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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli

an-Nahl (The Bee)
as rendered by Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli
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Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli rendition of Surah The Bee(an-Nahl)
16:1 Allah's commandment has come, hence do not seek to hasten it. Glory be to Him and Exalted is He above every thing with which they associate Him.
16:2 He sends down the angels with the inspiration of His commandment upon whomever of His servants He wills as to warn (people) that there is no God but I, so be in awe of Me.
16:3 He created the skies and the earth with the truth; Exalted is He above everything with which they associate Him.
16:4 He created man out of semen, yet behold! He is an open adversary.
16:5 And He created the cattle for you, therein is warmth and (other) advantages, and of them you eat.
16:6 And there is beauty in them for you when you drive them (home in the evening) , and when you send them forth to pasture (in the morning) .
16:7 And they carry your heavy loads unto a land that you could not reach except with distress of (your) self. Verily your Lord is Compassionate, Merciful.
16:8 And (He created) horses, and mules and donkeys that you may ride upon them, and for ornament, and He creates what you do not know.
16:9 And upon Allah is to show the right way, and of them (the ways) are the deviating ones; and if He had willed He could have guided all of you.
16:10 He it is Who sends down water from the sky for you; from it you drink, and by it (grows) trees on which you pasture your cattle.
16:11 Therewith He causes to grow for you herbage, and the olives, and the palm trees, and the grapes, and of all the fruits. Verily there is a sign in this for a people who reflect.
16:12 And He (has) made the night and the day, and the sun and the moon subservient for you, and the stars have been made subservient by His command. Verily there are signs in this for a people who understand.
16:13 And (also) whatever He has produced for you on the earth of different colours; verily there is a sign in this for a people who take advice.
16:14 And He it is Who has made the sea subservient that you may eat fresh meat from it and bring forth from it ornaments which you wear, and you see the ships cleaving through it, and that you may seek of His bounty, and that you may be grateful.
16:15 And He has cast firm mountains in the earth that it does not quake with you, and streams and roads that you may be guided aright,
16:16 And landmarks (too) , and by the star they find the right way.
16:17 Is He then Who creates as he who does not create Do you not then consider
16:18 And if you count Allah's blessings, you are unable to number them. Verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
16:19 And Allah knows that which you conceal and that which you reveal.
16:20 And those they call on besides Allah do not create anything and they are themselves created.
16:21 (They are) dead, not alive, and they do not know when they will be raised.
16:22 Your God is One God. Hence, those who do not believe in the Hereafter, their hearts are repulsive, and they are arrogant.
16:23 Undoubtedly Allah does know that which they conceal and that which they reveal. Verily He does not love the arrogant.
16:24 And when they are asked: 'What has your Lord sent down ' They say: 'The legends of the ancients'.
16:25 That they must bear their burdens entirely on the Day of Resurrection and (also) some of the burdens of those whom they lead astray without knowledge. Beware! Evil is it what they bear!
16:26 Indeed, those who were before them (also) devised plans. So (the wrath of Allah) struck at the foundations of their buildings, and then the roof fell on them from above them, and the (Divine) punishment came to them from whence they never perceived.
16:27 Then on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them and say: 'Where are My associates for whose sake you have been disputing ' Those who have been given the knowledge will say: 'Verily, the disgrace and scandal are this day upon the unbelievers.
16:28 Those whom the angels take their lives while they are unjust to themselves. Then they would offer submission, (falsely saying:) 'We used not to commit any evil act'. 'Nay; Allah is definitely aware of what you used to do'.
16:29 Therefore, enter through the gates of Hell, to abide therein. Thus, indeed, evil is the abode of the arrogant.
16:30 And (when) those who keep from evil are asked: 'What has your Lord sent down ' They say: 'Good! ' Goodness is for those who do 'good' in this world; and certainly the abode of the Hereafter is better, and excellent indeed is the abode of the pious.
16:31 Gardens of Eternity they shall enter, therein beneath (the trees of) which rivers flow, wherein they will have whatever they desire for. Thus Allah rewards the pious.
16:32 Those whom the angels cause to die (while from polytheism and sin) are clean, saying (to them) : 'Peace be upon you! Enter the Paradise because of what you used to do'.
16:33 Do they expect aught but the angels (of death) come to them, or the decree of your Lord comes (to pass) Thus did those before them. And Allah was not unjust to them, but they were unjust to themselves.
16:34 So the evil (consequences) of what they did afflicted them and that which they used to ridicule encompassed them.
