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al-`Adiyat (The Courser, The Chargers, The Assulters)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Courser, The Chargers, The Assulters(al-`Adiyat)
100:1 By the charging horses that gallop (in the battlefield) and pant
100:2 And those that produce sparks striking their hoofs on rocks
100:3 Then they attack (the enemy) at dawn
100:4 And then raise clouds of dust from the point (of attack)
100:5 And then simultaneously pierce into (the enemy) ranks
100:6 Indeed, man is most ungrateful to his Lord
100:7 And verily, he is himself a witness to this ingratitude
100:8 And indeed, he is quite stubborn in his love of wealth
100:9 But does he not know when those (dead) in the graves will be raised
100:10 And secrets which are in hearts will be disclosed
100:11 Indeed, their Lord will be Well Aware of their (deeds) on that Day


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