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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 A.L.R. These are the signs of the book, and of the perspicuous Koran
15:2 The time may come when the unbelievers shall wish that they had been Moslems
15:3 Suffer them to eat, and to enjoy themselves in this world; and let hope entertain them: But they shall hereafter know their folly
15:4 We have not destroyed any city, but a fixed term of repentance was appointed them
15:5 No nation shall be punished before their time shall be come; neither shall they be respited after
15:6 The Meccans say, O thou to whom the admonition hath been sent down, thou art certainly possessed with a devil
15:7 Wouldest thou not have come unto us with an attendance of angels, if thou hadst spoken truth
15:8 Answer, we send not down the angels, unless on a just occasion; nor should they be then respited any longer
15:9 We have surely sent down the Koran; and We will certainly preserve the same from corruption
15:10 We have heretofore sent apostles before thee, among the ancient sects
15:11 And there came no apostle unto them, but they laughed him to scorn
15:12 In the same manner will we put it into the hearts of the wicked Meccans to scoff at their prophet
15:13 They shall not believe on him; and the sentence of the nations of old hath been executed heretofore
15:14 If We should open a gate in the heaven above them, and they should ascend thereto all the day long
15:15 they would surely say, our eyes are only dazzled; or rather we are a people deluded by enchantments
15:16 We have placed the twelve signs in the heaven, and have set them out in various figures, for the observation of spectators
15:17 And we guard them from every devil driven away with stones
15:18 except him who listeneth by stealth, at whom a visible flame is darted
15:19 We have also spread forth the earth, and thrown thereon stable mountains; and we have caused every kind of vegetable to spring forth in the same, according to a determinate weight
15:20 And we have provided therein necessaries of life for you, and for him whom ye do not sustain
15:21 There is no one thing but the store-houses thereof are in our hands; and We distribute not the same otherwise than in a determinate measure
15:22 We also send the winds driving the pregnant clouds, and We send down from heaven water, whereof We give you to drink, and which ye keep not in store
15:23 Verily we give life, and We put to death; and We are the heirs of all things
15:24 We know those among you who go before; and We know those who stay behind
15:25 And thy Lord shall gather them together at the last day; for he is knowing and wise
15:26 We created man of dried clay, of black mud, formed into shape
15:27 And We had before created the devil of subtile fire
15:28 And remember when thy Lord said unto the angels, verily I am about to create man of dried clay, of black mud, wrought into shape
15:29 when therefore I shall have completely formed him, and shall have breathed of my spirit into him; do ye fall down and worship him
15:30 And all the angels worshipped Adam together
15:31 except Eblis, who refused to be with those who worshipped him
15:32 And God said unto him, O Eblis, what hindered thee from being with those who worshipped Adam
15:33 He answered, it is not fit that I should worship man, whom thou hast created of dried clay, of black mud, wrought into shape
15:34 God said, get thee therefore hence; for thou shalt be driven away with stones
15:35 And a curse shall be on thee, until the day of judgment
15:36 The devil said, O Lord, give me respite until the day of resurrection
15:37 God answered, verily thou shalt be one of those who are respite
15:38 until the day of the appointed time
15:39 The devil replied, O Lord, because thou hast seduced me, I will surely tempt them to disobedience in the earth; and I will seduce them all
15:40 except such of them as shall be thy chosen servants
15:41 God said, this is the right way with me
15:42 Verily as to my servants, thou shalt have no power over them; but over those only who shall be seduced, and who shall follow thee
15:43 And hell is surely denounced unto them all
15:44 It hath seven gates; unto every gate a distinct company of them shall be assigned
15:45 But those who fear God shall dwell in gardens, amidst fountains
15:46 The angels shall say unto them, enter ye therein in peace and security
15:47 And we will remove all grudges from their breasts; they shall be as brethren, sitting over against one another on couches
