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Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 Ta-Ha. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
20:2 (O My Esteemed Beloved!) We have not revealed the Qur’an to you that you land in distress
20:3 But (it) is (revealed as) admonition for him who fears (his Lord)
20:4 (This) has been revealed by (Allah) Who created the earth and the lofty heavens
20:5 (He is) Most Kind (Lord) Who established (His sovereignty) on the Throne (of power and supreme authority over all the systems of the universe, befitting His Glory)
20:6 (So) whatever is in the heavens (i.e., the upper divine and celestial spheres and spatial terrestrial spheres) and whatever is in the earth and whatever is in between (i.e., the atmospheric spheres) and whatever is beneath the soil to its bed, all are (functioning in compliance with) His (command and control system)
20:7 And (there is no harm) if, in remembrance and Prayer, you raise (your voice). He knows the secrets (of hearts) and also the most hidden mysteries. (Then how He will not hear the loud supplications!
20:8 Allah is (His Self-Name) besides Whom there is no God (i.e., believe in Him alone and deny all other false gods). There are (also) many other Beautiful Names for Him (that speak of His most beautiful attributes)
20:9 And has the account of Musa (Moses) reached you
20:10 When Musa (Moses) saw a fire (on his way back to Egypt from Madyan), he said to his family: ‘Stay here. I have seen a fire (or I have perceived a flash of love and cordiality in a fire). Perhaps I may bring a brand from it for you (also), or I find at that fire the guidance (which I am searching for).
20:11 So when he reached that (fire), a call was made: ‘O Musa (Moses)
20:12 Certainly, I am your Lord, so take off your shoes. Verily, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa
20:13 And I have chosen you (for My Messengership), so listen to what is being revealed to you with absolute attentiveness
20:14 Verily, I am Allah. There is no God other than Me. So always worship Me, and establish Prayer for the sake of My remembrance
20:15 Certainly, the Last Hour is about to come. I want to keep it secret so that every soul may be rewarded for that (deed) for which it is exerting
20:16 So let not someone who (himself) does not believe in it and follows his own lust (of the lower self) prevent you from (focusing on) it, otherwise you (too) will perish
20:17 And what is this in your right hand, O Musa (Moses)?
20:18 He submitted: ‘This is my staff. I lean on it, and beat down leaves with it for my goats, and in it there are also many other benefits for me.
20:19 (Allah) said: ‘O Musa (Moses), cast it down (on the ground).
20:20 So he cast it down (on the ground), and suddenly it became a serpent slithering (here and there)
20:21 Allah said: ‘Catch it and do not fear. We shall transform it to its former state just now.
20:22 And (it was commanded:) ‘Press your hand in your armpit. It will come out radiant white without any disease. (This) is another sign
20:23 (We are doing) this so that We show you greater signs of Our (might)
20:24 Go to Pharaoh. He has exceeded limits (in defiance and rebellion).
20:25 Musa (Moses) prayed: ‘O my Lord, expand my breast for me
20:26 And make my task (as a Messenger) easy for me
20:27 And untie the knot from my tongue
20:28 That people may understand (easily) what I say
20:29 And appoint for me a minister from my family
20:30 (That) is Harun (Aaron), my brother
20:31 Provide me strength and backup with him
20:32 And make him share my task (of Messengership)
20:33 So that we (both) may amply glorify You
20:34 And amply remember You
20:35 Surely, You see us well (in the perspective of total scenario).
