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Dr. Kamal Omar

Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 T. H
20:2 We did not deliver unto you Al-Quran that you be distressed
20:3 but as an exhortation for that who becomes sincere (to His Creator and Sustainer)
20:4 a descent from That Who created the earth and the high heavens
20:5 Ar-Rahman, He set (Himself) on the Throne
20:6 For Him is whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and whatever is between those two and whatever is under the soil
20:7 And if you raise the pitch with speech, then surely, He knows which is secret and yet more hidden
20:8 Allah! La-ilaha-illa-Huwa. To Him (Alone suit) the excellent attributes
20:9 And has the Hadees of Musa reached you
20:10 When he saw a fire so he said to his family: “Wait! Surely, I have seen a fire, perhaps I will bring you burning coal therefrom or I receive guidance at the fire.”
20:11 So when he came to it he was called (thus): “O Musa
20:12 Verily, I am your Nourisher-Sustainer! So take off your both footwears, surely you are in the sacred valley, Tuwa
20:13 And I have selected you. So listen to that which is inspired (to you)
20:14 Verily, I, I am Allah! La ilaha illa Ana. So pay obedience to Me and establish As-Salat for (broadcasting to yourself and to others) My Zikr (‘Message’. This is an attribute for Allah’s Book. When a person offers canonical Prayers he recites from the contents of Al-Kitab as a must)
20:15 Verily, the Hour is approaching — I desire that I keep it hidden, so that every Nafs is rewarded in accordance with what she strives
20:16 Therefore, let not the one who Believes not therein and has followed his vain desires divert you therefrom, and you perish (because of your inattention to the Hereafter)
20:17 And what is this in your right (hand), O Musa?”
20:18 He said: “This is my rod, whereon I lean, and wherewith I beat down branches for my sheep, and for me therein are other uses (also).”
20:19 (Allah) said: “Cast it down, O Musa!”
20:20 He cast it down, so then and there it is a snake, — it moves quickly
20:21 (Allah) said: “Grasp it and fear not, instantly We shall return it to its former state
20:22 and press your hand in your axilla, it shall come forth white, without any disease (as) another sign
20:23 that We may show you some of Our greater signs
20:24 Go to Firaun; he has indeed exceeded all bounds.”
20:25 (Musa) said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Widen me my chest (unburden my heart)
20:26 And make easy to me my task
20:27 And remove the impediment from my tongue (so that I may address them as a fluent speaker, and
20:28 they may pay full heed to my statement
20:29 And appoint me a co-worker from my family
20:30 Harun, my brother
20:31 give vent to my strength through him
20:32 and let him share my mission
20:33 so that we may glorify You exceedingly
20:34 and propagate You exceedingly
20:35 verily, You are All-Surveillant unto us.”
20:36 (Allah) said: “Without doubt, your prayer is granted, O Musa
20:37 And surely, indeed We made special favour unto you at another time
20:38 When We sent revelation to your mother — whatever was (to be) revealed
20:39 that, ‘set him in the Tabut (a floating device in the form of a basket, box, case, chest or an ark), then place it on the waters, then the waters shall cast it up on the bank, (and there) an enemy of Mine and an enemy of yours shall take him.’ And I poured on you love from Me that you may be brought up on My Eye (under extra-ordinary Love and Mercy proceeding from Me)
20:40 When your sister walks (along, following your sailing through the waters) and says (to the people who have picked you up from the banks of the waters and they are not becoming successful in mahead of state you feed on a breast): “Shall I show you one who may look after him (and also feed him on her breast)?” So We restored you to your mother, that she might cool her eye and she might not stay in grief. And you killed a man (by mistake, without intention) so We saved you from (its) stress. And We put you to test in extreme trial. Then you stayed a number of years with the citizens of Madyan (Midian). Thereafter you reached the set-standard, O Musa
20:41 And I have specially selected you for My Person
20:42 Go you and your brother with My Signs, and do not, you both, slacken regarding My Zikr (‘Message’)
20:43 Go both of you to Firaun (Pharaoh). Verily, he has transgressed all bounds
20:44 And you both speak to him mild and effective speech, may be he accepts admonition or becomes sincere
20:45 Both said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Verily, we, we fear lest he may hasten against us or that he may transgress (all bounds against us).”
20:46 (Allah) said: “Be not, you two, afraid. Surely, I am with you both, I will listen and I will watch
20:47 So go you both to him, and both of you say: ‘verily, we are two Messengers from your Nourisher-Sustainer, so let Bani Israiel go with us and persecute them not. Indeed, we have come to you with a credential from your Nourisher-Sustainer! And As-Salam on that who followed Al-Hudah
20:48 Truly, indeed! Revelation has been sent to us that the punishment befalls on that who denied and turned away (from the Message).'
