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Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 T.H
20:2 I (God) have not sent you Qur’an to make your life miserable
20:3 The main reason for sending down Qur’an has been to be used as a reminder for those who are at awe with the might of God
20:4 This (Qur’an) is a revelation from God, the creator of earth and high heavens
20:5 The Merciful is ruling his realm of creation and has power over everything in the heaven and earth&hellip
20:6 and whatever is above and under the earth
20:7 God hears your supplication no matter how loud or in a low voice you speak to him as He knows every secret thought of yours
20:8 God is the One to Whom belongs all good name
20:9 Have you ever heard the story of Moses
20:10 When he saw a fire afar, he said to his family: “Wait a little so that I bring a bit of that fire (to make a fir) for us or get a guidance (knowledge about what it is, where we are, etc.) from it (if he knew that he is going to get the guidance of his life from that fire.)&rdquo
20:11 When he reached the fire, a voice called out: “O Moses.&rdquo
20:12 “I am your Lord. Take off your sandals. You are in the sacred valley of Tuwa&rdquo
20:13 “I have chosen you; listen to what is going to be revealed to you.&rdquo
20:14 “It is I Who am God. There is no other God beside Me. Therefore, obey Me and worship me on regular basis so that you always keep me in mind.&rdquo
20:15 “Know that there is such thing as the time of Resurrection. I have not revealed when it will take place (to provide a peaceful environment) so that every soul work towards earning his reward.&rdquo
20:16 Therefore, do not let this (peaceful environment before the hurricane) turn your thoughts away from it and make you join the one who does not believe in it, has become a slave of his lust, and will perish
20:17 “Tell Me Moses, what do you carry in your right hand?&rdquo
20:18 Moses said: “This is my staff: I lean upon it, beat down branches for my sheep, and use it for anything else that it may become handy for.&rdquo
20:19 I said: “Fine Moses; now throw it down!&rdquo
20:20 When he threw it down, the staff turned into an active snake
20:21 I said: “Do not be afraid. Pick it up, I will turn it back into what it was.&rdquo
20:22 “Now put your hand under your arm-pit. When you take it out, it will shine (like a fire) without hurting you.&rdquo
20:23 “This is the second miracle that I let you perform.&rdquo
20:24 “Now go to Pharaoh. He has become rebellious.&rdquo
20:25 Moses said: “Lord, bless me with absolute belief.&rdquo
20:26 “Make it easy for me to accomplish my mission.&rdquo
20:27 “Please give my power of speech (which has been impeded as he put fire in his mouth when he was a child)…
20:28 back to me so that people understand me.&rdquo
20:29 “I beg you….
20:30 to appoint Aaron (my brother) as my assistant…
20:31 to make me stronger.&rdquo
20:32 “Let Aaron be a part of my mission…
20:33 so that we glorify you together and…
20:34 worship you frequently.&rdquo
20:35 “Lord, I trust that you always watch over us.&rdquo
20:36 I said: “Moses, your wishes are granted.&rdquo
20:37 “I want you to know that this is not the first time that I shower you with My blessings.&rdquo
20:38 “When you were a baby (and Pharaoh of the time was killing all new born Jews,) I inspired your mother.&rdquo
20:39 “I told your mother: “put baby Moses in a box and let the river carry him to our mutual enemy (Pharaoh.)” I made you a lovely child and brought you up under My personal supervision.&rdquo
20:40 “Your sister (who was working in the palace) said: “May I recommend someone to take care of the baby?” Thus I reunited you with your mother so that she should not cry any more. Later you killed a man; I saved you from its consequences. What a trial you went through. Then you spent a few years with the people of Midian and here you are; exactly when I had pre-destined you to be here. Moses.&rdquo
20:41 “I have molded you for your mission.&rdquo
20:42 “Now you and your brother may leave, armed with My miracles, and never keep Me out of your mind.&rdquo
20:43 “Go to Pharaoh as he has become rebellious.&rdquo
20:44 “Talk to him in a nice manner so that he may listen to your admonition and mind the consequences of his rebellion.&rdquo
20:45 [When the two brothers joined together and wanted to pay a visit to Pharaoh,] they said: “Lord, we are afraid that he may subject us to an excessive punishment or that he may rebel (and harm all Jews.