20:36 (Allah) said: ‘O Musa (Moses), you are granted your every prayer
20:37 And surely, We graciously favoured you once (earlier as well)
20:38 When We revealed to your mother’s heart what was revealed
20:39 To put him (Musa [Moses]) into a box and place that (box) into the river. Then the river will drift it to the bank. My enemy and his enemy will pick him up. And I cast on you from My presence a reflection of My (exceptional) love (i.e., We have made you so lovely and charismatic that whoever glances at you will be fascinated). And (this was done) so that you might be brought up before My eyes
20:40 (And) when your sister, (posing as a stranger,) walking along, said (to Pharaoh’s family): Shall I point out to you (a woman) who will nurse this (infant)? Then We brought you back to your mother (on the pretext of nursing) so that she might cool her eyes and might not feel aggrieved as well. And you killed a man (a disbeliever of Pharaoh’s people). Then We delivered you from (that) agony (too), and tested and assessed you through many trials. Then you stayed amongst the people of Madyan for many years. Musa (Moses)! Then you came (here) at the time fixed (by Allah. He was then exactly forty years old)
20:41 And (now) I have chosen you for Myself (for the task of Messengership and the exceptional favour)
20:42 Go, you and your brother (Harun [Aaron]), with My signs and do not slacken in remembering Me
20:43 Go, both of you, to Pharaoh; surely, he has transgressed all bounds in rebellion
20:44 So talk to him politely. He may perhaps accept admonition or fear (My wrath).
20:45 Both of them submitted: ‘O our Lord, we fear lest he should commit some excess against us, or become (more) rebellious.
20:46 (Allah) said: ‘Do not fear. I am indeed with you both. I hear and see (all)
20:47 So, go you both to him and say: We are (the Messengers) sent by your Lord. So (set free) the Children of Israel (from your slavery and) send them with us. And do not persecute them (anymore). Surely, we have brought you a sign from your Lord. And peace be upon him who follows guidance
20:48 Verily, it has been revealed to us that the torment will come upon (every) such person that rejects (the Messenger) and turns away from him.
20:49 (Pharaoh) said: ‘O Musa (Moses)! Who is the Lord of you both?
20:50 Musa (Moses) said: ‘Our Lord is He Who brought everything into being (as most suitable), then guided it (according to its potential).
20:51 (Pharaoh) said: ‘So, what was the fate of former people (who did not believe in your Lord)?
20:52 (Musa [Moses]) said: ‘The knowledge about them is recorded (and saved) in a Book with My Lord. My Lord does not go wrong, nor does He forget.
20:53 He is the One Who made the earth habitable for you and provided therein paths for you (to travel) and sent down water from the sky. Then by means of that (water) We bring forth (from the earth) pairs of various kinds of vegetation
20:54 Eat and pasture your cattle. Surely, there are signs in it for the wise
20:55 We created you from this (very soil of the earth), and We shall return you into the same, and shall bring you forth from the very same once more
20:56 And surely We showed him (Pharaoh) all Our signs (bestowed upon Musa [Moses] and Harun [Aaron]), but he belied and refused to believe
20:57 He said: ‘Musa (Moses), have you come to us to drive us out of our land with your magic
20:58 So we shall also bring you magic resembling it. Therefore, settle an appointment between us and yourself (for the contest) which neither we nor you shall violate. (The place of contest) is to be an open and smooth ground.
20:59 (Musa [Moses]) said: ‘The day of your promise is the Eid (‘Id) Day (the day of Annual Festival), and that (on that day) all the people are to assemble there early in the forenoon.
20:60 Then Pharaoh went back (from the meeting), put together his (schemes of) pretension and deception and then came back (at the appointed time)
20:61 Musa (Moses) said to them(the sorcerers): ‘Woe to you! (Beware!) Do not invent a lie against Allah lest He should eliminate you by torment. And surely, he who fabricates a lie (against Allah) is a failure.
20:62 Thereupon, they (the sorcerers) disputed amongst themselves about their affair and started whispering inaudibly
20:63 They said: ‘These two are really magicians who have the intention to drive you out of your land with sorcery, and put an end to your exemplary culture and religion
20:64 (They mutually decided.) So, collect all your tricks (of magic), and come into the arena (together) in a queue, and the one who prevails today will be victorious.
20:65 (The magicians) said: ‘O Musa (Moses), either you cast (your thing) or we become the first ones to cast.