20:49 He said: “Who then is the Nourisher-Sustainer of you two, O Musa?”
20:50 (Musa) said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer is That Who bestowed to each thing its form and nature, then guided it aright.”
20:51 He said: “So what had been the state of affairs of the previous generations?”
20:52 (Musa) said: “The knowledge thereof is with my Nourisher-Sustainer in a record. My Nourisher-Sustainer does not err and does not forget" —
20:53 Who has made earth for you as a bed, and has opened for you therein tracks and has sent down water from towards the sky. Then We brought forth with it kinds of vegetation — in different varieties
20:54 Eat and (also) pasture your cattle. Verily, in this are indeed proofs for possessors of knowledge
20:55 Thereof (out of the earth) We created you, and into it We take you back, and from (within it) We shall bring you out at a later time (on the Day of Resurrection)
20:56 And surely, without any doubt We showed him (i.e., to Firaun) all Our Signs, but he denied and became arrogant
20:57 (Firaun) said: “Have you come to us that you may drive us out of our land with your sorcery, O Musa
20:58 So surely, we (too) will approach you with magic similar to it; so set between us and between you an appointed (day, time and place) — we shall not go against this (promise, neither) we and nor you. (The) site (would be) open to all without restriction.
20:59 (Musa) said: “The appointed (encounter) with you should take place on the Festival-day and that the people may be made to assemble by the time the sun has risen (i.e., early forenoon).
20:60 So Firaun withdrew, then concerted his stratagem, then came (to the appointed site)
20:61 Musa addressed those people: “Woe to you, forge not a lie against Allah, lest He destroy you by some punishment; and surely, got destroyed whoever has forged a lie.”
20:62 Instantly they broke into disputes amongst them regarding their plan, and kept (their) private discussion secret
20:63 They said: “Verily, these are two persons, definitely, two magicians, both intend that they both may drive you out from your land (country) through the sorcery of the two, and they both may vanish tahead of state away your cherished way of life
20:64 So assemble in the interest of your plot, then assault in row. And indeed, became successful this day whoever got the higher position.
20:65 They said: “O Musa! If it is that you drop (your rod) or if it is that we become the first that dropped (the articles)?
20:66 (Musa) said: "All right! You throw (first)." Then behold, their ropes and their rods appear to him, by their magic-effect that they move (like snakes)
20:67 So Musa conceived a fear in himself
20:68 We said: “Fear not, surely, you are the higher one
20:69 And cast down (on the ground) what is in your right (hand), it will swallow up what they have wrought. Surely, what they have wrought (is only a) magician’s trick, and a magician shall never be successful from wherever (with whatever tricks and skills) he had come.
20:70 So the magicians (under effect of the encounter) were made to fall down prostrating. They said: “We have developed Belief in the Nourisher-Sustainer of Harun and Musa.”
20:71 (Firaun) said: “You have developed Faith because of him (Musa) before I give you permission? Verily, he indeed appears to be your senior-most who has taught you the art of magic. So surely, I will cut off your hands and your legs on opposite sides, and surely, I will crucify you on the trunks of the date-palm, and surely, you shall come to know who of us (I as Firaun, or that whom Musa declares as the Only God) is more severe regarding punishment and more lasting one!
20:72 (The magicians who are now Muslims) said: “We shall never prefer you over what has come to us out of the Manifest Signs (and Proofs) and (to Him) Who created us. So give decision upto the extent you are a deciding-power. Certainly, what (is a fact is that) you pronounce decision (limited to) this immediate life
20:73 Verily, we have Believed in our Nourisher-Sustainer that He may forgive us our faults and whatever you compelled us regarding it, out of magic. And Allah is Better and More Lasting!”
20:74 Verily, it (is that) whoever comes to his Nourisher-Sustainer as a criminal, then surely, for him is Hell; he will not die therein and will not live (as a living one in its true sense)
20:75 And whoever comes to Him as a Believer (and) indeed has performed righteous deeds, then those people: for them are (reserved) high ranks —
20:76 (in the form of) Gardens, everlasting, flow underneath them rivers; dwellers therein. And this is the reward (for) that who became cleansed
20:77 And surely, indeed, We inspired Musa that: “Move with My Ibad and strike for them a path in the sea — a dry (path). You shall not fear being overtaken (by Firaun and his military forces) and you shall not feel afraid (of being drowned).
