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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta Sin Meem
26:2 These are the verses of the Book that clarifies realities.
26:3 Perhaps you are over-worried your people won’t believe.
26:4 Had We wished, We could have sent down to them from the sky a sign to which their necks will bow humbly;
26:5 and yet no fresh revelation has ever come to them from the Most Kind without them objecting to it.
26:6 They are in denial, but soon news will come to them about their earlier mockery.
26:7 Haven’t they considered the Earth, and how We have grown abundantly every kind of living thing?
26:8 In that is a sign; yet most will not believe,
26:9 though Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:10 Remember when your Lord called Musa: “Go to the unjust people,
26:11 the people of Pharaoh. Will they not be mindful of Me?”
26:12 Musa said, “My Lord, I fear they will deny me,
26:13 and my chest feels tight, and my tongue is unable to speak without stammering; so, send Harun with me;
26:14 furthermore they have a charge against me, so I fear they will kill me.”
26:15 Allah said, “Not at all! Go, both of you, with Our signs. We will be with you, listening in.”
26:16 So the two of them came to Pharaoh and said, “We are bearers of the message of the Lord of the worlds,
26:17 so send the Israelites with us.”
26:18 Pharaoh said, “When you were a child didn’t we bring you up? And didn’t you live with us for many years?
26:19 Only you could do what you did, and be ungrateful?”
26:20 Musa said, “I did that by mistake,
26:21 and I fled from you because I feared you. Then my Lord granted me wisdom and made me a messenger.
26:22 What sort of favour do you remind me of? That you have enslaved my people, the Israelites?
26:23 Pharaoh said, “Who is this ‘Lord of the Worlds’?”
26:24 Musa said, “The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, and of whatever is between them, if you believe.”
26:25 Pharaoh said to those around him, “Are you listening?
26:26 Musa said, “Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.”
26:27 Pharaoh said, “This messenger of yours, who has been sent to you, is clearly mad!”
26:28 Musa said, “The Lord of the East and the West and whatever is in between, if only you would reflect.”
26:29 Pharaoh said, “If you take any god beside me, I will imprison you.”
26:30 Musa said, “Even if I bring you clear proof?”
26:31 He said, “Then fetch it, if you are telling the truth.”
26:32 So Musa threw down his stick, and straightaway it turned into a wriggling snake;
26:33 then he drew out his hand from his cloak, and it appeared to the onlookers brilliant white
26:34 Pharaoh said to the nobles around him, “This man is an expert magician,
26:35 who wants to expel you from your land with his magic. So, what do you suggest?”
26:36 They said, “Put him and his brother off for a while, and send marshals to the cities
26:37 to bring you every expert magician of ours.”
26:38 So the magicians gathered for a tournament on an appointed day;
26:39 and people were asked: “Will you be gathering for the tournament?”
26:40 They replied, “We’ll follow the magicians, if they win.”
26:41 When the magicians arrived, they asked Pharaoh: “Will we be rewarded, if we win?”
26:42 ”Yes,” he said, “Then you’ll be among my close ones.
26:43 Musa said to the magicians, “Cast whatever spells you have.”
26:44 So they threw down their ropes and sticks, saying, “By Pharaoh’s might, we are surely the winners.”
26:45 Then Musa threw down his staff, and at once it swallowed up their trickery.
26:46 The magicians fell in prostration,
26:47 saying, “We believe in the Lord of the worlds,
26:48 the Lord of Musa and Harun.”
26:49 Pharaoh said, “You’ve believed him before I granted you permission? He must be your tutor, who taught you magic, but you will learn your lesson. I will cut off your hands and your feet from the opposite sides and crucify the lot of you.”
26:50 They said, “it doesn’t matter! We shall be returning to our Lord.
26:51 We hope Our Lord will forgive our mistakes, since we were the first believers.
26:52 We revealed to Musa: “Set off with My servants at night, no doubt you will be chased.”
26:53 Pharaoh sent word to the cities for his soldiers to muster,
26:54 saying, “These Israelites are a tiny ragbag bunch
26:55 who have enraged us,
26:56 while we are a united force, well trained and equipped.”
26:57 So it was We brought them out of gardens and springs,
26:58 and treasures and comfortable homes.
26:59 That is how it was, and later We caused the Israelites to inherit it
26:60 At sunrise, the Egyptians set off in pursuit of the Israelites.
26:61 When eventually the two groups spotted each other, Musa’s companions said, “We’ve been caught.”
26:62 But Musa said, “No way! My Lord is with me, and He will guide me.”
26:63 We revealed to Musa: “Strike the sea with your staff.” The sea parted, each side like a mighty mountain.
