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Faridul Haque

al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by Faridul Haque
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Faridul Haque rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 Alif-Lam-Ra; these are verses of the Book and the bright Qur’an
15:2 The disbelievers will ardently wish that if only they had been Muslims! ( At the time of death / in their graves / on the Day of Resurrection.
15:3 Leave them to eat and enjoy, and for aspiration to involve them in play - so they will shortly come to know
15:4 And every dwelling that We destroyed, had a known decree for it
15:5 No group may advance its appointed promise nor postpone it
15:6 And they said, "O you upon whom the Qur’an has been sent, you are indeed insane."
15:7 "Why do you not bring angels to us, if you are truthful?"
15:8 We do not send down angels without reason, and if the angels descend they would not get any respite
15:9 Indeed We have sent down the Qur’an, and indeed We Ourselves surely are its Guardians. (This is one of the miracles of the Qur’an - no one has been able to change even one letter of its text, despite every effort. It has remained in its original form since the 6th Century (A.D) and will remain so forever. Other Holy Books such as the Torah and the Bible have lost their originality.
15:10 And indeed We sent Noble Messengers before you, to the former nations
15:11 And never does a Noble Messenger come to them, but they mock at him
15:12 This is how We make the mocking * enter the hearts of the guilty. (* The acts of disbelief.
15:13 They do not believe in him, and the tradition of earlier nations has passed
15:14 And if We open for them a gate in the heavens, to ascend it through the day
15:15 Even then they would say, "Our sights have been hypnotised - in fact, a magic spell has been cast upon us."
15:16 And indeed We created towers in the skies, and beautified it for the beholders
15:17 And We have kept it guarded from every outcast devil
15:18 Except one who comes to eavesdrop - therefore a bright flame goes after him
15:19 And We spread out the earth, and placed mountains as anchors in it, and in it grew all things by a proper measure
15:20 And created livelihoods for you in it, and created those for whom you do not provide the sustenance
15:21 And there is not a thing the treasure * of which is not with Us; and We do not send it down except by a known measure. (* The power to create it.
15:22 And We sent the winds that relieve the clouds’ burden, therefore caused water to descend from the sky, then give it to you to drink; and you are not at all its treasurers
15:23 And indeed it is We Who give life and it is We Who cause death, and We are the Inheritors
15:24 And indeed We know those among you who came forward and indeed We know those among you who remained behind
15:25 Indeed your Lord only will raise them all on the Day of Resurrection; indeed only He is Wise, All Knowing
15:26 Indeed We created man from sounding clay made out of black smelly mud
15:27 And created the jinn before him, from smokeless fire
15:28 And recall when your Lord said to the angels, "I will create man from sounding clay made out of black smelly mud."
15:29 "Therefore when I have properly fashioned him and breathed into him a chosen noble soul from Myself, fall down before him in prostration."
15:30 Therefore all the angels, each and every one of them, fell prostrate
15:31 Except Iblis (Satan); he refused to be among those who prostrated
15:32 Said Allah, "O Iblis! What happened to you that you stayed apart from those who prostrated?"
15:33 He answered, "It does not befit me to prostrate myself to a human whom You have created from sounding clay made out of black smelly mud."
15:34 Said Allah, "Therefore exit from Paradise, for you are an outcast."
15:35 "And indeed you are accursed till the Day of Judgement."
15:36 He said, "My Lord! Grant me respite till the day when they will all be raised."
15:37 Said Allah, "You are of those given respite."
15:38 "Till the Day of a well-known time."
15:39 He said, "My Lord! I swear by the fact that You sent me astray, I shall distract them in the earth, and I shall lead all of them astray."
15:40 "Except those among them who are Your chosen bondmen."
15:41 Said Allah, "This path * leads straight towards Me." (* The path of the chosen bondmen.
15:42 "Indeed you do not have any power over My bondmen, except those wanderers who follow you." ( The devil is unsuccessful in tempting Allah’s chosen bondmen to commit sin.