20:46 I replied: “Do not worry. I am with you and see and hear everything.&rdquo
20:47 “Go to Pharaoh and say: “We are two Messengers of your Lord. Let the Israelites leave with us. Do not persecute them. Your Lord has sent us with undeniable miracles. Know that peace is the reward of those who follows the guidance of the Lord.&rdquo
20:48 “It has been revealed to us that the punishment awaits the one who chooses the disbelief and turns his back to the truth.&rdquo
20:49 Pharaoh asked: “Who is this Lord of yours Moses?&rdquo
20:50 Moses said: “Our Lord is the One who originates everything and then guide them on the path of growth.&rdquo
20:51 Pharaoh said: “What about the past generations (who were not as fortunate as me to have the Messengers of God like you)?&rdquo
20:52 Moses said: “It is the Lord’s business. I simply know that my Lords records everything and that He forgets nothing.&rdquo
20:53 “He is the One Who has made the earth habitable for you, has put roads in it, and sends down water from the sky so that all kind of vegetations grow up.&rdquo
20:54 “You eat such plants and grow your cattle with. The functioning of the whole system is a good enough reason for those who are intelligent.&rdquo
20:55 I have created you from the earth, I will return you into it, and I will raise you once again from it
20:56 I presented many proofs to Pharaoh; yet he denied them all and chose the disbelief
20:57 Finally he said: “Moses, have you come back to snatch my kingdom by the means of sorcery?&rdquo
20:58 “I can also come up with a few tricks of ours. Let us then set up an unbreakable appointment in an open field.&rdquo
20:59 Moses replied: “Let our meeting take place in the day of the festival at sunrise
20:60 So Pharaoh withdrew, organized his show, and came back to the meeting as planned
20:61 Moses said: “I warn you, do not come up with fabricated lies meant to deny the Lord; He may destroy you painfully. Know that the one who tries to distort the truth about God will fail miserably
20:62 Then they started to talk among themselves (and co-ordinate their activities.
20:63 They said: “These are only two magicians who would like to take your properties and destroy your way of life.&rdquo
20:64 “Let us get together and face them and face them as a united front. whoever wins today has really made it.&rdquo
20:65 They said: “O.K. Moses, who should start first?&rdquo
20:66 Moses replied: “Go ahead.” Their ropes and sticks put a live show on the scene
20:67 Moses was overcome with fear
20:68 I said to him: “Do not be afraid; you will have the upper hand.&rdquo
20:69 “Throw your staff and it will swallow up all their sham fabrications. What they have come up with is only an illusion, and the magicians will never succeed, no matter how much of an impressive show they put on the scene
20:70 The magicians {were so impressed with the truth that they] fell down prostrate and said: “We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.&rdquo
20:71 Pharaoh said: “How dare you to believe in Moses before getting my permission? It is obvious that he is your master (and you have got together to take my kingdom.) Therefore, I am going to cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides and crucify you on the trunks of the palms so that you know who can inflict a more sever punishment (Moses’ Lord or me.
20:72 They replied: “We are not going to choose you over the undeniable miracles of the One Who created us. Do whatever you want. The most you can do is to torture us (for a short period of time) in this world.&rdquo
20:73 “We declare that we have believed in our Lord. We beg Him to forgive our shortcomings and organizing this magic show that you commissioned us to do. God’s reward is much better than yours and last longer (and is worth to submit ourselves to your short term punishment.)&rdquo
20:74 Anyone who comes back to His Lord (from the battle of life) as a criminal, He will find himself in the Hell; therein he will neither die (and has to suffer continuously) nor live (after all, what kind of life is it if one has to suffer continuously?