20:66 (Musa [Moses]) said: ‘Rather you cast down.’ Then the sight was that suddenly their cords and rods, by the effect of their magic, seemed to Musa (Moses) as if they were slithering (on the ground)
20:67 Now Musa (Moses) felt a sort of hidden fear in his heart
20:68 We said (to Musa [Moses]): ‘Do not fear. Verily, you will have the upper hand
20:69 And cast down (this staff) that is in your right hand (on the ground). It will swallow up that (craft) which they have contrived (artificially). Whatever they have wrought is but a deceitful trick of a sorcerer, and wherever a magician may come, he will not be successful.
20:70 (Then things happened the same way.) So all the sorcerers were made to fall down in prostration (and) said: ‘We embrace faith in the Lord of Harun (Aaron) and Musa (Moses).
20:71 (Pharaoh) said: ‘You have embraced faith in Him before I grant you permission. Surely, he (Musa [Moses]) is also your chief (trainer) who has taught you magic. So, (now) I shall certainly cut off your hands and your feet on the opposite sides and shall certainly crucify you on the palm trunks. Then you shall come to know for sure which of us is sterner in inflicting torture and lasts for a longer term.
20:72 (The magicians) said: ‘We shall not at all prefer you to the clear signs that have come to us. By that (Lord) Who has created us, decide whatever you want to do, for you can decide merely about (this few days’) worldly life
20:73 We have indeed believed in our Lord in order that He forgives us our sins, and also (forgives) that sorcery to which you forced us, and Allah is the Best and Ever-Abiding.
20:74 Surely, whoever comes to his Lord as an evildoer, certainly for him is Hell. (And it is such a torment) wherein he will neither die nor survive
20:75 And whoever comes to His presence as a believer (and) has (also) done good deeds, it is they for whom are high ranks
20:76 (Those) are evergreen gardens beneath which streams flow. (They) will dwell therein forever. And that is the reward for the one who purifies himself (of the impurity and indecency of disbelief and immorality)
20:77 And certainly We sent Revelation to Musa (Moses): ‘Move out at night taking My servants with you. So, make a dry path in the river (by striking your staff). Have no fear to be overtaken (by Pharaoh), nor be afraid (of drowning).
20:78 Then Pharaoh chased them with his troops. So, the (waves of the) river swept over them as much as they covered them up
20:79 And Pharaoh led his people astray, and did not guide them to the right path
20:80 O Children of Israel! (Realize!) Certainly, We delivered you from your enemy, and gave you the promise of (coming to) the right of (Mount) Tur, and (there) We sent down to you the manna and the quails
20:81 (And He said to you:) ‘Eat of the pure things that We have provided for you, and do not exceed limits in that, or My wrath will become inevitable for you. And he on whom My wrath comes due is in truth destroyed.
20:82 And I am surely Most Forgiving to him who repents and affirms faith and behaves piously, then sticks to guidance (firmly)
20:83 And, O Musa (Moses), why did you hasten (in coming to Tur ahead of) your people
20:84 (Musa [Moses]) submitted: ‘They too are coming behind me, and I have hastened to appear before Your presence (possessed by love and ecstasy) in order that You may be pleased, O my Lord!
20:85 (Allah) said: ‘We have indeed put your people to trial after you (came away) and Samiri has led them astray.
20:86 So, Musa (Moses) returned to his people, angered and grieved, (and) said: ‘O my people, did your Lord not give you a fair promise? Had a long time lapsed on you in (the fulfilment of) the promise? (Or) did you wish that the wrath of your Lord should come due (and befall) you? So you have violated (your) promise to me.
20:87 They said: ‘We have not violated our promise to you of our own will, but (what happened is that) we were loaded with the heavy burden of the ornaments of the people, so we cast them (into the fire); then similarly, Samiri (too) cast them away.
20:88 Then he (Samiri) moulded (out of the molten ornaments) a statue of a calf for them which produced a sound like that of a cow. Then they said: ‘This is your Lord and the Lord of Musa (Moses too). So he (Samiri) forgot (at this point).