20:78 Then Firaun chased them with his military forces, but completely covered them from (the contents of) the sea, whatever covered them (i.e., the sea-waters completely overwhelmed and drowned the forces)
20:79 And Firaun misled his nation and did not provide (them) a correct approach
20:80 O Bani Israiel! Indeed We rescued you from your enemy and We made you a Promise by the side of the Blessed Mount, and We sent down to you Al-Manna and As-Salwah
20:81 Eat of the Tayyibat wherewith We have given you provisions and commit no transgression therein, lest My Punishment becomes due on you; and that one whom My Punishment becomes justly due, then indeed, he perished
20:82 And verily, I am indeed Forgiving to that who repented and accepted Faith and did righteous deed (and) afterwards stayed in guidance
20:83 And what made you hasten from your nation, O Musa
20:84 (Musa) said: “They, those people are stichead of state to my teachings, and I hastened to You, my Nourisher-Sustainer, that You might be pleased.”
20:85 (Allah) said: “So, verily, We indeed put your nation in a test after you (left them) and As-Samiri has led them astray.”
20:86 So Musa returned back to his nation, full of anger, in sorrow. He said: “O my nation! Did not your Nourisher-Sustainer promise you an excellent promise? Did then appear to you delayed, the promise, or did you intend that should become justly due on you a punishment from your Nourisher-Sustainer — so you broke your promise to me?”
20:87 The people said: “We broke not the promise to you of our own will, but we were made to carry the weight of the adornments of the nation, we unburdened that, and thus suggested As-Samiri.”
20:88 Then (As-Samiri) carved out for them, a calf in the form of a statue. For it (he also introduced some mechanism producing) a lowing sound. So people (who were bewitched) said: “This is your ilah, and the ilah (god) of Musa, but he (i.e., Musa) has forgotten (his god).”
20:89 Do they then not mark that it does not return them a word and it does not possess for them any harm and nor a benefit
20:90 And surely, indeed Harun did say to them as an advance (warning): “O my nation! Certainly, what is (a fact is that) you are put to a trial (and test) thereby. And surely, Nourisher-Sustainer to you is Ar-Rahman. So follow me and obey my order (and advice).”
20:91 The people said: “We will never end (the state of) being confined to this (calf), until Musa returns back to us.”
20:92 (When Musa was sent back to the nation) he said: “O Harun! What stopped you when you saw them (that) they have strayed (from the path) —
20:93 that you may not adopt my way? Have you then disobeyed my order?”
20:94 (Harun) said: “O son of my mother! Seize (me), not by my beard, and nor by my head. Indeed, I feared, lest you may say: ‘You have caused a division among Bani Israiel, and you have not adhered to my statement.'
20:95 (Musa) said: “So, what is the matter with you, O Samiri?”
20:96 (Samiri) said: “I perceived what the people perceived not therein. I received a portion from the teaching of the Messenger but I discarded it away and thus commended to me my Nafs.”
20:97 (Musa) said: “So get you out, so it is to you throughout life that you say: 'no touch' (to my body). And surely, for you (there is) a promised place (in the Hereafter), nothing shall be allowed to happen against it (in your favour). And look at your god — you have confined yourself to it. Certainly, we shall burn it (on a fire) then we will scatter it in the sea as dust
20:98 Certainly, what (is a fact is that) your Ilah (God) is Allah (Alone), That One, La ilaha illa Huwa (no god except He). He became All-Comprehending over all things in Knowledge.
20:99 Thus We relate to you out of the news what definitely happened before. And indeed We have given you from Uz-Zikr (‘The Message’)
20:100 Whoever avoided it: so certainly he will bear on the Day of Resurrection a heavy burden (of ignorance, inattention, errors and sins)
20:101 (they will continue as) those who stay in this (state in the Fire of Hell); and evil, for them, on the Day of Resurrection, is the load (they bear)
20:102 The Day when the Siren will be blown, and We gather the Mujrimun that Day in a bluish-state (due to extreme anxiety and fear, the state of the heart becomes abnormal and weak, leading to anoxia, which appears as a blue-colouration extending throughout the body)
20:103 They will whisper among themselves: “You stayed not but (just) ten days (i.e., for a very short while).”
20:104 We know better what they will state, when the more eminent of them in conduct will say: “You stayed not but a day (only)!”
20:105 And people ask you concerning the mountains, so tell (them): “My Nourisher-Sustainer will scatter them as dust
20:106 Then He shall leave it (i.e., the ground where the mountains stood) as a levelled, smooth plain
20:107 You will not see therein depression, and nor elevation.”
20:108 On that Day (the Mujrimun) will strictly follow the caller (showing) no deviation in relation to him. And the voices dimmed and humbled before Ar-Rahman. So you shall not hear except the subdued sound of footsteps
20:109 On this Day intercession shall not avail (any person) except that for whom Ar-Rahman gave permission and (also) agreed to the statement (given) in his favour
20:110 He knows whatever is between their hands and whatever is behind them and they comprehend it not (in their) knowledge
20:111 And the faces became down-cast before Ever-Living, Ever-Sustaining (Allah). And surely became a failure that who carried burden of wrong-doings
20:112 And whoever performs out of righteous deeds and he is (also) a Believer, then he fears not of injustice and nor any curtailment (of his reward)
20:113 And thus We have sent it down as a Qur’an in Arabic; and have scattered therein out of the warnings in order that they pay obedience, or it may fully describe for them the Zikr (Message)
20:114 Then Allah became of the High Position, The Sovereign Ruler, The Truth. And be not in haste with Al-Qur’an before its revelation is completed to you; [understand and propagate the Message when a complete view is made available on a particular subject or when a direct Verse is available on a particular topic] and say: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Increase me in knowledge.”
