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Dr. Munir Munshey

an-Nur (The Light)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Light(an-Nur)
24:1 It is We Who revealed this Surah, and it is We Who deemed it mandatory for you. In it, We have revealed clear unambiguous verses! Perhaps you will take counsel
24:2 Let both _ the man and the woman _ guilty of illicit sexual intercourse be punished with a hundred lashes each. If you really believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, you will not let compassion hold you back from (implementing) the laws of Allah. A party of believers should be around to witness the punishment
24:3 The adulterer may marry none except an adulteress or a pagan, and the adulteress may be wedded only to an adulterer or a polytheist. It is prohibited for the believers (to marry an adulteress or let an adulterer marry the believing woman)
24:4 Flog those who accuse any of the chaste women (of committing adultery), but fail to backup (their charges) with four eyewitnesses. Flog them with eighty lashes, and thereafter do not accept their testimony ever again. Surely, they are the wicked ones
24:5 Except those who repent after that, and reform themselves. Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
24:6 And, if someone accuses his wife (of adultery) and has no witnesses other than himself, then let his testimony be treated as that of four witnesses. (Let him testify four times, saying each time that) he swears by Allah that he speaks the truth
24:7 And the fifth time, (let him say) that the curse of Allah be upon him if he was lying
24:8 And the wife´s punishment would be called off, if she testifies four times, (saying) that she swears by Allah, that he (her husband) is lying
24:9 And the fifth time (let her say) that the wrath of Allah may befall her if her husband is telling the truth
24:10 (You would have erred) had it not been for the favors of Allah and His mercy upon you; and also the fact that Allah is the most Forgiving and the Wisest
24:11 Those who brought up a slanderous lie (against the messenger´s wife) are but a small faction amongst you. Do not consider it bad for yourself. Rather, it is beneficial for you! Each of them is liable for the sin to the extent of his involvement. But the greatest torment is for the one among them who assumed the major responsibility
24:12 Why didn´t the believers _ men and women _ assume virtue for one of their own _ (a believer)? When you heard such a thing, why did you not say, "This is quite obviously a lie"
24:13 Why did they not bring four witnesses (to back the allegations)? Since they failed to come up with the witnesses they, in the sight of Allah, are the liars
24:14 Allah has bestowed upon you His favors and His mercy, in this world and the life-to-come. Else, a great torture would have inflicted you because of the unrestrained gossip you indulged in
24:15 With your tongues, you spread (the lie), and with your lips you uttered that about which you had no knowledge. You considered the matter trivial, but according to Allah, it was very grave
24:16 When you heard it, why did you not say, "It is not proper for us to discuss such a thing! Exalted are You (Oh Allah), it is a treacherous slander."
24:17 Allah cautions you against behaving like that ever again _ if you are really the believers
24:18 And Allah explains to you His verses clearly. Allah is the all-Knowing and the all-Hearing
24:19 A painful punishment _ in this world and in the afterlife _ awaits those who want sexual waywardness and obscenity to spread through the believers. Allah knows it (all) while you know nothing (at all)
24:20 (And it would have spread) had it not been for the mercy of Allah and His favors upon you. Allah is the most Gracious and the most Merciful
24:21 Oh you who believe! Do not emulate the example of Shaitan. Whoever follows the footsteps of Shaitan (should know) that he always exhorts the commission of obscene and vile deeds and the prohibited acts. The favors of Allah and His mercy are upon you. Otherwise, none of you could have ever acquired the purity of heart. But Allah purifies whomever He wants. Allah is all-Hearing and all-Knowing
24:22 The wealthy and the resourceful should not swear that they would withhold assistance from their needy relatives and the poor, nor from those who have left their homes for the sake of Allah! Rather, they should forgive and bear no malice. Wouldn´t you like Allah to forgive you? Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
24:23 Surely, cursed _ in this world and in the afterlife _ are those who level charges of immorality against the innocent and chaste believing women. There is a severe punishment for them
24:24 That day, their tongues, their hands and their feet would testify against them regarding what they used to do
24:25 That day, Allah will grant them to the full extent their rightful compensation; and they will know that Allah is the self-evident truth
24:26 Bad women are for bad men who deserve the bad women. Similarly, pious women are for pious men, who deserve the pious women. They are upright and absolved of what others babble about them. Theirs are the forgiveness, and a generous provision