16:35 And those who associate (other gods with Allah) say: 'If Allah had willed, we would not have worshipped aught besides Him, neither we nor our fathers, nor would we have prohibited anything without (command from) Him. ' Thus did those before them. Is aught for the Messengers, but to deliver the manifest message
16:36 And verily We have appointed a messenger in every nation (to say) : 'Serve Allah and shun false gods. ' Then, of them were some whom Allah guided, and there were others against whom error was due. Hence, travel in the earth, then see what was the end of the rejecters.
16:37 (O' Prophet!) Even if you desire for their guidance, yet verily Allah does not guide those whom He leads astray, nor shall they have any helpers.
16:38 And they swore by Allah with their most earnest oaths (that) Allah will not raise up him who dies. Yea! It (raising the dead) is a promise binding on Him in truth, but most people do not know.
16:39 (They will be raised up) so that He may make clear to them that which they differed about, and that those who disbelieved might know that they (themselves) were liars.
16:40 Verily, only Our word for a thing, when We intend it, is that We say: 'Be! ', and it is.
16:41 And those who migrated in Allah's cause after they had been oppressed, undoubtedly We will give them a good abode in this world, and certainly the reward in the Hereafter is much greater, if they know (this)
16:42 Those who endured patiently and on their Lord did they rely.
16:43 And We did not send before you except men unto whom We revealed; So ask the people of 'Thikr' (the Qur'an) if you do not know,
16:44 (We sent the prophets before you) with clear proofs (miracles) and (celestial) Books and We sent down to you the 'Thikr' (the Reminder, Qur'an) that you may make clear to mankind what has been sent down to them, that they may reflect.
16:45 Do then those who devise evil (plots) feel secure (of this) that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them up, or that the wrath will not come upon them from whence they do not perceive
16:46 Or that He may not seize them during their movement, so that they shall not frustrate (Allah's wrath) .
16:47 Or that He will not seize them in the state of fear, for verily your Lord is certainly Compassionate, Merciful.
16:48 Have they not seen all things that Allah has created the shadows of which spread from right and left, prostrating (before Allah) while they are humble
16:49 And whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth, whether (moving) creatures and angels, prostrate before Allah (only) and they do not pride.
16:50 They fear their Lord (supreme) from above them, and they do what they are commanded.
16:51 And Allah has said: 'Do not take two gods. Verily, He is only One God; hence, fear Me (and Me alone) .
16:52 Unto Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth, and to Him should obedience be (rendered) constantly. Then are you in awe of other than Allah
16:53 And whatever of favour is (bestowed) on you, it is from Allah; then whenever any calamity afflicts upon you, unto Him you cry (for assistance)
16:54 Then when He remove the affliction from you, behold! A group of you associate others with their Lord.
16:55 So that they may show ingratitude for whatever (of blessings and removing hardships) We have given them; then enjoy yourselves for soon will you know.
16:56 And they assign a share out of that which We have provided them with, for what they do not know. By Allah, you will certainly be questioned for that which you used to forge.
16:57 And they ascribe daughters to Allah, glory be to Him; and for themselves (they ascribe sons) what they desire.
16:58 And when one of them is given the news of having a daughter his face becomes black while he is wroth inwardly.
16:59 He hides him from the people for the evil of the news which has been given to him, (asking himself) : shall he keep her with disgrace or bury her (alive) in the dust Beware! (How) evil is what they judge!
16:60 For those who do not believe in the hereafter, is an evil attribute, and Allah's is the sublime attributes, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.
16:61 And if Allah were to take people to task for their inequity, He would not leave on it (the earth) a single moving being, but He respites them until an appointed time; so, when their term comes, they can not delay (it) an hour nor (yet) can they advance (it) .
16:62 And they assign unto Allah what they (themselves) dislike and their tongues assert the falsehood that the better (portion) will be theirs. Inevitably the Fire is theirs and they will be the foremost (to it) .
16:63 By Allah, We verily sent (messengers) unto the nations before you, but the Satan made their (abominable) acts fair- seeming to them. Then he (the Satan) is their guardian today, and they will have a painful punishment.
16:64 And We have not sent down unto you the Book (the Qur'an) , except that you may make clear to them that about which they differ; and (as) a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe.
16:65 And Allah has sent down water from the sky, and therewith given life to the earth after its death. Verily, in that is a sign for a people who listen (to the words of truth whole- heartedly) .
16:66 And verily there is a lesson laid out for you in the cattle; We give you to drink of what is in their bellies from between the digested food and the blood, pure milk, palatable for the drinkers.
16:67 And of the fruits of the palm and the vines, you get out therefrom (drinks of) intoxication and (also) goodly sustenance. Verily there is a sign in that for a people who understand.
