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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour of Doom is drawing near and the moon is rent asunder.
54:2 Whenever they see a miracle, they turn away from it and say, "This is just a powerful magic".
54:3 They have rejected it and have followed their own desires, but all matters will be settled (by God).
54:4 They have certainly received the kind of news in which there is a lesson and strong words of wisdom,
54:5 but the warnings have proved to have no effect on them.
54:6 (Muhammad), leave them alone. On the day when they will be called to a terrible punishment,
54:7 they will come out of their graves, their eyes cast down, hastening towards their Summoner as locusts rushing about.
54:8 These disbelievers will say, "This is a hard day".
54:9 The people of Noah, who lived before them, had also rejected (Our guidance). They rejected Our servant and said, "He is an insane person so let us drive him away".
54:10 Noah prayed, "Lord, help me; I am defeated".
54:11 We opened the gates of the sky and water started to pour down.
54:12 We caused the earth to burst forth with springs so that the waters could come together for a predestined purpose.
54:13 We carried him, (Noah), on a vessel built with boards fixed together with nails,
54:14 which floated on the water before Our very eyes. The flood was a recompense for the deeds of the disbelievers.
54:15 We made (the story of Noah) as evidence of the Truth. However, is there anyone who would take heed?
54:16 How terrible was My torment and the result of (their disregard) of My warning.
54:17 We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?
54:18 The people of `Ad rejected Our guidance. How terrible was My torment and the result (of their disregard) of My warning.
54:19 On an unfortunate day We sent upon them a continuous violent wind
54:20 which hurled people around like uprooted trunks of palm-trees.
54:21 How terrible was Our torment and the result of (their disregard) of Our warning.
54:22 We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?
54:23 The people of Thamud rejected Our warnings.
54:24 They said, "Should we follow only one person among us. We shall be clearly in error and in trouble (if we do so).
54:25 How is it that he has received guidance? In fact, he is the most untruthfull and arrogant person".
54:26 (We told Salih), "Tomorrow they will know who is the most arrogant liar.
54:27 We are sending the she-camel to them to test them. So watch them and be patient.
54:28 Tell them that each one of them has the right to have a certain share of water".
54:29 They called together their companions and agreed to slay the she-camel.
54:30 How terrible was My punishment and warning.
54:31 We sent upon them a single blast of sound and they were left like hay to be used by the cattle.
54:32 We made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would take heed?
54:33 The people of Lot rejected Our warning.
54:34 We sent down upon them a violent sandstorm (which destroyed them all) except for the family of Lot, whom We saved in the early morning by Our favor.
54:35 Thus do We recompense the grateful ones.
54:36 Lot warned them against Our torment, but they persistently disputed it.
54:37 They demanded that he turn over his guests to them.
54:38 We struck their faces, blinded them and said, "Suffer Our torment of which you were warned".
54:39 One early morning Our torment brought upon them utter destruction. We said, "Suffer Our torment of which you were warned".
54:40 We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?
54:41 The Pharaoh and his people had also received Our warning,
54:42 but they rejected all Our miracles. So We seized them in the way that a Majestic and All-powerful One would.
54:43 Are you disbelievers mightier than those of the nations which We destroyed before or have you received amnesty through the ancient Scriptures?
54:44 Do they say, "We shall be victorious because we are united?"
54:45 (Let them know that) this united group will soon run away in defeat.
54:46 In fact, the Hour of Doom is the time for them to suffer. The suffering of this hour is the most calamitous and the most bitter (of all suffering).
54:47 The sinful ones will face the destructive torment of hell
54:48 when they will be dragged on their faces into the fire and will be told, "Feel the touch of hell".
54:49 We have created everything to fulfill a certain purpose.
54:50 It takes only a single command from Us (to bring the Day of Judgment) and that can be achieved within the twinkling of an eye.
54:51 We destroyed many people like you (disbelievers) but is there anyone who would take heed (of Our warning)?
54:52 Whatever they have done has been recorded in the Books (records of the deeds).
54:53 Every small or great deed is written down.
54:54 The pious ones will live in Paradise wherein streams flow,
54:55 honorably seated in the presence of the All-dominant King.


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