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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli

an-Naml (The Ant, The Ants)
as rendered by Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli
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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli rendition of Surah The Ant, The Ants(an-Naml)
27:1 T?, Seen. These are the verses of the Qur�?n and the Book (that makes things) manifest
27:2 A guidance and glad tidings for the believers
27:3 Those who establish prayer and give Zakat (the poor-rate), and of the Hereafter, they are sure
27:4 Verily those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have made their (ugly) deeds fair-seeming unto them, so they wander bewildered
27:5 These are those for whom shall be a grievous chastisement, and in the Hereafter they shall be the greatest losers
27:6 And most surely you receive the Qur�?n from One All-Wise, All-Knowing
27:7 (Remember) When Moses said unto his family: �Verily I perceive a fire; soon will I bring you news of it, or I will bring you a flaming brand, that you warm yourselves
27:8 So when he came to it, a voice was heard: �Blessed is whoever is in the fire and whoever is about it, and Glory be to Allah, the Lord of the World
27:9 O� Moses! Verily, I am Allah, The Mighty, The Wise
27:10 �And cast down your staff!� So when he saw it moving as if it were a serpent, he turned back retreating and did not return. (It was told him:) �O� Moses! Fear not; surely the messengers shall not fear in My presence
27:11 Save he who has been unjust, then he does good instead after evil, for verily I am the Forgiving, the Merciful
27:12 And put your hand in your bosom, and it will come forth white (shining) without harm, (this miracle is) among the nine signs to Pharaoh and his people; verily they are a transgressing people
27:13 So when Our clear signs came to them, they said: �This is a manifest sorcery�
27:14 And they denied them unjustly and proudly though their hearts acknowledged them; consider, then how was the end of the mischief-makers
27:15 And certainly We gave David and Solomon knowledge and they both said: �Praise belongs to Allah, Who has favoured us above many of His believing servants�
27:16 And Solomon inherited David and he said: �O people! We have been taught the language of the birds, and we have been granted of everything; verily this is the manifest favour�
27:17 And gathered together unto Solomon his hosts of jinn and men and birds and they were kept in order and ranks
27:18 Until when they came to the Valley of Ants, an ant said: �O you ants! Get into your habitations, so that Solomon and his hosts may not crush you, being unaware�
27:19 Then he smiled, laughing at its words, and said: �My Lord! Dispose me that I may be thankful for Your bounty, which You have bestowed on me and my parents, and that I may do righteousness such as You are pleased with, and admit me, by Your mercy, among Your righteous servants�
27:20 And he reviewed the birds; then he said: �How is it with me that I do not see the hoopoe? Or is it that he is of the absentees?
27:21 Certainly will I chastise him with a terrible chastisement, or will I slaughter him, or he brings me a clear reason (for his absence)
27:22 But the hoopoe tarried not long, then he (came and) said: �I have comprehended that which you have not comprehended, and I have come to you from Sheba with a sure tiding�
27:23 Verily I found a woman ruling over them, and she has been given of everything, and she possesses a magnificent throne
27:24 I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them and he has barred them from the (right) way, so they are not guided aright
27:25 So that they prostrate not themselves to Allah, Who brings forth what is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows what you hide and what you reveal
27:26 Allah, there is no god but He! Is the Lord of �Arsh, the Mighty (throne of Supreme Authority)
27:27 (Solomon, after hearing hoopoe�s information,) said: �Soon we will see whether you have told the truth or whether you are of the liars
27:28 Go you with this letter of mine, and throw it down unto them, then turn away from them, and (wait to) see what (answer) they return
27:29 (When the Queen of Sheba received the letter,) she said: �O chiefs! Verily there has been thrown unto me a noble letter
27:30 Verily, it is from Solomon; and verily it is: �In the Name of Allah. The Beneficent, the Merciful�
27:31 Exalt not yourselves against me, and come to me in submission
27:32 She said: �O chiefs! Pronounce to me respecting my affair; no affair have I decided except in your presence�
27:33 They said: �We possess force and we possess great might. The affair rests with you; so see what you will command
27:34 She said: �Verily the kings, when they enter a township, despoil it, and make the noblest of its inhabitants the meanest; and thus they (always) do�
27:35 And verily I am going to send a present unto them, and (wait to) see with what (answer) the messengers return
27:36 And when (the messenger of the Queen) came to Solomon, he (Solomon) said: �What! Aid you me with wealth? But what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you. Nay, it is you (and not I) who exult in your present�
27:37 Go back to them: so we will certainly come unto them with (such) hosts which they shall not be able to meet, and certainly will we expel them out therefrom in disgrace, while they will feel humbled
27:38 (Solomon) said: �O chiefs!) which of you can bring to me her throne before they come to me in submission?
