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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta Sin Mim
26:2 These are verses of the Book that makes things clear
26:3 Haply thou wilt grieve thyself to death because they believe not
26:4 If WE please, WE can send down to them a Sign from the Heaven, so that their necks will bow down before it
26:5 And there comes not to them a new reminder from the Gracious God, but they turn away from it
26:6 They have, indeed, treated it as a lie but soon there will come to them the tidings of that at which they mocked
26:7 See they not the earth, how many of every noble species have WE caused to grow therein
26:8 In that is a Sign indeed; but most of these would not believe
26:9 And verily thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:10 And call to mind when thy Lord called Moses, and directed him: `Go to the wrongdoing people
26:11 `The people of Pharaoh. Will they not fear God
26:12 He said, `My Lord, I fear that they will reject me
26:13 `And my breast is not straitened and my tongue is not fluent; so send word to Aaron also
26:14 `And they have a charge against me, so I fear that they will kill me.
26:15 God said, `That shall not be, go both of you with Our Signs; We are with you hearing your prayers.
26:16 `So go to Pharaoh and say, `We are the Messengers of the Lord of the World
26:17 `To tell thee to send the children of Israel with us.
26:18 Pharaoh said, `O Moses, did we not bring thee up among us as a child? And thou didst stay among us many years of thy life
26:19 `And thou didst do that deed which thou didst, and thou art one of the ungrateful.
26:20 Moses said, `I did it then inadvertently, and I was in a perplexed state of mind
26:21 `So I fled from you when I feared you; then my Lord granted me right judgment and made me one of the Messengers
26:22 `And this favour of bringing me up as a child with which thou now tauntest me, dost thou put forward against thy having enslaved the Children of Israel?
26:23 Pharaoh said, `And what is the Lord of the worlds?
26:24 Moses said, `The Lord of the heavens and the earth and of all that is between the two, if you would believe.
26:25 Pharaoh said to those around him, `Do you not hear?
26:26 Moses said, `Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of yore.
26:27 Pharaoh said, `Most surely, this Messenger of yours who has been sent to you is a madman.
26:28 Moses Said, `The Lord of the East and of the West, and of all that is between the two, if only you have sense.
26:29 `Pharaoh said, `If thou takest a god other than me, I will, certainly, put thee in prison.
26:30 Moses said, `What, even though I bring thee something that is manifest !
26:31 Pharaoh said, `Bring it then, if thou speakest the truth.
26:32 So Moses threw down his rod, and behold ! it was a serpent plainly visible
26:33 And he drew out his hand, and lo ! it was white for the beholders
26:34 Pharaoh said to the chiefs around him, `This is surely a skillful sorcerer
26:35 `He seeks to turn you out of your land by his sorcery. Now, what do you advise?
26:36 They said, `Put him off and his brother awhile and send into the cities summoners
26:37 `Who should bring thee every skillful and cunning sorcerer.
26:38 So the sorcerers were assembled together at the appointed time on a fixed day
26:39 And it was said to the people, `Will you also gather together
26:40 `So we may follow the sorcerers if they are the winners?
26:41 And when the sorcerers came, they said to Pharaoh, `Shall we have a reward if we are the winners?
26:42 He said, `Yes, and surely then you will be among my favourites.
26:43 Moses said to them, `Now throw you what you have to throw.
26:44 So they threw down their ropes and their rods and said, `By Pharaoh's honour, it is we who will surely win.
26:45 Then Moses threw down his rod, and lo ! it swallowed up all that which they had fabricated
26:46 Thereupon the sorcerers were impelled to fall down prostrate
26:47 They said, `We believe in the Lord of the worlds
26:48 `The Lord of Moses and Aaron.
26:49 Pharaoh said, `You have believed in him before I gave you leave? He is surely your chief who has taught you sorcery. But you shall know the consequences thereof. I will most surely cut off your hands and your feet on account of your disobedience and I will most surely crucify you all.
26:50 They said, `It can do us no harm; to our Lord shall WE return
26:51 `We do hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins, since we are the first among the believers.
26:52 And WE revealed to Moses, directing him, `Take away MY servants by night, you will surely be pursued.
26:53 And Pharaoh sent summoners into the cities, announcing
26:54 `Theses are a small party
26:55 `Yet they have offended us
26:56 `And we are a multitude fully prepared and vigilant.
26:57 So WE turned them out of gardens and springs
26:58 And treasures and an abode of honour
26:59 Thus it was; and WE gave them as heritage to the children of Israel
26:60 And the host of Pharaoh pursued and overtook them at sunrise
26:61 And when the two host came in sight of each other, the companions of Moses said, `We are surely caught.
26:62 `Never !' said he, `My Lord is with me; HE will guide me to safety.