26:64 We lured Pharaoh to approach that place.
26:65 We saved Musa and anyone was with him
26:66 and drowned the others.
26:67 There was a lesson in that, but most of them didn’t believe.
26:68 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:69 Tell them the story of Ibrahim,
26:70 when he asked his father and community: “What do you worship?”
26:71 They said, “We worship idols and remain devoted to them.”
26:72 He said, “Do they hear you when you pray,
26:73 or benefit or harm you in any way?”
26:74 They said, “We found our forefathers doing so.”
26:75 Ibrahim said, “Have you thought about what you worship,
26:76 you and your ancestors?
26:77 These gods are my enemies, all apart from the Lord of the worlds
26:78 Who has created and now guides me,
26:79 and Who feeds me and gives me to drink.
26:80 And when I am ill He heals me,
26:81 and will make me die and bring me back to life;
26:82 and I sincerely wish that He will forgive my sins on Judgement Day.
26:83 “My Lord, grant me wisdom and unite me with the righteous,
26:84 and grant me a reputation for truthfulness among the later generations.
26:85 Make me one of the heirs of the Garden of Bliss;
26:86 and forgive my father – he’s gone astray.
26:87 Do not disgrace me on the Day when humanity will be resurrected,
26:88 the Day when neither wealth nor children will benefit.
26:89 Success is for the one who comes to Allah with a pure heart.
26:90 Paradise will be brought close to the righteous;
26:91 and Hell will be shown to the misguided,
26:92 who will be asked: “Where is what you used to worship
26:93 beside Allah? Are they helping you or even defending themselves?”
26:94 Then they will be hurled into Hell, they and the misguided
26:95 and the soldiers of Satan, all of them together.
26:96 They will say, as they argue among themselves in Hell,
26:97 “By Allah, we were mistaken
26:98 when we made you equal to the Lord of the worlds.
26:99 It was the brazen sinners who misguided us.
26:100 Now we have no one to plead for us,
26:101 nor even a close friend.
26:102 If we could have a second chance we will be believers.”
26:103 There is a sign in that, but most of them will not believe.
26:104 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:105 The people of Nuh denied Allah’s messengers
26:106 when their brother Nuh said to them, “Will you not be mindful of Allah?
26:107 You have in me a messenger to be trusted,
26:108 so be mindful of Allah and follow me.
26:109 I don’t ask you for a reward for this. The Lord of the worlds will give me reward.
26:110 So again, be mindful of Allah and follow me.”
26:111 They said, “Shall we believe in you, when only the poorest follow you?”
26:112 He said, “What knowledge have I of what they did.
26:113 Their account rests with My Lord – if only you could sense that.
26:114 I will not drive the believers away.
26:115 I am a clear warner.”
26:116 They said, “Nuh, if you don’t stop preaching, you will be tortured.
26:117 Nuh said, “My Lord, my people have denied me,
26:118 so judge between me and them, and save me and those who believe me.”
26:119 So We saved him and those with him in the fully-laden ship,
26:120 and We drowned anyone who remained behind.
26:121 There is a lesson in that, but many will not believe.
26:122 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:123 The people of Ad denied the messengers
26:124 when their brother Hud said to them, “Won’t you believe in Allah?
26:125 I am a trustworthy messenger to you,
26:126 so believe in Allah and follow me;
26:127 I won’t ask you for a fee; the Lord of the worlds will reward me.
26:128 You build monuments on every hilltop to please yourselves,
26:129 and take castles as homes so you might live forever?
26:130 And, when you seize others’ wealth and land, you are utterly ruthless in doing so.
26:131 So be mindful of Allah and follow me.
26:132 Be mindful of Him Who has given you abundantly: what you know,
26:133 cattle and children,
26:134 gardens and freshwater springs.
26:135 I fear for you the torment of a dreadful Day.”
26:136 They said, “It is all the same to us, whether you preach or not;
26:137 these are the customs of the past generations.
26:138 We will not be punished.”
26:139 They refused to believe him, so We destroyed them. There is a sign in that, but most won’t believe.
26:140 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:141 The people of Thamud also denied Allah’s messengers.
26:142 When their brother, Salih, said to them, “Will you not be mindful of Allah?
26:143 You have in me a trustworthy messenger,
26:144 so be mindful of Allah and follow me.
26:145 I don’t ask you for a reward for this. The Lord of the worlds will reward me.
26:146 Will you really be left safe and secure with all this,
26:147 in gardens and springs,
26:148 and fields and date palms with their ripe fruits,
26:149 while you skilfully carve houses out of the mountains?