20:75 As for the one who come backs to Him as a believer with the accomplished good deeds, he will find himself among those who have received high ranks
20:76 They will live forever in the gardens of Eden under which rivers flow. Such is the reward for the one who strives to purify himself
20:77 I revealed to Moses: “Set forth with My servants at night and open for them a path across the sea. Do not be neither afraid (of Pharaoh) nor overtaken (by the greatness of the miracle of Passover.
20:78 When Pharaoh realized that they have left, he went after them with his army, but the see swallowed them all up
20:79 What a shame that Pharaoh led his people to the darkness instead of the guidance
20:80 Children of Israel! I am the One Who saved you from your enemy. I am the One Who took a promise from you on the eastern side of the Mount Sinai. I am the One Who sent down to you manna & quails
20:81 Eat of (and enjoy) the pure things that I have provided for you and do not pass the limits set by the law. Otherwise, you will be subjected to My Anger; the one who is subjected to My Anger, is indeed destroyed
20:82 Know that I am Forgiver. The one who repents, chooses to believe, and does good things is a guided person. Moses rushes to meet the Lord after Passover
20:83 “What made you to come here in hurry, Moses?” [Asked the Lord.]
20:84 “They are right behind me,” said Moses. “I rushed to this appointed place of ours to please you (in obedience.)&rdquo
20:85 The Lord said: “I have let your people go through a trial at your absence. Unfortunately, Samarian has succeeded in misleading them.&rdquo
20:86 Moses returned to his people in rage and disappointment. He said: “Was your Lord not fair with you in keeping His Promise? Could you not wait? Perhaps you wish to be subjected to the anger of the Lord that you broke your promise to me (to worship none but God)
20:87 They [came with a ridiculous excuse and] said: “We did not break our promise to you. The fact of the matter is: we wanted to get rid of our jewelry and melt them down, as suggested by Samarian!&rdquo
20:88 Thus Sumerian made for them a statue of a calf which would make a sound. Then people cried: “This is your Lord and the Lord of Moses; how senile of Moses!&rdquo
20:89 Were they not able to see that the statue could neither communicate with them nor had the power to do something (good or bad) for them
20:90 Aaron had warned them saying: “This is a trial for you. Your Lord is the Most Kind; follow me and listen to what I say.&rdquo
20:91 Their response was: “We will not stop worshipping the cow until Moses comes back.&rdquo
20:92 Moses told to Aaron: “What is the matter with you that you did not prevent them of worshipping the cow?&rdquo
20:93 “Why did you disobey my commands?&rdquo
20:94 Aaron replied: “Brother, please do not pull my beard and my hair. I was simply afraid that you accuse me of causing a division among the children of Israel as you had strictly ordered me against.&rdquo
20:95 Moses turned to Samarian and said: “What do you say for yourself?&rdquo
20:96 He replied: “Well, I saw angel Gabriel (that the others did not see) and I was inspired to take a handful of his foot print’s dust and throw upon the statue [making it sacred!]&rdquo
20:97 Moses said: “Get out of my sight; now for the rest of your life you should say: “Do not touch me (in account of leprosy as explained in Leviticus 45-46.” The time is appointed for you to receive your sentence. Look at your god for the last time as we are going to burn it and scatter its ashes all over the sea.&rdquo
20:98 Know that your God is the One beside Who there is no other lord and He has knowledge over everything
20:99 Thus I tell you about some events of the past to serve as a reminder
20:100 Whoever turns his back to these reminders, he will carry a heavy burden on the Day of Resurrection
20:101 What a miserable luggage to carry (on their back) on the Day of Resurrection, towards an eternal life in the Hell
20:102 When the horn on that Day is blown, the criminals will be resurrected blue (like the cadavers who have lost their natural color due to lack of blood circulation.
20:103 They will whisper among themselves asking: “How long ago was it? Ten (days?
20:104 I am fully aware of what they are saying. The most learned one among them will say: “It was only a day!&rdquo
20:105 They will ask: “What will happen to the mountains (which in their eyes are so huge.)?” Respond: “My Lord will pull them out of their roots and scatter them into dust.&rdquo
20:106 “Making them flat.&rdquo
20:107 “You will see neither a dip nor a bump where they were (absolutely flat.)&rdquo
20:108 Everyone will silently follow the voice which will directly lead them to the Lord. All sound will be hushed before the Most Gracious. You will only hear the sound of their feet (as they march.