20:89 Well, did they not see (even this much) that this (calf) could not answer them a word, nor had it any power to cause them any loss or profit
20:90 Earlier, Harun (Aaron also) had said to them, (warning): ‘O people, you have undergone a trial by virtue of this (calf), whilst your Lord is (not this,) but surely (He) the Most Kind One. So follow me and obey my command.
20:91 They said: ‘We shall hold fast to its (worship) until Musa (Moses) comes back to us.
20:92 Musa (Moses) said: ‘O Harun (Aaron), when you saw them erring, what stopped you
20:93 (Moreover, who prohibited you) from following my way (in forbidding them fiercely)? Did you disobey me?
20:94 (Harun [Aaron]) said: ‘O son of my mother, seize me not by my beard or my head. (In being harsh) I feared you would say: You have created division amongst the Children of Israel and have not safeguarded my word.
20:95 (Musa [Moses]) said: ‘Samiri, (tell me,) what is the matter with you?
20:96 He said: ‘I saw what these people had not seen. I took a handful (of dust) from the footstep of the angel (that visited you); then I cast it (into the model of the calf), and this way my (lower) self made (it) attractive to me.
20:97 Musa (Moses) said: ‘So (get out from here and) go away. There is for you a lifelong (punishment) that you will keep saying (to everyone): Touch (me) not, (touch me not). And there is yet another promise (of punishment) for you which will not be averted at all. And look at this (self-made) god of yours to which you held fast (in worship). We will surely burn it and scatter (its dust) well over the river
20:98 (O my people! He) Allah alone is your God apart from Whom there is no God. He has encompassed everything in (His) knowledge.
20:99 (O Esteemed Beloved!) Thus We communicate to you news about the (communities) who have passed away, and We have surely given you from Our exclusive presence the Reminder (i.e., an Admonishing Book)
20:100 Whoever turns away from it will certainly carry an unmanageable burden on the Day of Rising
20:101 They will (remain) in this (torment) forever, and it will be a very evil burden for them on the Day of Rising
20:102 The Day when the trumpet will be blown, We shall assemble the evildoers with their bodies and eyes turned blue (due to intense fear and loss of sight)
20:103 Inaudibly whispering to one another: ‘You stayed in the world hardly for ten days.
20:104 We know best what they will be saying, whilst one of them better in wisdom and deeds will say: ‘You have not stayed (in the world) for more than a day.
20:105 And they ask you concerning mountains. So say: ‘My Lord will blow them off as dust particles
20:106 Then will change it into a levelled, barren land
20:107 In which you will find neither any depression nor any elevation.
20:108 On that Day, people will tread on behind the caller, and there will be no deviation in (following) him. And all voices will be hushed due to the Majesty of the Most Kind (Lord). So you will not hear anything except a faint sound of a stir
20:109 On that Day, no intercession shall be fruitful except his (intercession) whom the Most Kind (Lord) has granted leave (and permission) and with whose word He is pleased (such as Prophets and Messengers, Allah’s chosen and pious servants, Godwary slaves, innocent children, and many other devoted servants of Allah whose intercession is validated)
20:110 He knows all those (things) which are ahead of them and which are behind them, and they cannot encompass His (knowledge) with (their) knowledge
20:111 And (all) faces will bow down before the holy presence of the Ever-Living (and) Self-Subsisting (Lord), and surely he who bears the burden of wrongdoing will crumble to failure
20:112 And whoever does righteous deeds and is also blessed with faith will fear neither any injustice nor any harm
20:113 And in this way have We sent down (this last Revealed Book) in the Arabic tongue (in the shape of) the Qur’an, and have explained in it more often than not matters inspiring fear (of torment, in diverse ways,) so that they may become Godfearing, or this (Qur’an) may inculcate in their (hearts a passion for the acceptance of admonition, or) the remembrance (of the Last Day)
20:114 So Most High and Exalted is Allah. He alone is the True Sovereign. And do not hasten in (reciting) the Qur’an before its revelation is fully accomplished to you. And always submit (before the holy presence of your Lord): ‘O my Lord, increase me further in knowledge.