16:68 And your Lord revealed to the Bee (an instinctive revelation) to build cells in the mountains and in the trees and in what they (men) build.
16:69 Then eat out of all the fruits, and pave the ways of your Lord sincerely. There comes forth out of their bellies a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing for men. Verily in that is a sign for a people who reflect.
16:70 And Allah has created you, then He will cause you to die, and some of you will be kept back unto lowest state of the age, so that after knowing somewhat, they may know nothing. Verily, Allah is All- Knowing, All- Powerful.
16:71 And Allah has made some of you excel others in the (means of) sustenance. So those who have been made to excel do not give their (means of) sustenance to those whom their right hands possess, so that they may be equal therein. Do they then deny Allah's bounty ?
16:72 And Allah has designated wives for you from among your own selves and has designated children and grandchildren for you from your wives and sustained you of clean means. Do they (still) believe in the falsehood and they disbelieve in the bounty of Allah
16:73 And they worship other than Allah that has no power to provide them, of sustenance, anything from the heavens and the earth and can do nothing.
16:74 Therefore do not coin any similitudes for Allah. Verily, Allah knows and you do not know.
16:75 Allah sets forth a parable of a bonded slave, having no power over anything, and one whom We have provided with good means of sustenance from Us, then he spends from it secretly and openly. Are they equal Praise belongs to Allah! But most of them do not know.
16:76 And Allah sets forth a parable of two men, one of whom is dumb having authority over nothing, and he is a burden upon his master, wherever he sends him he brings no good. Is he then equal to him who enjoins justice and he ( himself) is on the straight path
16:77 And to Allah belongs the Unseen of the heavens and the earth; and the matter of the Hour (of Doom) is but as a twinkling of the eye, or it is nearer still. Verily Allah is All- powerful over everything.
16:78 And Allah has brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers (while) you knew nothing, and He appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts; that perhaps you may give thanks.
16:79 Do they not look at the birds, constrained in the middle of the sky Naught holds them but Allah; verily there are signs in that for a people who believe.
16:80 And Allah appointed a place of rest for you of your houses, and He appointed tents for you of the skins of the cattle, which you find light (to carry) on the day of your departure and on the day of your dwelling; and of their wool and their fur and their hair, (He designated for you) household stuff and a provision for a time.
16:81 And Allah appointed shadows for you, out of what He has created, and appointed shelters for you of the mountains; and He appointed garments for you to protect you from heat (and cold) , and garments to protect you from your ( other) violence. Even so does He complete His favours upon you; that haply you will surrender (to Him) .
16:82 So (O' Prophet!) if they turn away, then on you is (incumbent) only the clear conveyance (of the message) .
16:83 They recognize the blessing of Allah, then they deny it, and most of them are ungrateful.
16:84 And (remember) the Day We will raise up a witness from every nation. Then, shall no permission be given to those who disbelieved, nor shall they be allowed to make amends.
16:85 And when those who were unjust behold the chastisement, it shall not be lightened for them nor will they be respited.
16:86 And when those who associated (others with Allah) behold their associates, they shall say: 'Our Lord! these are our associates whom we called besides You; ' But they (the gods) throwing back the saying at them, (will answer) 'Verily you are truly lairs! '
16:87 And they will tender submission to Allah on that day, and what they used to forge shall depart from them.
16:88 Those who disbelieved and hindered (people) from the path of Allah, We added punishment to punishment for that they used to spread mischief.
16:89 And (remember) the day when We raise up a witness from every people against them from among themselves, and We shall bring you as a witness against these. And We have sent down the Book to you explaining clearly everything, and as a guidance, and glad tidings for Muslims.
16:90 Verily, Allah enjoins justice and kindness (to others) and giving (the right of) the kindred, and forbids lewdness, and evil and insolence; He admonishes you so that you might remember.
16:91 And fulfill you the covenant of Allah, when you make covenant, and do not break the oaths after making them fast, for you have appointed Allah over you a surety. Verily, Allah knows what you do.
16:92 And do not be like the woman who unravels her yarn, disintegrating it into pieces after having spun it tightly, by taking your oaths to be means of deceit between you, (imagining that) one group is more numerous than (another) group. Verily Allah only puts you on trial thereby and He will most certainly make clear to you on the Day of Resurrection that wherein you differed.
16:93 And if Allah had willed, He would have made you (all) one nation; but He leaves straying whom He pleases, and He guides whom He pleases; and you will definitely be questioned of what you used to do.
16:94 And do not make your oaths a means of deceit among you, lest any foot might slip after its stability and you should taste evil for that you hindered ( people) from the path of Allah, and for you there will be a great torment.