26:63 Then WE revealed to Moses: `Strike the sea with thy rod.' Thereupon it parted and every part looked like a huge mound
26:64 And WE made the others approach nearer
26:65 And WE saved Moses and those who were with him
26:66 Then WE drowned the others
26:67 In this, verily, there is a Sign; but most of these would not believe
26:68 And surely thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:69 And recite unto them the story of Abraham
26:70 When he said to his father and his people, What do you worship
26:71 They said, `We worship idols, and we shall continue to be devoted to them.
26:72 He said, `Do they hear you when you call on them
26:73 `Or, do you good or harm you?
26:74 They said, `Not so, but we found our fathers doing likewise.
26:75 Abraham said, `Do you know that those you have been worshiping
26:76 `You and your fathers before you
26:77 `They are all enemies to me but it is the Lord of the worlds
26:78 `Who has created me, and it is HE Who guides me
26:79 `And Who gives me food and gives me drink
26:80 `And when I fall ill, it is HE who restores me to health
26:81 `And Who will cause me to die, and then bring me to life again
26:82 `And Who, I hope, will forgive me my faults on the Day of Judgment
26:83 `My Lord, bestow wisdom on me and join me with the righteous
26:84 `And grant me true and lasting reputation among posterity
26:85 `And make me one of the heirs of the Garden of Bliss
26:86 `And forgive my father, for he is of the erring ones
26:87 `And disgrace me not on the day when they will be raised up
26:88 `The day when wealth and sons shall not avail
26:89 `Save him who comes to ALLAH with a sound heart.
26:90 And Heaven shall be brought near to the righteous
26:91 And Hell shall be placed in full view to those who have gone astray
26:92 And it will be said to them, `Where are those that you worshipe
26:93 `Beside ALLAH? Can they help you or help themselves?
26:94 Then will they be thrown headlong therein, they and those who have gone astray
26:95 And the Hosts of Iblis, all together
26:96 They will say, whilst they dispute between themselves therein
26:97 `By ALLAH, we were in manifest error
26:98 `When we held you as equal with the Lord of the worlds
26:99 `And none led us astray but the guilty ones
26:100 `And now we have no intercessors
26:101 `Nor any warm friend
26:102 `Could we but return to the world, we would be among the believers !
26:103 In this, verily, there is a Sign; but most of these would not believe
26:104 And verily thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:105 The people of Noah treated the Messengers as liars
26:106 When their brother Noah said to them, `Will you not be God-Fearing
26:107 `Surely I am unto you a Messenger, faithful to my trus
26:108 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:109 `And I ask you no reward for it. My reward is only with the Lord of the worlds
26:110 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:111 They said, `Shall we believe, in thee when it is the meanest of us who follow thee?
26:112 He said, `And what knowledge have I as to what they have been doing
26:113 `Their account is only with my Lord, if you only knew
26:114 `And I am not going to drive away the believers
26:115 `I am only a plain Warner.
26:116 They said, `If thou desist not, O Noah, thou shalt surely be stoned to death.
26:117 He said, `My Lord, my people have treated me as a liar
26:118 `Therefore judge Thou decisively between me and them; and save me and the believers that are with me.
26:119 So WE saved him and those who were with him in the fully laden Ark
26:120 Then WE drowned thereafter those who remained behind
26:121 In this, verily, there is a Sign; but most of them would not believe
26:122 And verily thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:123 The tribe of Ad rejected the Messengers
26:124 When their Brother Hud said to them, `Will you not fear God
26:125 `Surely, I am unto you a Messenger, faithful to my trust
26:126 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:127 `And I ask of you no reward for it. My reward is only with the Lord of the worlds
26:128 `Do you build monuments on every high place, seeking vain glory
26:129 `And do you erect palaces as if you will live for ever
26:130 `And when you lay hands upon anyone, you lay hands as tyrants
26:131 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:132 `And fear HIM Who has helped you with all that you know
26:133 `He has helped you with cattle and sons
26:134 `And gardens and springs
26:135 `Indeed I fear for you the punishment of an awful day.
26:136 They said, `It is the same to us whether thou admonish us or whether thou be not of those who admonish
26:137 `This is nothing but the habit of the ancients
26:138 `And WE shall not be punished.
26:139 So they rejected him, and WE destroyed them. In that, indeed, there is a Sign, but most of these would not believe
26:140 And verily thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:141 The tribe of Thamud also rejected the Messengers
26:142 When their brother Salih said to them, will you not guard against evil?
26:143 `Surely, I am unto you a Messenger, faithful to my trust
26:144 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:145 `And I ask of you no reward for it. My reward is only with the Lord of the worlds
26:146 `Do you think that you will be left secure amid the things that you have here
26:147 `Amid gardens and springs
26:148 `And cornfields, and date-palms with heavy spathes near breaking
26:149 `And you hew out houses in the mountains, elated with your greatness
26:150 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:151 `And obey not the bidding of those who exceed the bounds
26:152 `Who create disorder in the earth, and do not promote order and security.