24:27 Oh you believers, do not enter the homes other than your own; unless you seek permission from their occupants, and have saluted them. This is better for you. Perhaps, you will comply
24:28 Do not enter if you find no one at home, except when you have the (prior) permission to do so. Return if you are asked to go back. That is more appropriate for you. Allah is very well aware of what you do
24:29 It is not wrong for you to enter an unoccupied house in which you have your goods (wares and other interests). Allah knows what you declare and what you conceal
24:30 And ask the believing men to (be modest and) lower their gaze and maintain their chastity. That is righteous and better. Allah is quite familiar with what they do
24:31 Ask the believing women to lower their gaze, guard their chastity, and not leave bare their beauty and charm, except that which becomes apparent by itself. Ask them to pull their veil-cloths down across their bosom, and not show their adornments to anyone except their husbands, fathers, husband´s father, sons, husband´s sons, brothers and their sons, sister´s sons, their women, the female slaves they own, the men-servants too old to have erotic desires, and boys not yet old enough to have awareness of the carnal. Ask them not to stamp their feet hard, in order to display (and jingle the jewelry worn on their feet and other) hidden adornments (under their outer garments). Oh you believers! Turn _ all of you _ towards Allah in repentance. Perhaps you will prosper
24:32 And arrange for the single (but poor men and women) amongst you to marry the pious slaves and maidservants. If they are poor Allah may enrich them by His grace. Allah abounds in generosity and knowledge
24:33 Those lacking the means to marry should abstain until Allah enriches them by His grace. Write down for your slaves _ those who desire to work for their freedom _ (the terms of emancipation) if you know them to be worthy and able. Give them something from the wealth Allah has granted you. Do not _ to gain the worldly benefits _ compel your slave girls into prostitution, while they wish to remain chaste. For the slave girl compelled in this manner, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
24:34 We have revealed to you the clear unambiguous verses and the example of those gone by earlier, and (We have revealed) the right advice for the pious
24:35 Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. An example of its brilliance: there is a lamp in a luminous niche. The lamp is in a glass which itself gleams like a radiant star. It is lit by the oil of the blessed tree _ neither from the West nor the East. The oil of the lamp is ready to glow by itself even without being kindled. The bright luminous light is atop another brilliant light. Allah guides towards this light whomever He wants and Allah quotes this parable for the people. Allah is knowledgeable of all things
24:36 Allah has favored the setting up of houses, where _ every morning and evening _ His name would be glorified and His praises chanted
24:37 Neither trade nor sale distracts (God-fearing) men from remembering Allah, establishing ´salat´ or paying ´zakat´. They are frightened of that day when the hearts will flip and the eyes will turn (white with horror)
24:38 So, Allah may grant them compensation consistent with the best of their deeds, and boost it further by His grace. Allah grants unlimited bounties to whomever He wants
24:39 The deeds of the unbelievers are like a mirage in a sandy desert. The thirsty believes he sees water, but finds nothing there when he comes closer. There, he does find Allah, Who will let him have his due. Allah is very swift in reckoning
24:40 (The condition of the unbelievers is) like darkness in the deep dark sea covered over by a huge wave, which is swarmed over by another tide. Up above are thick heavy clouds. (Total) darkness, one atop another! If one pulls out one´s hand, one could hardly see it. The one whom Allah deprives of light cannot obtain light elsewhere
24:41 Do you not observe? Everyone in the heavens and on the earth chants the praises of Allah. The birds fly in the sky with wings spread. Each being has learnt its own prescribed form of ´salat´, and its style of singing the praises of Allah! Allah is well aware of what they do
24:42 The domain of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah, and to Allah is the return journey (of all humans)
24:43 Do you not observe? Allah shoves the clouds gently, and brings several of them together into a pile. Then you see raindrops falling down from it. From the mountains, He raises the hailstorm into the sky and rains it down. With it, He strikes those He wants, while He spares others. The lightning flashes (of the storm) almost blind the vision
24:44 Allah alternates the night and the day. Surely, there is a lesson in this for those with insight
24:45 Allah has created all creatures from water. Some creep on their bellies, some walk on two legs and some on all four. Allah creates what He wants! Indeed, Allah has power over everything