15:43 And indeed hell is the promise for all of them
15:44 It has seven gates; for each gate is a portion assigned from them
15:45 Indeed the pious are amidst Gardens and springs
15:46 “Enter them with peace, in safety.&rdquo
15:47 And We have removed any resentments which were in their breasts - they are brothers, sitting face to face on thrones
15:48 Neither any hardship is to reach them in it, nor are they to be expelled from it
15:49 Inform My bondmen that undoubtedly, I surely am the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful
15:50 And that indeed the punishment of Mine is a painful punishment
15:51 And inform them of Ibrahim’s guests
15:52 When the angels came to him and said, "Peace"; he said, "We feel afraid of you."
15:53 They said, "Do not fear - we convey to you the glad tidings of a knowledgeable boy."
15:54 He said, "Do you convey to me the glad tidings upon old age reaching me? So upon what do you convey glad tidings?" (* Prophet Ibrahim said this out of surprise.
15:55 They said, "We have given you true tidings, therefore do not lose hope."
15:56 He said, "Who is it that despairs from the mercy of his Lord, except those who are astray?"
15:57 He said, "And what is your next task, O the sent angels?"
15:58 They said, "We have been sent towards a guilty nation."
15:59 "Except the family of Lut; we shall rescue all of them."
15:60 "Except his wife - we have decided that she is of those who will stay behind."
15:61 And when the sent angels came to the house of Lut
15:62 He said, "You are an unfamiliar people."
15:63 They said, "In fact we have brought to you the matter which these people doubted."
15:64 "And we have brought to you a true command, and indeed we are truthful."
15:65 "Therefore journey with your household while a portion of the night remains, and you tread behind them - and none of you may turn around and see, and proceed directly to the place you are commanded to."
15:66 And We informed him the decision of this command, that at morning the root of the disbelievers would be cut off
15:67 And the people of the city came rejoicing. (* To the house of Prophet Lut.
15:68 He said, "These are my guests - do not dishonour me."
15:69 "And fear Allah and do not disgrace me."
15:70 They said, "Had we not forbidden you from meddling in the affairs of anyone?"
15:71 He said, "These women of our tribe are my daughters, if you have to."
15:72 By your life O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) - they are indeed straying in their intoxication
15:73 Therefore the scream overcame them at sunrise
15:74 And We turned the township upside down and rained upon them stones of heated clay
15:75 Indeed in this are signs for people who perceive
15:76 And indeed that township is upon a road still in use
15:77 Indeed in this are signs for the believers
15:78 And indeed the Dwellers of the Woods were unjust
15:79 We therefore took revenge from them; and indeed both these townships are situated on an open road
15:80 And the people of the Hijr (rocks) denied the Noble Messengers
15:81 And We gave them Our signs, and they remained averse to them
15:82 And they used to carve dwellings in the hills, without fear
15:83 So the scream overcame them at morning
15:84 Therefore their earnings did not in the least benefit them
15:85 And We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, except with the Truth; and indeed the Last Day will come, therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), forbear graciously
15:86 Indeed your Lord only is the Great Creator, the All Knowing
15:87 And indeed We have given you seven verses that are repeated, and the great Qur’an
15:88 Do not direct your eyes towards the things We have given to some of their couples to enjoy, and do not at all grieve because of them, and take the Muslims within the folds of your mercy
15:89 And proclaim, "Indeed I, yes I, am the clear Herald of Warning."
15:90 (Of a punishment) Like the one We sent down upon the dividers
15:91 Those who broke the Word of Allah into several parts. ( Those who broke the Torah / Bible or changed its text - or those who called the Qur’an a fabrication / poetry.
15:92 Therefore, by your Lord, We shall question every one of them
15:93 About all what they used to do
15:94 Therefore publicly announce what you are commanded, and turn away from the polytheists
15:95 Indeed We suffice you against these mockers
15:96 Those who ascribe another God along with Allah; so they will soon come to know
15:97 And indeed We know that you are disheartened by their speech
15:98 Therefore proclaim the Purity of your Lord with praise, and be of those who prostrate
15:99 And keep worshipping your Lord, till death * comes to you. (* The certainty.


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