20:115 And surely, indeed We made a covenant with Adam (much) before, but he forgot, and We did not find in him firm will-power
20:116 And (bring to mind) when We said to the angels: “prostrate (to Me) for Adam.” So they prostrated except Iblis (the jinn), he refused
20:117 Then We said: “O Adam! Surely, this is an enemy to you and to your consort. So let him not get you both out of the orchard, then you may face distress (of life)
20:118 Surely, for you: that you do not remain hungry herein and nor you remain without garment
20:119 And surely to you: you remain not thirsty herein, and nor you suffer heat.
20:120 Then Satan whispered to him (and) said: “O Adam! Shall I lead you to the tree of eternity and to a dominion that will never crumble?”
20:121 Then both ate of that (tree); instantly became exposed to both of them their bodies (which were provided with a natural garment. This garment probably melted or broke-up under the poisonous effect of the material ingested from the forbidden tree). And both placed: they both do attach on their two (selves) out of the (extra-large size) leaf from the orchard. And Adam disobeyed his Nourisher-Sustainer (out of forgetfulness), so he strayed
20:122 Then his Nourisher-Sustainer chose him and He turned to him (in Forgiveness) and provided guidance
20:123 (Allah) said: “Both of you shift from here together; some of you are an enemy to some (others). So if what comes to you from Me as guidance, so whoever obeyed My Guidance — then he does not go astray and does not fall in distress
20:124 And whoever avoided My Zikr (‘Message), then certainly for him is a constrained economy, and We shall raise him on the Day of Resurrection as a blind person.
20:125 He said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Why have you raised me up blind, while indeed, I had been strong in eyesight?
20:126 (Allah) said: “Like this, Ayaatuna came unto you, but you disregarded them; and in the same way, this Day, you stand forgotten (and lost)
20:127 And thus do We reward who transgressed and did not Believe in the Ayaat of his Nourisher-Sustainer. And indeed, the torment of the Hereafter is more severe and more long-lasting.
20:128 Did it then not provide guidance to them: how many out of the generations We destroyed before them, they move in their residences? Verily, in this are indeed signs (lessons) for people of understanding
20:129 And if the statement from your Nourisher-Sustainer did not stand issued (regarding the final punishment in the Hereafter) and an appointed term (granted to every one in this world), indeed it (i.e., the punishment) would have overwhelmed (them, instantly)
20:130 So show patience over what they say, and glorify (in the specified form of canonical Prayer) your Nourisher-Sustainer with (His) Praise: before the rising of the sun (in Salat-ul-Fajr), and before its setting (in Salat-ul-Asr), and out of the hours of the night also glorify (Him, in Salat-ul-isha) and at the extremes of the day (i.e., in Salat-ul-Zuhr when the day is at its Zenith and in Salat-ul-Maghrib when the day has come to a complete close) in order that you stand satisfied and agreed (with your inner self)
20:131 And do not widely open your two eyes (in longing) for that which We have given to (various) groups of them as the enjoyment and splendour of the life of this world — that We may test them therein. And the provision provided by your Nourisher-Sustainer (through lawful and desirable means is) better and more lasting (even if granted to you, only according to your essential needs)
20:132 And enjoin Salat on your family-members and your followers and be constant regarding it. We do not ask you any provision, (rather) We provide provision and sustenance to you. And the final end being fully successful is dependent on obedience (to Allah through His Al-Kitab)
20:133 And people said: “Why does he not come to us with a credential from his Nourisher-Sustainer?” Has there not come to them Bayyinah: whatever is in As-Suhuf-il-oola [Suhuf is the plural of sahifah. Each Surah in the Book of Allah is called a sahifah. And all the Surahs together are called Suhuf. Since Al-Kitab is permanent and eternal and also belonged to earlier and ancient times it is also called As-Suhuf-ul-oola. Similarly every Surah is collection of Writtings and all the Surahs together are the complete Divine Wirttings. To understand this point further, please see Verses 98/1-3]
20:134 And if We had destroyed them with a torment before this, surely they would have said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Why didn‘t you send unto us a Messenger, then we would have followed your Ayaat before we were humiliated and disgraced?
20:135 Say: “All of us are those who await. So you (also) await, then very soon you shall know who are people of the Right Path and who found the guidance.


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