27:39 One audacious among the jinn said: �I will bring it to you before you rise up from your place; I have strength for it and I am trusty�
27:41 (Solomon) said: �Disguise her throne for her, we will see whether she follows the right way or she is one of those who do not go aright�
27:42 So when she came, she was asked: �Is your throne like this?� She said: �It is as it were the same. And we were given the knowledge before it, and we were submitting�
27:43 And he barred her from the worship of others besides Allah, verily she was of the disbelieving people
27:44 It was said to her: �Enter the palace,� but when she saw it she deemed it to be a great expanse of water and bared her legs. (Solomon) said: �Verily this is but a palace smoothed of crystal�. She said: �My Lord! Verily I have been unjust to myself, and I surrender with Solomon to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds�
27:45 And indeed We sent unto (the tribe of) Tham?d their brother Saleh, saying: �Worship you Allah!� but behold, they became two parties quarrelling with each other
27:46 He said: �O my people! Why will you hasten on the evil before the good? Why do you not ask forgiveness of Allah so that you may be dealt with mercifully
27:47 They said: �Ill omen do we augur from you and those with you�. He said: �Your ill omen is with Allah. Nay! You are a people who are being tried�
27:48 And there were in the city nine (groups of) persons who made mischief in the land and would not reform
27:49 They said: �Swear a mutual oath by Allah that surely we will make a sudden attack on him and his family by night, then we will tell his heir, we were not present at the slaughter of his household, and verily we are truthful�
27:50 And they devised a device, and We devised a device (too), but they were not aware
27:51 And behold, how was the end of their device! For We destroyed them and their people all together
27:52 So those are their houses in empty ruins for they were unjust. Verily there is in this a sign for a people who have knowledge
27:53 And We saved those who believed and used to keep from evil
27:54 And (We sent) Lot, when he said to his people: �Do you commit indecency while you see (its iniquity)?
27:55 What! Do you approach men lustfully instead of women? No, you are a people that are ignorant
27:56 But the answer of his people was naught except that they said: �Drive out the people of Lot from your city; verily they are people (who seek to be) pure
27:57 So We saved him and his household, except his wife, We had decreed her to be of those that tarried
27:58 And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone), and evil was the shower of those who had been warned
27:59 Say: �Praise be to Allah, and peace be on His servants whom He has chosen. Is Allah better, or what they associate (with Him)?
27:60 Or Who created the heavens and the earth, and sent down for you water from the sky? Then We caused to grow thereby beautiful gardens; it was not in your power that you grew the trees thereof. Is there any god with Allah? Nay! They are a people who deviate
27:61 Or Who made the earth a resting place, and made in it rivers, and placed firm mountains therein, and placed between the two seas a barrier. Is there any god with Allah? Nay! Most of them do not know
27:62 Or Who answers the distressed one when he calls on Him and removes the distress, and makes you successors in the earth. Is there any god with Allah? Little it is that you heed
27:63 Or Who guides you in the darkness of the land and the sea, and Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings of His Mercy? Is there any god with Allah? Exalted High is Allah above what they associate (with Him)
27:64 Or, Who originates the creation, then reproduces it, and Who gives you sustenance from the heaven and the earth? Is there any god with Allah? Say: �Bring your proof if you are truthful�
27:65 Say: No one in the heavens and the earth knows the Unseen save Allah and they do not know when they shall, be raised�
27:66 Nay, but their knowledge falls as to the Hereafter; nay, they are in doubt about it; nay they are quite blind unto it
27:67 And those who disbelieve say: �When we have become dust, and our fathers (too), shall we certainly be brought forth (again)?
27:68 Indeed we had been promised this, we and our fathers before (too), (but) these are not but fables of the ancients
27:69 Say: �Travel in the earth and see how the end of the guilty (ones) has been�
27:70 And do not grieve for them nor be you straitened for what they devise
27:71 And they say: �When shall this promise (of chastisement) come to pass, if you are truthful?
27:72 Say: �May be that it is after you, a part of what you seek to hasten�
27:73 And verily your Lord is the Lord of grace unto the people, but most of them are not grateful
27:74 And verily your Lord well-knows what their breasts conceal and what they manifest
27:75 And there is nothing hidden in the heavens and the earth but it is in a Manifest Book
27:76 Verily this Qur�?n relates to the Children of Israel most of what they differ in
27:77 And verily it is a guidance and mercy for the believers
27:78 Verily your Lord will judge between them by His judgment, and He is the Mighty, the Knowing
27:79 Therefore rely on Allah, verily you are on the manifest truth
27:80 Verily you cannot make the dead to listen nor can you make the deaf to hear the call when they turn away backward
27:81 Nor can you lead the blind against their straying; you can make none hear save those who believe in Our revelations and who have surrendered
27:82 And when the word is fulfilled against them We shall bring forth for them a moving creature from the earth that shall speak unto them, because people did not believe in Our revelations
27:83 And on the Day when We shall muster out of every nation a party from those who belied Our revelations, and they shall be kept in rank
27:84 Till when they come (before their Lord), He will say: �Did you reject My revelations while you had no comprehensive knowledge of them? Or what was it you did?
27:85 And the word will be fulfilled against them because they were unjust so they shall not speak
27:86 Have they not seen how We have appointed the night that they may rest therein, and the day to give light? Verily, in this are signs for the people who believe
27:87 And (remind them of) The Day when the Trumpet will be blown and those who are in the heavens and those who are in the earth shall be terrified except him whom Allah will please, and all shall come to Him in utter humility
27:88 And you see the mountains and think them firmly fixed but they shall pass away as the passing away of the cloud. It is the work of Allah Who has made everything in perfect order. Verily He is Aware of what you do
27:89 Whoever brings good, for him shall be better than it, and they shall be secure from terror on that Day
27:90 And whoever brings evil, those shall be cast down on their faces, in the (Hell) Fire; �Are you rewarded (for) aught except what you used to do?
27:91 (O� Muhammad say:) �I am commanded only to serve the Lord of this city, Who has made it sacred, and His are all things; and I am commanded that I should be of those who submit�
27:92 And that I should recite the Qur�?n (to people), so whoever is guided aright, he is guided aright to his own gain, and whoever goes astray, then say: �I am only (one) of the warners�
27:93 And say: �Praise be to Allah. Soon He will show you His signs that you shall recognize them, and your Lord is not heedless of what you do�


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