15:48 Weariness shall not affect them therein, neither shall they be cast out thence for ever
15:49 Declare unto my servants that I am the gracious, the merciful God
15:50 and that my punishment is a grievous punishment
15:51 And relate unto them the history of Abraham's guests
15:52 When they went in unto him, and said, peace be unto thee; he answered, verily we are afraid of you
15:53 And they replied, fear not; we bring thee the promise of a wise son
15:54 He said, do ye bring me the promise of a son now old age hath overtaken me? What is it therefore that ye tell me
15:55 They said, we have told thee the truth; be not therefore one of those who despair
15:56 He answered, and who despaireth of the mercy of God, except those who err
15:57 And he said, what is your errand therefore, O messengers of God
15:58 They answered, verily we are sent to destroy a wicked people
15:59 But as for the family of Lot, we will save them all
15:60 except his wife; we have decreed that she shall be one of those who remain behind to be destroyed with the infidels
15:61 And when the messengers came to the family of Lot
15:62 he said unto them, verily ye are people who are unknown to me
15:63 They answered, but we are come unto thee to execute that sentence, concerning which your fellow citizens doubted
15:64 We tell thee a certain truth; and we are messengers of veracity
15:65 Therefore lead forth thy family, in some time of the night; and do thou follow behind them, and let none of you turn back; but go whither ye are commanded
15:66 And We gave him this command; because the utmost remnant of those people was to be cut off in the morning
15:67 And the inhabitants of the city came unto Lot, rejoicing at the news of the arrival of some strangers
15:68 And he said unto them, verily these are my guests: Wherefore do not disgrace me by abusing them
15:69 but fear God, and put me not to shame
15:70 They answered, have we not forbidden thee from entertaining or protecting any man
15:71 Lot replied, these are my daughters; therefore rather make use of them, if ye be resolved to do what ye purpose
15:72 As thou livest they wander in their folly
15:73 Wherefore a terrible storm from heaven assailed them at sun-rise
15:74 And We turned the city upside down; and We rained on them stones of baked clay
15:75 Verily herein are signs unto men of sagacity
15:76 And those cities were punished, to point out a right way for men to walk in
15:77 Verily herein is a sign unto the true believers
15:78 The inhabitants of the wood near Midian were also ungodly
15:79 Wherefore We took vengeance on them. And both of them were destroyed, to serve as a manifest rule for men to direct their actions by
15:80 And the inhabitants of Al Hejr likewise heretofore accused the messengers of God of imposture
15:81 And We produced our signs unto them, but they retired afar off from the same
15:82 And they hewed houses out of mountains, to secure themselves
15:83 But a terrible noise from heaven assailed them in the morning
15:84 Neither was what they had wrought of any advantage unto them
15:85 We have not created the heavens and the earth, and whatever is contained between them, otherwise than in justice: And the hour of judgment shall surely come. Wherefore, O Mohammed, forgive thy people with a gracious forgiveness
15:86 Verily thy Lord is the creator of thee and of them, and knoweth what is most expedient
15:87 We have already brought unto thee seven verses which are frequently to be repeated, and the glorious Koran
15:88 Cast not thine eyes on the good things which We have bestowed on several of the unbelievers, so as to covet the same; neither be thou grieved on their account. Behave thyself with meekness towards the true believers
15:89 and say, I am a public preacher
15:90 If they believe not, We will inflict a like punishment on them, as We have inflicted on the dividers
15:91 who distinguished the Koran into different parts
15:92 for by thy Lord, We will demand an account from them all
15:93 of that which they have wrought
15:94 Wherefore publish that which thou hast been commanded, and withdraw from the idolaters
15:95 We will surely take thy part against the scoffers
15:96 who associate with God another god; they shall surely know their folly
15:97 And now We well know that thou art deeply concerned on account of that which they say
15:98 but do thou celebrate the praise of thy Lord; and be one of those who worship
15:99 and serve thy Lord, until death shall overtake thee


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