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Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by Muhammad Taqi Usmani
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Muhammad Taqi Usmani rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 Ta-H
20:2 We did not reveal the Qur‘an to you to (make you) face hardshi
20:3 rather to remind him who has the fear (of Allah)
20:4 it being a revelation from the One Who created the earth, and high heavens
20:5 The RaHman (Allah, the All-Merciful) has positioned Himself on the Throne
20:6 To Him belongs all that is in the heavens, all that is in the earth and whatever lies between them and whatever lies beneath the soil
20:7 If you pronounce the word aloud, then (it makes no difference, for) He certainly knows the secret and what is even more hidden
20:8 (Such is) Allah. There is no god but He. For Him are the Beautiful Names
20:9 Has there come to you the story of Musa
20:10 When he saw a fire and said to his family, .Stay here. I have noticed a fire. Perhaps I can bring you an ember from it, or find some guidance by the fire
20:11 So when he came to it, he was called, .O Musa
20:12 it is Me, your Lord, so remove your shoes; you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa
20:13 I have chosen you (for prophet-hood), so listen to what is revealed
20:14 Surely, I AM ALLAH. There is no god but Myself, so worship Me, and establish Salah for My remembrance
20:15 Surely, the Hour (i.e. the Day of Judgment) has to come. I would keep it secret, so that everyone is given a return for the effort one makes
20:16 So the one who does not believe in it and follows his desires must not make you neglectful of it, otherwise you will perish
20:17 And what is that in your right hand, O Musa?
20:18 He said, .It is my staff. I lean on it, and I beat down leaves with it for my sheep, and I have many other uses for it
20:19 He said, .Throw it down O Musa
20:20 So, he threw it down, and suddenly it was a snake, running around
20:21 He said, .Pick it up, and be not scared. We shall restore it to its former state
20:22 And press your hand under your arm, and it will come out (brightly) white without any disease, as another sign
20:23 so that We may show you some of Our great signs
20:24 Go to Pharaoh. He has really exceeded all bounds
20:25 He said, .My Lord, put my heart at peace for me
20:26 and make my task easy for m
20:27 and remove the knot from my tongue
20:28 so that they may understand my speech
20:29 And make for me an assistant from my own family
20:30 that is, Harun, my brother
20:31 Enhance with him my strength
20:32 and make him share my task
20:33 so that we proclaim Your purity in abundanc
20:34 and remember You in abundance
20:35 You are certainly watchful over us
20:36 He said, .You have been granted your request O Musa
20:37 And We had bestowed Our favour on you another time
20:38 when We revealed to your mother what was to be revealed
20:39 that is, ‘Put him (the baby) in the chest, then cast it into the river, then let the river throw it by the shore, and it will be picked up by one who is enemy to Me and enemy to him.‘ And I had cast love on you from Myself (so that you might be favourite of all), and that you might be brought up under My eye
20:40 (Remember) when your sister was going (to the family of Pharaoh) and was saying, ‘Shall I lead you to one who nurses him?‘ Thus We brought you back to your mother, so that her eyes might have comfort and she might not grieve. And you had killed a person, then We brought you out of the trouble; and We tested you with a great ordeal. Then you lived a number of years amidst the people of Madyan. After all this, you came O Musa, to a destined point of time
20:41 I have fashioned you for Myself
20:42 Go, you and your brother, with My signs, and do not be slack in My remembrance
20:43 Go, both of you, to Pharaoh; he has indeed transgressed all limits
20:44 So speak to him in soft words. May be, he accepts the advice or fears (Allah)
20:45 They said, .Our Lord, we fear that he will hasten against us, or will become (more) rebellious (against You)
20:46 He said, .Do not be afraid. I AM surely with you both. I hear and I see
20:47 So, come to him and say, ‘We are the messengers of your Lord. So, let the children of Isra‘il go with us, and do not persecute them. We have come to you with a sign from your Lord; and peace be upon the one who follows the guidance
20:48 Verily, it has been revealed to us that the punishment is for the one who denies and turns away.‘
20:49 He (Pharaoh) said, .Who then is the Lord of you two, O Musa?
20:50 He (Musa) said, .Our Lord is the One who gave everything its due shape, then guided it
20:51 He said, .Then, what is the status of the earlier generations?
