is the Hearer, the Knower.
29:61 If you were to ask them: “Who created the Heavens and the Earth, and harnessed the sun and the moon?” Without doubt, they will say, “Allah!” So why do they spread lies?
29:62 Allah distributes His provision to anyone He wills among His servants, and He measures it out for him. Allah has knowledge of everything.
29:63 And if you were to ask them: “Who sends water from the sky, and gives with it life to the Earth after its death?” They’ll say, “Allah!” Say, “Praise be to Allah!” And most of them still don’t understand
29:64 This worldly life is little but fun and games; the home of the Hereafter is true life, if they knew.
29:65 When they are on board a ship, they call Allah sincerely in devotion. Then, when He brings them safely back to the land, they associate partners with Him,
29:66 unthankful for what We gave them. Let them enjoy, soon they will realise
29:67 Haven’t they considered how We made Makkah a safe place, while all around them people live in fear of being kidnapped. Will they continue believing in falsehood and deny Allah’s gifts?
29:68 Who is a greater sinner than someone who makes up lies about Allah or flatly rejects the truth when it comes to him? Isn’t Hell a fitting home for the disbelievers?
29:69 Those who strive hard for Our sake, We shall guide them along on Our ways. Allah is with those who do good


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