20:115 And truly, (far) earlier than this, We had given a strict command to Adam but he forgot. And We did not observe in him any intention (to disobey) at all (it was just an omission)
20:116 And (recall the time) when We commanded the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves before Adam,’ they fell down in prostration except Iblis. He refused
20:117 Then We said: ‘O Adam, verily, this (Satan) is an enemy to you and your wife. So let him not get you both ousted from Paradise; then you shall be put to toil
20:118 Surely, there is this (comfort) for you (in Paradise) that you will neither feel hungry nor go naked
20:119 And that you will neither feel thirsty here, nor suffer the heat of the sun.
20:120 But Satan suggested him (an) idea. He said: ‘O Adam! Shall I inform you of the tree of immortality (in the Paradise of Allah’s nearness), and also the (secret of that divine) dominion which will neither fall nor cease to exist?
20:121 So (in fondness of that station of eternal nearness to Allah) both ate the fruit of that tree. So, their private parts became exposed to them, and both began to stick to their (bodies) the leaves of (the trees in) Paradise. And Adam made a mistake (by way of omission) in (understanding) his Lord’s command.* So he could not achieve the aim (of eternal life in Paradise)
20:122 Then his Lord chose him (for His nearness and Prophethood), and turned to him (in His exceptional forgiveness and mercy), and showed the path to the coveted destination
20:123 (Allah) said: ‘Go down from here, all of you. Some of you will be enemies to some others. Then if there comes to you any Guidance (Revelation) from Me, whoever will follow My Guidance will neither lose the straight path (in the world), nor face misfortune (in the Hereafter)
20:124 And whoever turns away from My direction and guidance (i.e., remembrance and advice), his worldly sustenance will be narrowed, and We shall raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection (as well).
20:125 He will say: ‘O my Lord, why have You raised me up blind (Today) whereas I had vision (in the world)?
20:126 (Allah) will say: ‘In like manner, Our signs came to you (in the world), but you forgot them, and the same way you (too) will be forgotten Today.
20:127 And that is how We recompense the one who exceeds the limit (in sins), and does not believe in the Revelations of his Lord, and surely the torment of the Last Day is extremely severe and everlasting
20:128 Has (this fact) not guided them as to how many people We destroyed before them in whose dwelling places they (now) walk about? Undoubtedly, in this are (many) signs for the wise
20:129 And had it not been settled already by your Lord, and the time (of the Day of Resurrection) not fixed (for their torment, befalling them) the calamity (right now) would have been inevitable
20:130 So bear their (heart-rending) talk patiently and glorify your Lord with His praise before the rising of the sun (in Fajr [Dawn] Prayer) and before its setting (in the ‘Asr [Afternoon] Prayer) and glorify Him in the early hours of night (the Maghrib [Sunset] and ‘Isha’ [Night] Prayer) and also at the ends of the day (in Zuhr [Midday] Prayer when the first half of the day ends and the second half starts. O Esteemed Beloved, all this is designed) so that you may be pleased
20:131 And do not glance with amazement and wonder at the adornments (of worldly life) which We have provided to some classes (of the disbelieving materialists) for their (short-term) luxury so that We may cause for them a trial in these (very things). And the provision of your Lord (in the Hereafter) is the best and eternal
20:132 And enjoin Prayer on your family and strictly adhere to it. And We do not ask for provision from you, (rather) We provide for you. And it is the act of fearing God that brings about best results
20:133 And (the disbelievers) say: ‘Why does this (Prophet) not bring us any sign from his Lord?’ Has there not come to them (the Qur’an,) a clear proof of the things (mentioned) in the former Books
20:134 And had We destroyed them through some calamity already, they would have said: ‘O Lord, why did You not send us any Messenger so that we might have followed Your Revelations before we were humiliated and disgraced?
20:135 Say: ‘Everyone is waiting, so wait on. You will soon come to know who are the people of the right path and who are the guided ones.


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