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ash-Shu`ara` (The Poets)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Poets(ash-Shu`ara`)
26:1 Ta. Sin. Mim
26:2 These are the verses of the illustrious Book
26:3 You will perhaps kill yourself with anguish because they are not accepting the faith
26:4 Had We wanted, We would have sent them a miracle from the sky to make their heads hang down in submission
26:5 Whenever a new message comes to them from the Beneficent God, they turn away from it
26:6 They have called (our revelation) lies. They will soon learn the consequences of what they mocked
26:7 Have they not seen the earth in which We have made gracious plants grow
26:8 In this there is, certainly, evidence (of the Truth). But most of them have no faith
26:9 Your Lord is the Majestic and the All-merciful
26:10 When Your Lord told Moses to go to the unjust people of the Pharao
26:11 and ask them, "Why do you not fear God?"
26:12 He replied, "Lord, I am afraid that they will call me a liar
26:13 I feel nervous and my tongue is not fluent, so send Aaron with me
26:14 They have charged me [with a crime] for which I am afraid they will kill me."
26:15 The Lord said, "Have no fear, both of you go with Our miracles. We shall closely listen to you."
26:16 They came to the Pharaoh and said, "We are the Messengerss of the Lord of the Universe
26:17 Send the Israelites with us"
26:18 The Pharaoh said, "Did we not bring you up in our home as an infant and did you not live with us for many year
26:19 and you did the deed which you did. You are certainly ungrateful."
26:20 Moses said, "I did do it and I made a mistake
26:21 Then I ran away from you in fear, but my Lord granted me the law and has appointed me as a Messenger
26:22 And this is the favor with which you oblige me: You have made the Israelites your slaves
26:23 The Pharaoh asked, "Who is the Lord of the Universe?"
26:24 Moses replied, "The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if you want to be certain"
26:25 The Pharaoh said to the people around him, "Did you hear that?"
26:26 Moses continued, "He is the Lord and the Lord of your forefathers."
26:27 The Pharaoh said, "The Messengers who has been sent to you is certainly insane"
26:28 Moses continued, "He is the Lord of the East and West and all that is between them, if only you would think"
26:29 Pharaoh said, "If you put forward any god other than me, I will surely put you in prison"
26:30 Moses asked, "What if I were to bring you clear proof (of the existence of God)?"
26:31 The Pharaoh replied, "Bring it, if you are telling the truth."
26:32 Moses threw his staff and suddenly it became a serpent
26:33 Then he uncovered his hand and it was sheer white to the onlookers
26:34 The Pharaoh said to the people around him, "He is certainly a skillful magician
26:35 He wants to expel you from your land through his magic. What is your opinion?"
26:36 They said, "Hold him and his brother off for a whil
26:37 and summon every skillful magician from all the cities."
26:38 So all the magicians gathered togethe
26:39 at the appointed tim
26:40 and the people were asked, "Will you all be there so that we may follow the magicians if they become victorious?"
26:41 When the magicians came, they asked the Pharaoh, "Will there be any reward for us if we win?"
26:42 He replied, "You will then be my closest associates"
26:43 (Moses) asked the magicians, "Cast down what you want to"
26:44 So they cast down their ropes and staffs saying, "By the honor of the Pharaoh we shall certainly become the winners"
26:45 Then Moses cast down his staff and suddenly it swallowed up what they had falsely invented
26:46 The magicians fell down in adoratio
26:47 saying, "We believe in the Lord of the Univers
26:48 and the Lord of Moses and Aaron."
26:49 The Pharaoh said, "You believed without my permission? He seems to be your chief who has taught you magic. But you will soon know (the result of what you have done)
26:50 I shall certainly cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides and crucify you all together."
26:51 They said, "It does not matter. We shall be returning to our Lord
26:52 We hope that our Lord will forgive us for our sins; we were not believers at first."
26:53 We sent a revelation to Moses telling him to leave with our servants during the night; they would be pursued (by the Pharaoh)
26:54 The Pharaoh sent word to all the cities saying
26:55 "There is a small group of peopl
26:56 who have enraged us greatly
26:57 We are warning all of you about them."
26:58 We deprived them (the unbelievers) of gardens, springs
26:59 treasures, and graceful dwellings
26:60 Thus we let the Israelites inherit them all
26:61 The people of the Pharaoh pursued them at sunrise
26:62 When the two groups came close to each other, the companions of Moses said, "We will be caught"
26:63 Moses said, "Certainly not. My Lord is with me and He will certainly guide me."