16:95 And do not sell Allah's covenant for a meagre price; for verily that which is with Allah is better for you, if you only know.
16:96 What is with you comes to an end, and what is with Allah will endure, and certainly We will pay those who were (patiently) steadfast a recompense in proportion to the best they used to do.
16:97 Whoever does a righteous deed, whether male or female, and is a believer, We shall certainly give him to live a goodly pure life and, definitely, We will pay them a recompense in proportion to the reward for the best of what they used to do.
16:98 So when you recite the Qur'an, seek refuge with Allah from (the vices of) the Satan, the accursed.
16:99 Verily, there is no authority for him over those who believe and rely on their Lord.
16:100 His authority is only over those who befriend him, (following him) , and those who associate others with Him.
16:101 And when We exchange a verse in the place of another verse, and Allah is well aware of what He sends down, they say: 'You are only a forger. ' Nay, most of them do not know.
16:102 Say: 'The Holy Spirit has brought it down (unto you) from your Lord with the truth, in order to confirm those who believe, and to be a guidance and good news for the Muslims'.
16:103 And certainly We know that they say: 'Only a mortal teaches him'. The language of him at whom they hint is outlandish, while this (Qur'an) is clear Arabic.
16:104 Verily, those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, Allah will not guide them and they will have a painful punishment.
16:105 Only they forge falsehood who do not believe in Allah's signs, and they themselves are liars.
16:106 He who disbelieves in Allah after believing in Him; not he who has been compelled, while his heart is still content with the faith, but he who opens (his) breast to disbelief, upon them shall rest wrath from Allah and for them shall be a great chastisement.
16:107 That (Divine wrath) is because they have preferred the worldly life over the Hereafter, and definitely Allah does not guide the infidel people
16:108 They are those on whose hearts, and their ears and eyes Allah has set a seal, and these are the heedless ones.
16:109 Undoubtedly, they are the losers in the Hereafter.
16:110 Definitely, your Lord unto those who have migrated after being persecuted, then they struggled and patiently persevered; verily your Lord, after that, is forgiving Merciful.
16:111 The day (that) everyone will come disputing in his own behalf; and everyone will be rewarded in full (for) what he has done, and they will not be dealt with unjustly.
16:112 And Allah sets forth a parable: a township that was secure, at rest, its sustenance coming to it in abundance from every side; then it was ungrateful for the favours of Allah. So Allah made it taste the garment of hunger and of fear because of what they used to do.
16:113 And certainly there came to them a messenger from amongst them, but they rejected him; so the punishment overtook them while they were unjust.
16:114 Therefore, eat out of what Allah has provided for you, lawful and good, and give you thanks for Allah's bounty if (only) Him do you worship.
16:115 Verily He has forbidden for you only carrion, blood, swine flesh, and whatever has other (name) , than Allah's, been invoked upon it. But whoever is forced (to eat them by necessity) , not desiring, nor (willfully) transgressing (the limit) , then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
16:116 And do not utter whatever lie your tongues describe (saying) : 'This is lawful and this is forbidden' in order to forge falsehood against Allah. Verily those who forge falsehood against Allah will not prosper.
16:117 A brief enjoyment (will be theirs) while for them is a painful punishment (in Hereafter) .
16:118 And for those who were Jews, We prohibited what We have already related to you. And We did them no injustice, but they were unjust to themselves
16:119 Yet verily your Lord, unto those who do an evil act in ignorance and afterward they repent and amend, your Lord after that will definitely be Forgiving, Merciful.
16:120 Verily, Abraham was a nation (by himself) obedient to Allah, upright, and he was not of the polytheists,
16:121 (He was) thankful for His blessings; He selected him and He guided him to a straight way.
16:122 And We gave him good in this world, and in the Hereafter he will definitely be among the righteous.
16:123 So We revealed to you that you follow the creed of Abraham, the upright one, and he was not of the polytheists.
16:124 The Sabbath was appointed only for those who differed about it, and verily your Lord definitely will judge between them on the Day of Judgment in what they used to differ about.
16:125 (O' Prophet!) Call (mankind) to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good admonition, and dispute with them in the better way. Verily your Lord knows better of him who has gone astray from His path, and He knows best those who are guided.
16:126 And if you punish then punish as you were punished with; but if you are patient, decisively, it will be best for the patient ones.
16:127 And (O' Prophet!) be you patient and your patience is not but by (the assistant of) Allah, nor grieve over them and do not distress yourself at what they devise.
16:128 Verily Allah is with those who keep from evil, and those who are good- doers.


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