20:52 He replied, .The knowledge about those is with my Lord in a Book. My Lord does neither err nor forget
20:53 (He is) the One who made the earth a cradle for you, and made in it pathways for you to move, and sent down water from the heavens; and We brought forth with it pairs of different vegetations
20:54 Eat, and graze your cattle. Surely, in that there are signs for the people of understanding
20:55 From this (dust) We created you, and in this we shall put you back, and from this We shall raise you up once again
20:56 And We showed him (Pharaoh) all Our signs, yet he rejected and refused
20:57 Said he, .Have you come to us to drive us out of our land with your sorcery, O Musa
20:58 We will, then, bring to you a similar sorcery. So, make an appointment between you and us for an even place, not to be backed out, neither by us nor by you
20:59 He (Musa) said, .Your appointment is the festival day, and the people should be assembled at forenoon
20:60 So, Pharaoh turned back, and put his plot together, then came
20:61 Musa said to them, .Pity on you, do not fabricate a lie against Allah, lest He should destroy you with a punishment. And loser is he who fabricates a lie
20:62 Then, they disputed among themselves in their matter, and kept their talk secret
20:63 Said they, .Certainly, these two are sorcerers who wish to drive you out from your land, and do away with your excellent way of life
20:64 So, make your plot firm and come forth in one row. Successful today is the one who prevails
20:65 They said, .O Musa, either you throw (first), or shall we be first to throw?
20:66 He said, .Rather, you throw. Then, suddenly their ropes and sticks seemed to him, due to their magic, as if they were running
20:67 So, Musa concealed some fear in his heart
20:68 We said, .Do not be scared. Certainly, you are to be the upper most
20:69 And throw what is in your right hand, and it will devour what they have concocted. What they have concocted is but a sleight of a magician. And the magician does not succeed wherever he comes from
20:70 So, the magicians were led (by the truth) to fall in prostration. They said, .We have (now) believed in the Lord of Harun and Musa
20:71 He (Pharaoh) said, .You have believed in him before I permit you. This man is in fact your master who has taught you the magic. So I will certainly cut off your hands and your legs from opposite sides, and will crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees, and you shall know whose punishment, out of us, is more severe and more lasting
20:72 They said, .We will never prefer you over the clear signs that have come to us, and over Him who has created us. So, decide whatever you have to decide. You will decide only for this worldly life
20:73 We have put our faith in our Lord, so that He forgives us for our sins and for the magic you compelled us to perform. And Allah is the Best and Everlasting
20:74 Surely whoever comes to his Lord as a sinner, for him there is Jahannam in which he neither will die nor will live (a happy life)
20:75 And whoever will come to Him as believer, having done righteous deeds, for such people there are the highest ranks
20:76 the eternal gardens beneath which rivers flow, in which they shall live for ever. That is the reward for the one who has purified himself
20:77 And We revealed to Musa saying, .Set out with my servants at night, then make for them a dry path across the sea (with the strike of your staff), neither fearing to be caught up, nor having any fear (of drowning)
20:78 Then Pharaoh chased them with his troops. So, they were encircled by that (huge wave) from the sea which overwhelmed them
20:79 Pharaoh held his people astray, and did not show them the right path
20:80 O children of Isra‘il , We delivered you from your enemy and appointed for you the right side of the mount Tur (Sinai), and sent down for you the Mann and Salwa
20:81 Eat from the good things We have provided to you, and do not exceed the limits in it, lest My wrath should descend on you. The one upon whom My wrath descends certainly falls into destruction
20:82 Surely I am the Most-Forgiving for him who repents and believes and acts righteously, then follows the right path
20:83 .What has caused you to hurry before your people, O Musa?
20:84 He said, .Here they are just behind me, and I hurried towards You, my Lord, so that You be pleased
20:85 He said, .We have then put your people to test after you (left them) and Samiriyy has misguided them
20:86 So, Musa went back to his people, angry and sad. He said, .O my people, did your Lord not promise you a good promise? Did then the time become too long for you, or did you wish that wrath from your Lord befalls you, and hence you broke your promise to me?
20:87 They said, .We did not break our promise to you of our own accord, but we were burdened with loads from the ornaments of the people; so we threw them, and thus did Samiriyy cast
20:88 Then he brought forth for them a calf, which was (merely) a body with a lowing sound. Then they said, .This is your god and the god of Musa, and he (Musa) erred
20:89 Have they not been seeing that it did not respond to them (even) with a word, nor did it have power to harm or benefit them
20:90 Harun had already said to them, .O my people, you have only been led astray with it, and your Lord is the RaHman (All-Merciful). So follow me and obey my command
20:91 They said, .We will never cease to stay with it in devotion, until Musa returns to us
20:92 He (Musa) said, .O Harun, what did prevent you from following me when you saw them going astray
20:93 Did you then disobey my command?
20:94 He said, .O son of my mother, do not hold me by my beard, nor by my head. I feared that you would say, ‘You have caused discord among the children of Isra‘il and did not observe my advice.‘
20:95 He (Musa) said, .What then is your case, O Samiriyy?