24:46 We have surely revealed the plain precise verses! Allah guides towards the straight path whom He wants
24:47 They (unbelievers) say, "We believe in Allah and His Messenger and we obey." But after that, some of them turn away. Those are not the believers
24:48 When they are called towards Allah and His messenger _ so he may settle their differences _ some of them reject and turn away
24:49 (However) if the truth is in their favor, they feign obedience and accept (the decision)
24:50 Is there a disease in their hearts? Or do they mistrust? Do they suspect that Allah and His messenger would treat them unfairly? Of course not! In fact, it is they who are unjust
24:51 The believers, too, are called towards Allah and His messenger, so He may settle their differences. Their outlook (in sharp contrast) is that they say, "We hear and we obey". Such, indeed, are the successful ones
24:52 Those who obey Allah and His messenger, fear Allah and do their duty, are indeed the triumphant ones
24:53 They swear so very solemnly that they would definitely leave home (and go forth into battle) if you ordered them. Say, "Do not swear! Obedience is what is required!" Allah is well Aware of what you do
24:54 Say, "Obey Allah and obey the messenger and if you turn away, then (remember that) the messenger is liable for the responsibility he bears, while you are accountable for your burden of responsibility. If you obey him, you would be led on to the right way. Apart from conveying the message clearly, the messenger has no further responsibility
24:55 Allah grants a guarantee to those of you who believe and perform the righteous deeds. He will most certainly appoint them the successors on earth, just like He appointed the people prior to you as successors. He will consolidate their way of life, much to their satisfaction. He will change their present state of insecurity and fear, into one of safety and peace. They would worship Me and would not associate anyone as My partner. Whoever disbelieves after this, is certainly wicked
24:56 Establish the ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´ and obey the messenger. So that you may be dealt with mercifully
24:57 Do not even doubt that the unbelievers can ever render (Allah) helpless on this earth. Fire will be their abode, which is indeed the worst of the destination
24:58 Oh you believers, let your slaves and young pre-puberty children seek permission (to come to you) during the following three times: before the morning prayer, at around noon when you undress (for a nap), and after the night prayers. These three timings are private! At other times, there is no harm either for them or you (to come unannounced). After all, you have to move about and see each other. Thus, Allah clarifies the verses for you. Allah is all-Knowing, all-Wise
24:59 Once your children attain puberty, let them seek permission (to enter your private chambers) just like other adults do. In this manner, Allah clarifies for you His verses. Allah is all-Knowing, all-Wise
24:60 It would not do any harm if the old ladies discard their veil cloth _ those who are past their childbearing age and do not expect to get married. But not in such a way that they display their charm! However, it is better for them to refrain (from discarding their veil-cloths). Allah hears all and knows all
24:61 There is no restriction upon the blind, the lame or the sick to eat (at anybody´s home); just as you are at liberty (either) to eat at your own home or the homes of your father, mother, brothers, sisters, maternal uncles and aunts and the paternal uncles and aunts. You may also eat at the homes in your possession or those belonging to your friends. There is no prohibition: you may eat alone or together. But when you enter the home, salute the people there with the noble and blessed greeting from Allah. In this manner, Allah clarifies the verses for you. Perhaps you would understand
24:62 The real believers are those who have faith in Allah and His messenger. On a collective mission with the messenger, they do not depart without asking leave. Those who seek permission before leaving are actually the ones believing in Allah and His messenger. (Oh messenger), if they ask your leave to go, in order to attend to any of their concerns, you may allow whomever you want and ask Allah to forgive them. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
24:63 Do not think that the call of the messenger is quite the same as an invitation from others amongst you. Allah is well Aware of those who _ using others as a cover _ slip away. Those who violate the commands of the messenger should beware lest a trial may inflict them, or a painful torment may come upon them
24:64 Listen good! Everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to Allah! He knows whatever course you are on. The day they are brought back to Him is when He will show them (the outcome of) their deeds. Allah is Knowledgeable about everything


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