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78:1  About what (do) they ask/question each other
78:2  About the information/news the great
78:3  Which they are in it differing/disagreeing
78:4  No, but they will know
78:5  Then no but they will know
78:6  Did We not make the earth/Planet Earth prepared/spread
78:7  And the mountains (as) stakes/hooks (anchors)
78:8  And We created you pairs/couples/kinds
78:9  And We made your sleep rest/tranquil
78:10  And We made the night a cover
78:11  And We made the daytime (for) livelihood/sustenance
78:12  And We built/constructed above you seven strong
78:13  And We made a lamp glowing/illuminating
78:14  And We descended from the raining clouds strongly flowing/pouring water
78:15  To bring out with it seeds/grains and plants/growth
78:16  And interwoven/encircled treed gardens/paradises
78:17  That truly the Judgment Day/Separation Day/Resurrection Day was an appointed time
78:18  A day/time the horn/bugle/instrument be blown in, so you come (in) groups/crowd
78:19  And the sky/space was opened, so it was/became doors/entrances
78:20  And the mountains were made to move , so it was/became a mirage
78:21  That truly Hell was/is an observatory/ambuscade
78:22  For the tyrants a return
78:23  Remaining/waiting in it long periods of time/centuries
78:24  They do not taste/experience in it cold/cool and nor a drink
78:25  Except hot water/sweat and decayed/rotten
78:26  A suiting/fitting reimbursement
78:27  That, they truly were not hoping/expecting counting/calculation
78:28  And they lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences lying/denying/falsifying
78:29  And every thing We counted/computed it (in) a Book/judgment
78:30  So taste/experience, so We will never/not increase you except torture
78:31  That truly to the fearing and obeying (is) a success/triumph
78:32  Fenced gardens and grapes
78:33  And full grown breasts and same age/not aging
78:34  And a cup filled to the rim
78:35  They do not hear/listen in it nonsense/senseless talk and nor lying
78:36  Reimbursement from your Lord a gift/grant account
78:37  The skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's and what (is) between them (B)'s Lord, the merciful, they do not own/possess from Him an address/conversation (they can not talk to Him)
78:38  A day/time the Soul/Spirit and the angels stand (in) a row/arranged , they do not speak/talk ,except who the merciful permitted/allowed for him, and he said right/correct
78:39  That (is) the day/time, the real/true/just , so who willed/wanted took/received to his Lord a return
78:40  We (E), We warned/gave you notice of (a) near/close torture, a day/time the human/man looks (to) what his two hands advanced/undertook , and the disbeliever says: "Oh, if only I was dust/earth."