26:153 They said, `Thou art but one of the bewitched
26:154 `Thou art only a mortal like us. So bring a Sign, if thou art of the truthful.
26:155 He said, `Here is a she-camel; she has her turn of drinking, and you have your turn of drinking on an appointed day
26:156 And touch her not with evil lest there overtake you the punishment of an awful day.
26:157 But they hamstrung her; and then they became remorseful
26:158 So the punishment overtook them. In that verily there is a Sign, but most of these would not believe
26:159 And surely thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:160 The people of Lot rejected the Messengers
26:161 When their brother Lot said to them, `Will you not fear God
26:162 `Surely, I am unto you a Messenger, faithful to my trust
26:163 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:164 `And I ask of you no reward for it. My reward is only with the Lord of the worlds
26:165 `Do you, of all creatures, come to males
26:166 And leave your wives whom your Lord created for you? Nay, you are a people who transgress all limits.
26:167 They said, `If thou desist not, O Lot, thou wilt surely be banished.
26:168 He said, `Certainly I hate your conduct.
26:169 `My Lord, save me and my family from what they do.
26:170 So WE saved him and his family, all of them
26:171 Save an old woman, among those who stayed behind
26:172 Then we destroyed the others
26:173 And WE rained upon them a rain; and evil was the rain that descended upon those who were warned
26:174 In that, verily, there is a Sign; but most of these would not believe
26:175 And surely thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:176 The people of the Wood rejected the Messengers
26:177 When Shu'aib said to them, `Will you not fear God
26:178 `Surely, I am unto you a Messenger, faithful to my trust
26:179 `So fear ALLAH and obey me
26:180 `And I ask of you no reward for it. My reward is with the Lord of the worlds
26:181 Give full measure, and be not of those who give less
26:182 `And weigh with a true balance
26:183 `And diminish not unto people their things, nor go about the earth, creating disorder
26:184 `And fear HIM Who created you and the earlier peoples.
26:185 They said, `Thou art but a bewitched person
26:186 `And thou art only a mortal like us, and we believe thee to be a liar
26:187 `So cause fragments of the sky to fall on us, if thou art truthful.
26:188 He said, `My Lord knows best what you do.
26:189 So they rejected him. Then the punishment of the day of overshadowing gloom overtook them. That was indeed the punishment of a dreadful day
26:190 In that, verily, there is a Sign; but most of these would not believe
26:191 And surely thy Lord - HE is the Mighty, the Merciful
26:192 And verily this Qur'an is a revelation from the Lord of all the worlds
26:193 The Spirit, faithful to the trust, has descended with i
26:194 On thy heart, that thou mayest be a Warner
26:195 In plain and clear Arabic tongue
26:196 And it is surely mentioned in the scriptures of the former peoples
26:197 And is it not a sufficient Sign for them that the learned among the Children of Israel know it
26:198 And if WE had sent it down to one of the non-Arabs
26:199 And he had read it to them, they would never have believed in it
26:200 Thus have WE caused disbelief to enter into the hearts of the sinful
26:201 They will not believe in it until they see the grievous punishment
26:202 Which will come upon them suddenly, while they are not aware of it
26:203 And they will say, `Shall we be respited?
26:204 What ! do they seek to hasten OUR punishment
26:205 What thinkest thou that if WE let them enjoy the good things of this world for years
26:206 Then there comes to them the punishment that they are promised
26:207 Of what avail will be to them that which they were allowed to enjoy
26:208 And never did WE destroy any township but it had its Warners
26:209 So that they may be admonished; and WE are not unjust
26:210 And the evil ones have not brought it down
26:211 It does neither suit them nor have they the power to produce it
26:212 Surely, they are debarred from listening to the Divine Word
26:213 Call not, therefore, on any other god beside ALLAH, lest thou become one of those who are punished
26:214 And warn thy nearest kinsmen
26:215 And lower thy wing of mercy to the believers who follow thee
26:216 Then if they disobey thee, say, `I repudiate all connection with what you do.
26:217 And put thy trust in the Mighty, the Merciful
26:218 Who sees thee when thou standest in Prayer
26:219 And Who sees thy movements among those who prostrate themselves before ALLAH
26:220 HE is indeed the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
26:221 Shall I inform you on whom the evil ones descend
26:222 They descend on every lying sinner
26:223 They strain their ears towards heaven, and most of them are liars
26:224 And as for the poets - it is the erring ones who follow them
26:225 Dost thou not see how they wonder aimlessly in every valley
26:226 And that they say what they do not
26:227 Save those who believe and do righteous deeds, and remember ALLAH much, and defend themselves after they are wronged. And the wrongdoers shall soon know to what place of return they shall return


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