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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour hath drawn nigh, and the moon hath been rent in sunder.. And if they behold a sign, they turn away and say: magic continuous.
54:2 And if they behold a sign, they turn away and say: "magic continous"
54:3 And they belied, and they followed their lusts; and every affair cometh to a final goal.
54:4 And assuredly there hath come Unto them tidings wherein is a deterrent.
54:5 Wisdom consummate. But warnings avail not.
54:6 Wherefore withdrew thou from them. The Day whereon the sum- moner Will summon mankind Unto a thing unpleasant.
54:7 With looks downcast they will come forth, from the tombs, as though they were locusts scattered abroad.
54:8 Hastening toward the summoner. The infidels will say: this is a day diffrcult.
54:9 There belied before them the people of Nuh. So they belied Our bondman Nuh and said: `a madman;' and moreover he was reproven.
54:10 Thereupon he prayed Unto his Lord: verily am overcome, so vindicate me.
54:11 Then We opened the portals of heaven with water poured out.
54:12 And We made the earth break forth with springs; SO that the water met for an affair already decreed.
54:13 And We bare him on a thing of planks and nails.
54:14 Moving forward under Our eyes: a requital for him who had been rejected.
54:15 And assuredly We left it for a sign. Is there then anyone who would be admonished?
54:16 So how dreadful have been My torment and My warning!
54:17 And assuredly We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition; is there then any one who would be admonished?
54:18 And there belied the 'A-ad; so how dreadful have been My torment and warning!
54:19 Verily We! We sent against them a raging Wind On a day of calamity continuous.
54:20 Carrying men away as though they were trunks of palm-trees uprooted.
54:21 So how dreodful have been My torment and My warning.
54:22 And assuredly We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition; is therethen any one who would be admonished!
54:23 And the Thamud belied the warnings.
54:24 And they said: a mere humanbeing from amongst us, and single! shall we follow him! verily then we should fall in error and madness.
54:25 Hath the Admonition been laid upon him from amongst us! Aye! he is a liar insolent.
54:26 They shall know tomorrow whichsoever is a liar insolent.
54:27 Verify We are sending the she-camel as a test for them, so watch them thou and have patience.
54:28 And declare thou Unto them that water hath been divided between them; every drinking shall be by turns.
54:29 Then they called their fellow, and he took the sword and hamstrung her,
54:30 So how dreadful have been My torment and My warnings.
54:31 Verily We We sent upon them one shout, and they became as the stubble of a fold-builder.
54:32 And assuredly We have made the Qur'an eary for admanirion: is there then any one who would be admonished.
54:33 The people of Lut belied the warnings.
54:34 Verily We! We sent upon them a gravel-storm save the household of Lut; them We delivered at early dawn.
54:35 As a favour from us. Thus We recompense him who giveth thanks.
54:36 And assuredly he had warned them of Our grasp, but: they doubted the warnings.
54:37 And assuredly they solicited him for his guests: then We wiped out their eyes: taste then My torment and My warnings.
54:38 And assuredly there met them early in the morning a torment settled.
54:39 Taste then My torment and My warnings.
54:40 And assuredly We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition; is there then any one who would be admonished.
54:41 And assuredly Unto the household of Fir'awn came the warning.
54:42 They belied Our signs everyone thereof; whereof We laid hold of them with the grip of our Mighty, Powerful.
54:43 Are your infidels better than these? Or is there an immunity for you in the Writs?
54:44 Or is it that they say: we are a multitude prevailing!
54:45 Anon will their multitude be vanquished, and they will turn the back.
54:46 Aye! the Hour is their appointed term, and the Hour shall be far more grievous and far more bitter.
54:47 Verily the culprits shall be in great error and madness.
54:48 On the Day whereon they shall be dragged into the Fire upon their faces, it shall be said Unto them: taste the touch of the Scorching.
54:49 Veriiy everything! We have created it by a measure.
54:50 And Our commandment shall be but one, as the twinkling of an eye.
54:51 And assuredly We have destroyed your likes; so is there any one who shall be admonished?
54:52 And everything they have wrought is in the Writs.
54:53 And everything, small and great, hath been written down.
54:54 Verily the God-fearing will be in Gardens and among rivers.
54:55 In a good seat, near a Sovereign Omnipotent.


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