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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 A.L.R. (Alif, Lam, Ra). These are verses of the book and a clear (and clarifying) Quran
15:2 Oftentimes those who disbelieved wish that they were submitted (to God)
15:3 Leave them eat and enjoy, and their (false) hope amuse them. They will know
15:4 We did not destroy any town unless there was a known writing/verdict for it
15:5 No group advances or delays its appointed time
15:6 And they said: you, the one that the reminder (Quran) is sent to him, you are certainly mad
15:7 Why do you not bring us the angels if you are truthful
15:8 We do not send down the angels unless with the truth and then they are not given any delay
15:9 Indeed We sent down the reminder (Quran), and We are certainly its guardian
15:10 And We have certainly sent (messengers) before you to the previous groups
15:11 And no messenger came to them except they were ridiculing him
15:12 That is how We put it into the hearts of the guilty ones
15:13 They do not believe in it, way of the earlier ones who passed away.
15:14 And if We had opened a gate in the sky for them, and they would have continuously climbed in it
15:15 they would certainly say: indeed our eyes are intoxicated (and we are dazzled), rather we are bewitched people
15:16 We have certainly placed constellations in the sky, and beautified it for the observers
15:17 And We guarded it from every cast out devil
15:18 Except anyone who eavesdrops, then he is pursued by a visible shooting flame.
15:19 And We stretched the earth, and We placed firm mountains in it, and We grew everything in there in good proportions
15:20 And We made means of living in it for you and for those that you are not responsible to provide for them
15:21 We have unlimited supply of everything, and We only send it down in a known amount
15:22 And We sent the wind impregnating (the clouds with rain), then We sent down rain from the sky for you to drink it. And you are not its treasurer
15:23 And indeed We give life and cause death, and We are the inheritors (of everything)
15:24 And We have certainly known those who came before you, and We certainly know those who come after you
15:25 And indeed it is your Master who gathers them. He is wise and knowledgeable
15:26 And We have certainly created the human being from dried clay of stinky black mud.
15:27 And the Jinn, We created it from the scorching (and smokeless) fire earlier
15:28 And when your Master said to the angels: indeed I am creator of a human being from dried clay of stinky black mud,
15:29 so when I shape him, and blow My breath/spirit into him, then fall down humbly before him
15:30 Then the angels altogether showed humbleness
15:31 Except Iblis (Satan) which refused to be with the humble ones
15:32 He (God) said: Iblis, what is it with you that you are not with the humble ones
15:33 He said: I would not be humble before a human being that You created him from dried clay of stinky black mud.
15:34 He (God) said: then get out of it, for indeed you are expelled
15:35 and the curse is on you until the judgment day
15:36 He said: so give me time until the day that they are raised
15:37 He (God) said: indeed you are of those given a delay
15:38 until day of the known time
15:39 He said: Master, because you misled me, I shall beautify (the bad deeds) for them on the earth and I shall mislead them all
15:40 except your devoted servants among them
15:41 He (God) said: this is a straight path to Me
15:42 indeed you have no authority over My servants, except anyone of the misled ones who follows you
15:43 and hell is the promised place for all of them
15:44 It has seven gates, and each gate is for an assigned portion of them
15:45 Indeed those who control themselves will be in gardens and springs
15:46 (They will be told:) enter it in peace (and well-being) and safety
15:47 And We remove any resentment from their minds, brothers (sitting) on sofas facing each other
15:48 No suffering touches them in there, and they will not be driven out of it
15:49 Tell My servants that I Myself am the forgiving, the merciful
15:50 And indeed My punishment is the painful punishment
15:51 And tell them about Abraham’s guests
15:52 When they entered upon him, they said: peace (and well-being). He said: indeed we are afraid of you
15:53 They said: do not be afraid, we give you good news of a knowledgeable boy
15:54 He said: do you give me good news (of a son) although I am old, so what good news are you giving
15:55 They said: we give you good news in truth, so do not be hopeless
15:56 He said: and who loses hope of his Master’s mercy except the lost ones?
15:57 He said: so what is your business messengers
15:58 They said: indeed we are sent to the guilty people
15:59 except Lot’s family, indeed we will save them al
15:60 except his wife, which we determined that indeed she is of those staying behind
15:61 So when the messengers came to Lot’s family
15:62 He (Lot) said: indeed you are a group of strangers
15:63 They said: no, but we brought you what they used to doubt about it
15:64 And we brought you the truth, and indeed we are truthful
15:65 So travel with your family during part of the night, with you following in their rear, and no one of you should look back, and go where you are ordered
15:66 And We announced to him this matter that the root of these will be cut off by the morning (and they will be wiped out)
15:67 And people of the city came joyfully
15:68 He said: indeed these are my guests, so do not disgrace me
15:69 and be cautious of God and do not humiliate me
15:70 They said: did we not ban you from humankind (to have them as guests)
15:71 He said: these are my daughters, if you are doers
15:72 By your life, they were blindly wandering in their intoxication
15:73 So the awesome roar took them at sunrise
15:74 And We turned (the cities) upside down, and We rained stones of hard clay on them
15:75 Indeed there are signs in that for the clever ones
15:76 And indeed it (the cities' ruin) remains on a road
15:77 Indeed there is a sign in that for the believers
15:78 And inhabitants of the woods (people of Midian) were indeed wrongdoers
15:79 And We took revenge from them, and they are both on a visible road
15:80 And inhabitants of the rock (people of Thamud) have certainly denied the messengers
15:81 And We gave them Our signs, but they were turning away from it
15:82 And they carved houses in the mountain being safe
15:83 But the awesome roar took them in the morning
15:84 Then what they were doing was of no use to them
15:85 And We did not create the skies and the earth and what is between them except with the truth, and certainly the hour is coming, so pardon them, a beautiful pardon.
15:86 Indeed your Master, He is the knowledgeable creator
15:87 We have given you seven of the repeated ones and the great Quran
15:88 Do not stretch out your eyes to (and be dazzled by) what We made some of them enjoy it, and do not be sad about them, and spread your wing for the believers
15:89 And say: Indeed I am the clear warner
15:90 (Warning about) such (punishment) as We sent down on the dividers
15:91 those who made Quran into parts (and believed only in parts of it)
15:92 So, by your Master, We shall question them all
15:93 about what they were doing
15:94 So explain publicly what you are ordered, and stay away from the polytheists
15:95 Indeed We are sufficient for you against those who ridicule
15:96 those who set up another god with God. They will know
15:97 We have certainly known that your chest tightens (and you get upset) because of what they say
15:98 So glorify Your Master with praise, and be of those who show humbleness
15:99 and serve your Master until the certainty/death comes to you


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