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al-`Adiyat (The Courser, The Chargers, The Assulters)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Courser, The Chargers, The Assulters(al-`Adiyat)
100:1 God hereby swears by the fast gallopers,…
100:2 igniting sparks,&hellip
100:3 …. raiders in the morning, ….
100:4 ….the dust of the raid raising to sky…
100:5 …. and the army that penetrates to the heart of the rival clan’s territory
100:6 That most surely man is ungrateful to his Lord
100:7 Man’s actions bear witness that…
100:8 … he loves material things excessively
100:9 Does man not realize that one day all graves will be open&hellip
100:10 ….. and all his secrets will be shown to public during his trial
100:11 Man will find out in that day that God has always been watching and knew all about them


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