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87:1  Glorify the Name of Allah, your Creator, the Supreme
87:2  Who created all beings and made them well proportioned, and kept the creation in equilibrium,
87:3  Who guided every being to its befitting course and endowed all beings with the impulses determining their direction to a definite end, and He has indicated to man the path of misery and that of happiness and left him to choose his way
87:4  Who also brings forth the vegetation,
87:5  Then He makes it decay and causes its degeneration
87:6  We shall make you recite so that you will not forget
87:7  Except as Allah will repeal at a later date; He knows what is avowed openly and the open course of action, and He knows what the breasts forge and what they store of thoughts and feelings and all that is suggested secretly to the mind and He knows all that you do out of sigh
87:8  We shall facilitate your task and lead you to the facile and ready course
87:9  And so, exhort. any who is willing to open his heart's ears and favourably responds
87:10  The responsive will be he who reveres Allah with bosom filled with reverential awe
87:11  And it -the admonition- will be avoided and unwelcomed by the ill- omened, the unfortunate against whom have been denounced curses and woe
87:12  Who will suffer in Hell the immense fire
87:13  Wherein he does not die nor live or respire
87:14  But blessed, indeed, is he who vindicates his own wrongs and is kindly disposed to benevolence
87:15  Who calls Allah his Creator, to mind and engages in the act of worship, doing to Him sincere reverence
87:16  But you people prefer the life here afore the heavenly b1iss, knowing it is illusive and alluring
87:17  While the Hereafter is far better, blissful, infinitely lasting and enduring
87:18  This indeed, has been emphasized in the earlier Scriptures
87:19  The Scriptures of Ibrahim and Mussa