20:96 He said, .I perceived something they did not perceive. So I picked up a handful from under the footstep of the messenger. Then, I cast it. And thus my inner self tempted me
20:97 He (Musa) said, .Then go away; it is destined for you that, throughout your life, you will say: ‘Do not touch me‘. And, of course, you have another promise that will not be broken for you. And look at your god to which you stayed devoted. We will certainly burn it, then we will scatter it thoroughly in the sea
20:98 Your God is Allah other than whom there is no god. He encompasses everything with knowledge
20:99 This is how We narrate to you certain events of what has passed, and We have given to you, from Ourself, a (book of) advice
20:100 Whoever turns away from it shall certainly bear a heavy burden on Doomsday
20:101 all such people living under it forever. And how evil for them will be that burden on the Doomsday
20:102 The Day when the Horn (Sur) will be blown, and We shall gather them together while they will have turned blue on that day
20:103 and will be whispering among themselves, .You did not remain (in graves) more than ten (days)
20:104 We know very well what they say, when the best of them in his ways will say, .You did not remain more than one day
20:105 They ask you about the mountains. So, say (to them), .My Lord will crush them into dust thoroughly
20:106 then will turn them into a leveled plai
20:107 in which you will see neither a curve nor an uneven place
20:108 That day they will follow the caller who will find no deviation (from anyone). And the voices will turn low in awe for the RaHman (All- Merciful, Allah). So, you will hear not but whispering
20:109 That day no intercession will be of any use to anyone, except the one whom the RaHman (All-Merciful, Allah) has permitted and was pleased with his word
20:110 He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them, and they do not encompass Him in (their) knowledge
20:111 All faces will be humbled before (Allah,) the Ever-Alive, the All-Sustaining; and the loser will be the one who bears (the burden of his) injustice
20:112 But whoever does righteous deeds, while he is a believer, shall fear neither injustice nor curtailment (of his rewards)
20:113 And in this way We have sent it down to you as an Arabic Qur‘an, and have detailed in it some warnings in various ways, so that they may fear, or it may produce a lesson for them
20:114 So High above all is Allah, the True King! And do not hasten with (reciting) the Qur‘an before its revelation to you is concluded, and say, .My Lord, improve me in knowledge
20:115 We had given a directive to ‘Adam earlier, then he forgot, and We did not find in him a firm resolve
20:116 When We said to the angels, .Prostrate yourselves to ‘Adam. So, all of them fell prostrate, except Iblis , who refused
20:117 So, We said .‘Adam, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not expel you from Paradise, lest you should get into trouble
20:118 Here you have the privilege that you will not be hungry nor will you be unclad
20:119 and you will not be thirsty, nor will you be exposed to sun
20:120 Then the Satan instigated him. He said, .‘Adam, shall I guide you to the tree of eternity and to an empire that does not decay?
20:121 So, both of them [‘Adam and Hawwa‘ (Eve)]ate from it, and their parts of shame were exposed to them, and they started stitching on themselves some of the leaves of Paradise. And ‘Adam disobeyed his Lord, and erred
20:122 Thereafter his Lord chose him. So He accepted his repentance and gave (him) guidance
20:123 He said (to ‘Adam and Iblis), .Go down from here, all of you, some of you enemies of some others. Then, should some guidance come to you from Me, the one who follows My guidance shall not go astray, nor shall he be in trouble
20:124 As for the one who turns away from My message, he shall have a straitened life, and We shall raise him blind on the Day of Judgment
20:125 He will say, .My Lord, why did you raise me blind while I was sighted?
20:126 He will say, .In the similar manner as Our signs came to you, and you had ignored them. In the same way you will be ignored today
20:127 Thus We recompense him who exceeds the limits and does not believe in the signs of his Lord. Certainly the punishment of the Hereafter is more severe and more lasting
20:128 Did it give them no guidance (to realize) how many generations We have destroyed prior to them in whose dwellings they (often) walk around? Surely, in this there are signs for the men of reason
20:129 But for a word from your Lord that had passed earlier, and an appointed time that had been fixed, it (the punishment) would have been inevitable (for them)
20:130 So, (O messenger,) endure with patience what they say, and proclaim the purity and praise of your Lord before sunrise and before sunset. And in some hours of night, proclaim His purity, and at points of the day as well, so that you may be pleased
20:131 Never stretch your eyes towards the things We have given to some groups of them to enjoy, so that We put them to test thereby, it being merely glamour of the worldly life. And the bounty of your Lord is much better and more lasting
20:132 Bid your family to perform Salah, and adhere to it yourself. We ask no provision from you. We give provision to you. And the ultimate end is in favour of Taqwa (God-fearing, and piety)
20:133 They say, .Why does he not bring to us a sign from his Lord?. Has there not come to them the clear sign of what is contained in the earlier Scriptures
20:134 And if We had destroyed them with a punishment before it, they would have said, .Our Lord, why did you not send a messenger to us, so that we might have followed Your signs before we were humiliated and put to disgrace?
20:135 Say, .Everyone is waiting. So wait, then you will know who the people of the straight path are and who has followed the right guidance


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