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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Pilgrimage(al-Hajj)
22:1 People, be cautious of your Master. Indeed earthquake of the hour is an awesome thing
22:2 On a day that you see it, every nursing mother forgets about what she nurses, and every pregnant female drops her load (and miscarries), and you see the people intoxicated while they are not intoxicated, but God’s punishment is severe
22:3 And some of the people argue about God without any knowledge and follow every rebellious devil
22:4 It is prescribed against him (Satan) that anyone who takes him as a friend, then he misguides him and guides him to punishment of the burning fire
22:5 People, if you are in doubt about the resurrection, then (consider that) indeed We created you from dust, then from fertilized egg (Zygote), then from a (dangling, clinging, and leach like) blood clot, then from a piece of chewed flesh (embryo) formed and unformed in order to clarify for you (that We are capable of everything). And We settle what We want in the wombs for a limited period, then We bring you out as a baby, then you reach your full maturity (and strength), and some of you die and some of you are returned to the lowest part of life, so that they do not know anything after knowing (and they forget everything). And you see the earth barren (and lifeless), then when We send down the rain on it, it revives and grows and produces all types of beautiful (plants)
22:6 That is because God is the truth, and He gives life to the dead, and He is capable of everything
22:7 And the hour (of resurrection) is coming, there is no doubt about it, and God raises those in the graves
22:8 And some people argue about God without any knowledge or any guidance or any enlightening book.
22:9 Twisting his side (being arrogant) to misguide (people) away from God’s way. There is humiliation for him in this world, and We make him taste punishment of the burning on the resurrection day
22:10 (He will be told): that is for what your hands sent ahead, and God is not unjust to His servants
22:11 And some people serve God on edge (doubtfully), so if any good happens to him, he is content with it, and if a suffering happens to him, he turns on his face losing the world and the hereafter. That is the clear loss
22:12 He calls on other than God, that which does not harm him and does not benefit him. That is the major error
22:13 He calls on someone whose harm is closer than his benefit, certainly a bad supporter (and friend) and certainly a bad companion
22:14 Indeed God admits those who believed and did good works to gardens which rivers flows through them. Indeed God does what He wants
22:15 If anyone thinks that God never helps him (Muhammad) in this world and the hereafter, then let him stretch a rope to the ceiling (and hang himself with it), then let him cut it off and see whether his plan gets rid of whatever angers him
22:16 And that is how We sent it down as clear signs, and that God guides anyone He wants
22:17 Indeed God judges between those who believed, and those who are Jewish and the Sabians and the Christians and the Zoroastrian, and those who associated (partners with God) on the resurrection day. Indeed God is witness over everything
22:18 Did you not see that it is God that everyone in the skies and everyone on the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains and the trees and the animals and most of the people humble themselves before Him? And many deserve the punishment, and whoever God humiliates then there is no one to honor him. Indeed God does what He wants
22:19 These are two (groups of) adversaries who dispute about their Master. So clothes of fire are cut for those who disbelieved, and boiling water is poured from over their head
22:20 What is in their stomachs and their skins are melted with it
22:21 and clubs of iron are for them
22:22 Whenever they want to get out of it because of misery, they are returned into it, and (are told) taste the burning punishment
22:23 Indeed God admits those who believed and did good works into gardens that rivers flow through them, and they are adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls in it, and their clothes is of silk in there
22:24 And they are guided to the good word, and they are guided to path of the praiseworthy
22:25 Indeed those who disbelieved and obstruct God's way and the Sacred Mosque, which We made it equal for the people whether the resident in there or the visitors, and anyone who wants the deviation (from the truth) in there by wrongdoing, We make him taste from a painful punishment
22:26 And (remember) when We put up Abraham at the site of the house (saying): do not associate anything (as partner) with Me, and cleanse My house for those who go around (it) and those who stand (in prayer) and those who bow down humbly
22:27 And announce the Pilgrimage (Hajj) to the people, they come to you on foot and on every lean camel (or any other ride), coming from every distant area
22:28 In order that they witness the benefits (provided) for them, and to mention God’s name on specified days over what He provided for them from the livestock animals, so eat from it and feed the suffering poor
22:29 Then they should do away with their body's filth and fulfill their pledges and go around the ancient house (Ka’aba)
22:30 That is (the Pilgrimage), and whoever honors God’s requirements (and restrictions), then it is better for him in his Master's view. And the livestock are made lawful for you except what is read to you. So avoid the filth of the idols, and avoid the false word (and lie)
22:31 Be monotheist for God, not associating (any partner) with Him. And whoever associates (any partner) with God, then it is as if he falls from the sky and the birds snatch him, or the wind blows him to a remote place
22:32 That is how it is, and whoever honors God’s rituals then indeed it is from self control of the hearts
22:33 There are benefits in that (the livestock) for you for a limited period then their lawful place (of sacrifice) is at the ancient house (Ka’aba)
22:34 And for every community (of faith) We made a ritual (of sacrifice) so that they mention God’s name over what He provided them from the livestock animals. Your god is the One god, so submit to Him and give good news to those who humble themselves
22:35 those whose hearts are scared when God is mentioned, and they are patient about what happens to them, and they perform the mandatory prayer, and they spend (in God's way) from what We provided them
22:36 And We made the fat camel/cow as part of God's rituals (of pilgrimage) for you. There is goodness for you in them, so mention God’s name on them as they are lined up, then when they fall (on the ground) on their sides, eat from them and feed the poor and the beggar. That is how We put them under your control (and at you service), so you may be thankful