26:64 We sent a revelation to Moses saying, "Strike the sea with your staff." The sea was rent asunder and each side stood high up like a huge mountain
26:65 Then We brought the two parties closer
26:66 We saved Moses and all the people with hi
26:67 and drowned the other party
26:68 In this there was certainly evidence (of the Truth), but most of them did not have any faith
26:69 Your Lord is certainly Majestic and All-merciful
26:70 Tell them the story of Abraham
26:71 when he asked his father and others, "What do you worship?"
26:72 They replied, "We worship idols and shall continue to worship them"
26:73 He asked them, "Can the idols hear you when you pray to the
26:74 or can they benefit or harm you?"
26:75 They said, "No, but our fathers worshipped them."
26:76 (Abraham) said, "Do you know that what you worship and what your grandfathers worshippe
26:77 are my enemies? Not so the Lord of the Universe
26:78 He created me and He will guide me
26:79 It is He who gives me food and drin
26:80 and heals me when I am sick
26:81 He will cause me to die and will bring me back to life
26:82 It is He whom I expect to forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment
26:83 Lord, grant me authority. Join me to the righteous ones
26:84 Make my words come true in the future
26:85 Make me inherit the bountiful Paradise
26:86 Forgive my father. He has gone astray
26:87 Do not betray m
26:88 on the Day of Judgment when neither wealth nor children will be of any benefi
26:89 except what is done in obedience to God with a submissive heart
26:90 On the Day of Judgment Paradise will be brought nea
26:91 the pious and hell will be left open for the rebellious one
26:92 who will be asked, "What did you worshi
26:93 besides God? Will the idols help you? Can they help themselves?"
26:94 The idol worshippers, the idols, the rebellious ones
26:95 and the army of satan will all be thrown headlong into hell
26:96 "Quarrelling therein with each other
26:97 they will say, "By God, we were in clear erro
26:98 when we considered you equal to the Lord of the Universe
26:99 Only the sinful ones made us go astray
26:100 We have no one to intercede for us before Go
26:101 nor a loving friend
26:102 Would that we could have a chance to live again so that we might become believers."
26:103 In this there is evidence (of the truth), but many of them do not have any faith
26:104 Your Lord is certainly Majestic and All-merciful
26:105 The people of Noah rejected the Messengerss
26:106 Their brother Noah asked them, "Why do you not fear God
26:107 I am a trustworthy Messengers sent to you
26:108 Have fear of God and obey me
26:109 I ask no payment from you for my preaching. The Lord of the Universe will give me my reward
26:110 Have fear of God and obey me."
26:111 They said, "Should we believe in you when no one has followed you except the lowest ones"
26:112 (Noah) said, "I have no knowledge of their deeds
26:113 If only you would realize, their account is with my Lord
26:114 I do not drive away the believers
26:115 I am only a Prophet
26:116 They said, "Noah, if you do not desist, you will, certainly, be stoned to death."
26:117 Then Noah said, "Lord, my people have rejected me
26:118 Judge among us and save me and the believers with me"
26:119 We saved him and those who were with him in a fully laden Ark
26:120 and drowned the others
26:121 In this there is evidence (of the truth) but most of them do not have any faith
26:122 Your Lord is Majestic and All-merciful
26:123 The tribe of Ad rejected the Messengers
26:124 Their brother Hud asked them, "Why do you not have fear of God
26:125 I am a trustworthy Messengers sent to you
26:126 Have fear of God and obey me
26:127 I do not ask for any payment for my preaching. I shall receive my reward from the Lord of the Universe
26:128 "Do you build useless monuments on every mountai
26:129 and raise strong mansions as if you were to live forever
26:130 When you attack, you attack as tyrants do
26:131 Have fear of God and obey me
26:132 Have fear of the One who has bestowed upon you all that you know
26:133 He has given you cattle, children
26:134 gardens, and springs
26:135 I am afraid that you will suffer the torment of the Day of Judgment."
26:136 They said, "Whether you preach to us or not
26:137 your preaching is nothing but ancient legends and we shall not face any torment"
26:138 They rejected him and We destroyed them
26:139 In this there is evidence (of the Truth), yet most of them do not have any faith
26:140 Your Lord is Majestic and All-merciful
26:141 The tribe of Thamud rejected the Messengers
26:142 Their brother Salih asked them, "Why do you not fear God
26:143 I am a trustworthy Messengers sent to you
26:144 Have fear of God and obey me
26:145 I do not ask for any payment for my preaching. I shall receive my reward from the Lord of the Universe
26:146 "Do you think that you will remain here peacefully foreve
26:147 amidst the gardens, springs
26:148 farms, and palm-trees in thick groves
26:149 carving comfortable houses out of the mountains
26:150 Have fear of God and obey me
26:151 Do not obey the orders of the transgressor
26:152 who spread evil in the land with no reform."