26:150 So be mindful of Allah and follow me,
26:151 don’t follow the way of the wasteful
26:152 who spread corruption in the land rather than acting righteously.”
26:153 They said, “You’ve been bewitched.
26:154 You are a mortal like us; so bring a miracle, if you’re telling the truth.
26:155 Salih said, “Here is a she-camel. She may drink and you may drink, each on fixed days.
26:156 Don’t harm her in case the punishment of a terrible Day befalls you.”
26:157 They hamstrung her, only to wake up the next day regretting it,
26:158 when the torment overtook them. There is a lesson in this, though most of them will not believe.
26:159 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:160 The people of Lut denied their messengers.
26:161 When their brother, Lut, said to them, “Won’t you believe?
26:162 I am a trustworthy messenger,
26:163 so believe in Allah and follow me;
26:164 I won’t ask you for a fee, the Lord of the worlds will reward me.
26:165 Why, of all the people of the world do you approach males lustfully,
26:166 leaving your wives whom your Lord has created for you? You are people who have crossed the bounds of decency.”
26:167 They said, “If you don’t stop preaching Lut, you will be exiled.”
26:168 He said, “I am disgusted by your actions.
26:169 “My Lord, save me and my family from what they do.”
26:170 So We saved him and all his family,
26:171 except an old woman, who stayed behind.
26:172 Then We destroyed the others,
26:173 pelting them with a rain of brimstone. How dreadful was the rain on those who had been forewarned!
26:174 There is a sign in that, but most will not believe.
26:175 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:176 The companions of the forest also denied Allah’s messengers.
26:177 When their brother, Shu‘ayb, said to them, “Will you not fear Allah?
26:178 I am a trustworthy messenger to you,
26:179 so be mindful of Allah and follow me.
26:180 I won’t ask you for a fee for this. The Lord of the worlds will reward me.
26:181 Be honest in your measures, and don’t be cheats.
26:182 Weigh with accurate scales;
26:183 don’t serve people short, and don’t spread corruption in the land.
26:184 Be mindful of Him Who created you and many previous generations.”
26:185 They said, “You are bewitched.
26:186 You are a mortal like us; and we think you’re a liar.
26:187 Cause a chunk of sky to fall on us, if you are telling the truth.”
26:188 He said, “My Lord knows well what you do.”
26:189 They refused to believe him, so the torment of a Day of impenetrable shade overtook them. What a dreadful Day of torment that was!
26:190 There is a sign in that, but most will not believe.
26:191 Your Lord is the Almighty, the Caring
26:192 And this is the Revelation of the Lord of the worlds,
26:193 which that trustworthy spirit, the Angel Jibreel, brought down
26:194 straight into your heart so you become a warner
26:195 in a clear Arabic language;
26:196 and it is found in the scriptures of earlier nations.
26:197 Have they not received a sign that the scholars of the Israelites will recognise?
26:198 If We had revealed it to someone who wasn’t an Arab,
26:199 and he had recited it to them, they still wouldn’t have believed it
26:200 That’s how We allow rejection of the Quran to find its way into the hearts of the sinful.
26:201 They will never believe in it until they see the painful punishment,
26:202 which will come upon them all of a sudden, when they are unaware.
26:203 They will say: “Can we be given some more time?”
26:204 But are they not currently trying to hasten Our punishment?
26:205 Suppose We granted them years of enjoyment,
26:206 then when what they had been promised befell them,
26:207 would what they had enjoyed benefit them?
26:208 We never destroyed a city which hadn’t received warners
26:209 as a reminder. We are never unjust
26:210 It is not demons who brought down this Quran;
26:211 nor would it be fitting for them, nor are they capable of doing so.
26:212 They are barred from even hearing it.
26:213 Therefore, don’t call upon any other god alongside Allah so you end up among the tormented.
26:214 Warn your nearest relatives,
26:215 and take whoever follows you from among the believers under your wing.
26:216 Then, if they disobey you, say: “I am innocent of what you do,”
26:217 and put your trust in the Almighty, the Caring,
26:218 Who sees you while you stand in prayer
26:219 and when you change position to be amongst those prostrating.
26:220 He is the Hearer, the Knower
26:221 Shall I tell you who will be visited by demons?
26:222 They visit every sinful slanderer,
26:223 who listens readily, and who is a liar.
26:224 Likewise the poets, who are deceived, follow them too.
26:225 Do you not see them wandering about in every valley,
26:226 boastfully saying things they don’t do?
26:227 Except the believing poets who are righteous, constantly remember Allah, and defend themselves against oppression. The oppressors will soon know the fate they will be returned to


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