22:37 Their meat and their blood would never reach God, but your self control reaches Him. That is how He put them under your control (and at your service) so that you magnify God for He guided you, and give good news to the good doers
22:38 Indeed God defends those who believed, indeed God does not like any ungrateful traitor
22:39 (Fighting) is permitted for those who are attacked (and war is waged against them), because they are wronged, and God is certainly able to help them (to victory)
22:40 those who were driven out of their home unjustly, only because they said: our Master is God. If God had not repelled some people by others, then monasteries and churches and synagogues and mosques in which God’s name is mentioned often, would have been demolished. And God shall help anyone who helps Him. Indeed God is strong and powerful
22:41 (They are) those who perform the mandatory prayer and give to the mandatory charity and instruct to the right (acceptable) and prohibit from the wrong (unacceptable) if We make them powerful on the earth. And the end of all affairs belongs to God
22:42 And if they deny you, people of Noah and Aad and Thamud also denied (their prophets) before them
22:43 and (so did) people of Abraham and people of Lot
22:44 and inhabitant of Midian (people of Shu'aib), and Moses was also denied, so I gave the disbelievers a break then I took them, so how was My rejection (and punishment)
22:45 And how many a town did We destroy while it was (filled with) wrongdoer, then it (was ruined and) fell on its roofs and abandoned wells and towering castles
22:46 Did they not travel in the land, so that they have hearts to understand with it or ears to hear with it? Indeed the eyes are not blind, but the hearts which are in the chests are blind
22:47 They ask you to hurry up with the punishment, while God never breaks His promise. And indeed a day with your Master is like a thousand years of what you count
22:48 And how many a town did I give break to it while it was (filled with) wrongdoer? Then I took it (into punishment), and the final return is to Me
22:49 Say: people, I am only a clear warner for you
22:50 So those who believed and did good works, they have forgiveness and an honorable provision
22:51 And those who try to disable (and to discredit) Our signs, they are inhabitants of the hellfire
22:52 And We did not send any messenger or prophet before you, unless when he wished (something) Satan threw (temptation) in his wish, but God eliminates anything that Satan throws, then God reaffirms His signs. God is knowledgeable and wise
22:53 So that He makes whatever Satan throws a test for those who have a disease in their hearts and their hearts are hardened, and indeed the wrongdoers are in extreme opposition (to the truth).
22:54 And so that those who were given the knowledge know that it (Quran) is the truth from your Master, so they believe in it and their hearts are humbled (and compliant) for it. And God certainly guides those who believed to a straight path
22:55 Those who disbelieved do not stop to be in doubt about it until the hour suddenly comes to them or the punishment of a barren (and hopeless) day comes to them
22:56 The rule belongs to God on that day, He judges between them, then those who believed and did good works will be in gardens of delight
22:57 And those who disbelieved and denied Our signs, then they would have a humiliating punishment
22:58 And those who migrated in God's way, then they were killed or died, God shall provide them with a good provision, and indeed God is best of the providers
22:59 He shall admit them to a place that they would be pleased with it. Indeed God is knowledgeable and patient.
22:60 That is how it is. And whoever retaliates (it should be) the same as what he was made to suffer, then if he is wronged (again), God shall help him. Indeed God is pardoning and forgiving
22:61 That is because God makes the night pass through the day and makes the day pass through the night, and that God hears and sees all
22:62 That is because God is the truth and whatever they call on besides Him, it is the falsehood, and God is the superior, the great
22:63 Did you not see that God sent down rain from the sky then the earth becomes green? God is nice and well informed
22:64 Everything in the skies and on the earth belongs to Him, and indeed God is the rich (without needs) and the praiseworthy
22:65 Did you not see that God brought what is on the earth under your control (and at your service), and the ships sail through the sea by His command? And He keeps the sky from falling on the earth except by His permission. God is certainly gentle and merciful to the people
22:66 And He is the One who makes you live then makes you die then brings you (back) to life. Indeed the human being is ungrateful
22:67 For every community (of faith) We made ritual to perform it, so they should not dispute with you about the matter (of rituals). And invite (people) to your Master, indeed you are on a right guidance
22:68 And if they argue with you, then say: God knows best what you do
22:69 On the resurrection day God judges between you in what you used to disagree about it
22:70 Did you not know that God knows whatever is in the skies and the earth? Indeed that is (recorded) in a book, indeed that is easy for God
22:71 And they serve other than God that which He did not send down a reason for it and they do not have any knowledge of it. There is no helper for the wrongdoers
22:72 And when Our clear signs are read to them, you notice the denial on the faces of those who disbelieved, they are about to assault those who read them Our signs. Say: should I tell you about worse than this? The fire that God promised it to those who disbelieved, and it is a bad destination
22:73 People, an example was given, so listen to it: indeed those you call on other than God never create a fly even if they get together for it, and if the fly snatches anything away from them, they cannot get it back from it. The seeker and the sought are weak
22:74 They did not value God, His true worth. Indeed God is strong and powerful
22:75 God chooses messengers from the angels and from the people. Indeed God hears all and sees all
22:76 He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them, and the affairs are returned to God
22:77 You who believe, bow down and be humble (and prostrate) and serve your Master and do good, so that you may succeed
22:78 And try hard in God's way, a trying that He deserves. He chose you, and He did not impose any difficulty on you in the way of life (religion). This is faith of your father Abraham. He named you the Muslims (the submitted ones) in the past and in this, so that the messenger be a witness over you, and you be witnesses over the people, so perform the mandatory prayer and give to the mandatory charity and hold on to God, He is your protector, what an excellent protector and excellent helper


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