26:153 They said, "You are only bewitched and insane
26:154 You are a mere mortal like us. Show us a miracle if you are telling the Truth"
26:155 He said, "This is a she-camel. She will have her share of water as you have your share, each on a certain day
26:156 Do not cause her to suffer lest you become subject to the torment of the great day (of Judgment)."
26:157 They slew the she-camel, but later became regretfu
26:158 and torment struck them. In this there is evidence of the Truth, yet many people do not have any faith
26:159 Your Lord is Majestic and All-merciful
26:160 The people of Lot rejected the Messengers
26:161 Their brother Lot asked them, "Why do you not have fear of God
26:162 I am a trustworthy Messengers
26:163 Have fear of God and obey me
26:164 I do not ask any payment for my preaching. I shall receive my reward from the Lord of the Universe
26:165 Do you, in the world, want to have carnal relations with male
26:166 instead of your wives, whom your Lord has created specially for you? You are a transgressing people."
26:167 They said, "Lot, if you do not give up preaching, you will certainly be expelled (from this town)"
26:168 He said, "I certainly hate what you practice
26:169 Lord, save me and my family from their deeds."
26:170 We saved him and all of his famil
26:171 except an old woman who remained behind
26:172 We destroyed the other
26:173 by pouring upon them a terrible shower of rain. How evil was the rain for those who had been warned
26:174 In this there is an evidence of the Truth, but many of them did not have any faith
26:175 Your Lord is Majestic and All-merciful
26:176 The dwellers of the forest also rejected the Messengers
26:177 Shu'ayb asked them, "Why do you not have fear of God
26:178 I am a trustworthy Messengers
26:179 Have fear of God and obey me
26:180 I do not ask any payment for my preaching. I shall receive my reward from the Lord of the Universe
26:181 "Maintain just measure in your business and do not cause loss to others
26:182 Weigh your goods with proper balanc
26:183 and do not defraud people in their property or spread evil in the land
26:184 Have fear of the One who has created you and the generations that lived before you."
26:185 They said, "You are no more than a bewitched and insane ma
26:186 and a mere mortal like us. We think you are a liar
26:187 Let a part of the sky fall on us if what you say is true"
26:188 He said, "My Lord knows all that you do."
26:189 They rejected him and then the torment of the gloomy day struck them. It was certainly a great torment
26:190 In this there is an evidence of the Truth, but many of them did not have any faith
26:191 Your Lord is Majestic and All-merciful
26:192 This, (Quran), is certainly the revelation from the Lord of the Universe
26:193 It has been revealed through the trustworthy Spiri
26:194 to your heart, so that you will warn (the people of the dangers of disobeying God)
26:195 It has been revealed in plain Arabic
26:196 Its news was also mentioned in the ancient Books
26:197 Is not the fact (that the Israelite scholars already knew about the Quran through their Book) sufficient evidence for the pagans of the truthfulness (of the Quran)
26:198 Had We revealed it to a non-Ara
26:199 who would have read it to them, they (pagans) would not have believed in it
26:200 Thus it passes through the hearts of the criminals
26:201 They will not believe in it until they suffer the painful torment
26:202 The torment will strike them suddenly without their knowledge
26:203 They will say, "Can we be granted any respite?"
26:204 Do they want to hasten Our torment
26:205 Do you not see that even if We give them respite for year
26:206 and then Our torment will strike them
26:207 none of their luxuries will be able to save them from the torment
26:208 We never destroyed any town without first sending to them warning and guidance
26:209 We have never been unjust to anyone
26:210 The satans have not revealed the Quran
26:211 they are not supposed to do so. Nor do have they the ability for such a task
26:212 The satans are barred from listening to anything from the heavens
26:213 (Muhammad), do not worship anything besides God lest you suffer the punishment
26:214 Warn your close relative
26:215 and be kind to your believing followers
26:216 If they disobey you, tell them, "I condemn your disobedient deeds"
26:217 Have trust in the Majestic and All-merciful God
26:218 who can see whether you stand u
26:219 or move during your prostration with the worshippers
26:220 He is All-hearing and All-knowing."
26:221 Should I tell you to whom the satans come
26:222 They come to every sinful liar
26:223 The satans try to listen to the heavens but many of them are liars
26:224 Only the erring people follow the poets
26:225 Have you not seen them wandering and bewildered in every valle
26:226 and preaching what they themselves never practice
26:227 The righteously striving believers among them who remember God very often and use their talent to seek help after they have been wronged are the exceptional. The unjust will soon know how terrible their end will be


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