20:109 No intercession will be accepted on that Day, except those that the Most Gracious has already given the permission and that echoes the will of God
20:110 He knows their past and their future and none has His knowledge
20:111 All faces will look down at the presence of the Living One, the Eternal One. What a failure is the one who has to carry the burden of his sins
20:112 As for the one who has done good deeds and has been a believer, he will have no fear of injustice or a reduction in his reward
20:113 Thus I have revealed this Qur’an in Arabic language (and not in a foreign language so that you understand it) with ample warnings so that people come to your senses and change their behavior
20:114 Hi and above all is God, the true King. Do not be in hurry to see the whole Qur’an being revealed to you. Pray: “Lord, please bless me with more and more knowledge.&rdquo
20:115 I took a promise from Adam (to obey the Lord) but he forgot (and followed what Satan suggested him.) He proved to be weak in will power
20:116 I commanded the angels: “Prostrate yourselves to Adam.” They all did, but Satan refused
20:117 Then I reminded Adam: “this is an enemy to you and to your wife. Do not let him succeed in deporting you from the Heaven as you will be miserable.&rdquo
20:118 “Here you will never suffer from nor without cloths.&rdquo
20:119 “Here you will never suffer from thirst nor from the sun’s heat.&rdquo
20:120 The Satan, however, tempted them whispering: “Adam, may I show you a tree that (eating its fruit) will give you an eternal life and power?&rdquo
20:121 When they ate of that fruit, they found themselves naked and began to cover themselves with the leaves of the trees. This is how Adam disobeyed his Lord and fell
20:122 Later (after going through a series of humiliating experiences) the Lord chose him (as His first Prophet for mankind) and gave him the guidance
20:123 The Lord said: “Leave the Paradise. You will find out that some of you will become the enemies of each other! I will send you the guidance. Whoever follows it, will not get lost nor become miserable.&rdquo
20:124 “As for the one who refuses to worship me, he will have a miserable life and will be raised blind on the Day of Resurrection.&rdquo
20:125 Such a person will ask: “My Lord, how come you raised me blind while I had eye sight before?&rdquo
20:126 The Lord will say: “You disregarded My Message when it came to you; that is why you are disregarded now.&rdquo
20:127 Thus I punish the one who dares to go beyond the boundaries set by the Lord. Know that the one who does not choose to believe in the revelation of God will get an everlasting punishment in Hereafter, which is far worse (than any torture in the world.)&rdquo
20:128 Do they ever learn from the story of so many generations that I destroyed in the past? They walk over the ruins of their houses. What lessons to learn by those who use their brain and contemplate
20:129 If it was not in account of a pre-determined plan of your Lord (to give man some time and try him in his freedom of choice,) they would have immediately been sentenced
20:130 Therefore, be patient with them and worship your Lord before sunrise, before sunset, at night, as well as during the day; you will be pleased with your reward
20:131 Never mind how I have showered different kind of people with so much worldly wealth. This is just a trial for them (to see how they behave in wealth.) Rest assured that What your Lord has for you is the best and will last forever
20:132 Encourage your folk to Worship God on regular basis and strictly observe it. I am asking no offering (as the pagans were offering jewels to their idols) from you. On the contrary, I am the one who provides for you. Know that, at the end, it is the righteous who will have the upper hand
20:133 They say: “If only he comes up with a sign.” Did they not receive enough signs from the previous Scriptures? (Why they did not believe in those signs then? These are just excuses.
20:134 Had I destroyed them before (in account of their wrongdoings,) they would have said: “Our Lord, if you had sent any Prophet to us, we would have definitely followed him so that we would not be so ashamed and humiliated at your present.&rdquo
20:135 Say: “We are all waiting. You, too wait. Pretty soon you will find out who is in the right path and who has got the guidance.&rdquo


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