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41:1  Ha Mim.
41:2  A revelation from the Owner and Giver of Mercy.
41:3  A book whose verses have been explained, an Arabic reading (Qur´an) for people who know.
41:4  Good news and a warning, but most of them turn away and do not listen.
41:5  And they say: our hearts are covered against what you call us to and in our ears is a weight and between us and you is a barrier, so act, for we are acting.
41:6  Say: I am only a human like you whilst it has been revealed to me that your god is a single god, so go straight to Him and ask Him for forgiveness, and woe to the idolaters.
41:7  Those who do not give Zakat and reject the hereafter.
41:8  Those who believe and do good work, for them is a limitless reward.
41:9  Say: do you reject the One who created the earth in two days and you set up partners for Him? That is the Lord of all worlds.
41:10  And He placed stabilisers on it from above it and blessed it and arranged its provision in four days in fair measure for those who seek it.
41:11  Then He moved to the heaven which was smoke and said to it and to the earth: come obediently or reluctantly; they said: we come obediently.
41:12  Then He arranged it into seven heavens in two days and revealed to each heaven its affairs, and We adorned the lowest heaven with lights and protection, that is the arrangement of the mighty and knowing.
41:13  Then if they turn away, say: I have warned you of being struck down like ´Ad and Thamud.
41:14  When their messengers came to them continuously (saying:) do not serve anything but Allah, they said: if our Lord pleased He would have sent angels, so we reject what you have been sent with.
41:15  Then as for ´Ad, they were arrogant on earth without right and said: who is stronger in power than us? Did they not consider that Allah who created them is stronger in power than them? And they disputed Our signs.
41:16  Then We sent against them an icy wind over days of disaster to make them taste the punishment of humiliation in the worldly life, and the punishment of the hereafter is even more humiliating and they will not be helped.
41:17  And as for Thamud, We guided them but they preferred blindness to guidance, so the humiliating punishment struck them down on account of what they committed.
41:18  And We rescued those who believed and constantly bewared (of Allah).
41:19  And on that day the enemies of Allah will be gathered to the fire and arranged into divisions.
41:20  Until when they reach it, their hearing and eyesight and skins will witness against them as to what they did.
41:21  And they will say to their skins: why did you witness against us? They will say: Allah has given us speech, He who gives speech to everything, and He created you the first time and to Him you return.
41:22  And you did not expect that your hearing and eyesight and skins would witness against you, but you thought that Allah did not know much of what you did.
41:23  And this thought you held about your Lord has ruined you so you became losers.
41:24  So if they are patient, the fire is their home, and if they ask for reprieve, they will not be reprieved.
41:25  And We assigned them friends so that they made appealing to them what lay before them and what lay behind them, and the word came true for them which had gone before in communities of the Jinn and mankind that they would be losers.
41:26  And those who reject (the truth) say: do not listen to this Qur´an and belittle it so that you will prevail.
41:27  So We will make those who reject (the truth) taste a severe punishment and will reward them in line with the worst they did.
41:28  That is the punishment of the enemies of Allah, the fire, they will have an eternal home in it as a reward for having disputed Our signs.
41:29  And those who reject (the truth) say: our Lord, show us those of the Jinn and mankind who lead us astray so that we trample them under our feet so that they are the lowest.
41:30  Those who say: our Lord is Allah, then uphold it, the angels descend on them, saying: fear not and worry not and look forward to the garden which you have been promised.
41:31  We are your protectors in this world and the hereafter and you will have there whatever your souls desire and you will have there whatever you ask for.
41:32  A gift from One who is forgiving and merciful.
41:33  And who is better in speech than him who calls to Allah and does good and says: I am of those who have submitted (as Muslims).
41:34  And the good deed and the bad deed are not the same; repel with that which is better, then the one with enmity between you and him will become like a dear friend.
41:35  And only those who are patient achieve this and only those with good fortune achieve this.
41:36  And if you are in any way provoked by the devil then seek refuge in Allah, for He is who listens and knows.
41:37  And of His signs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon; do not prostrate to the sun nor to the moon but prostrate to Allah who created them if you serve Him.
41:38  And if they are arrogant, then those near your Lord glorify Him night and day and do not grow weary.
41:39  And of His signs is that you see the earth bare, then when We send water upon it, it comes to life and swells. For sure, the One who gives life to it will revive the dead, for He is able to do anything.
41:40  Those who dispute Our signs are not hidden from Us. Is then he better who is thrown in the fire or he who arrives safe on the day of resurrection? Do as you please, for He sees what you do.
41:41  Those who reject the reminder when it comes to them: it is certainly a mighty book.
41:42  Falsehood does not reach it from before or behind, it is a revelation from One who is wise and praiseworthy.
41:43  You are only told what messengers before you were told, for your Lord is full of forgiveness and full of painful punishment.
41:44  And had We made it a foreign reading (Qur´an) they would have said: why have its verses not been explained? Foreign and Arab? Say: it is a guidance and healing for those who believe, and those who do not believe, there is a weight upon their ears and they are blind to it, those will be called from a distant place.
41:45  And We already gave Musa (Moses) the book, then they differed about it, and had not a word gone before from your Lord, it would have been decided between them, and they are indeed in severe doubt about it.
41:46  Whoever does good, it is for himself, and who does bad, it is against himself, and your Lord does not wrong His servants.
41:47  To Him is the knowledge of the hour referred, and no fruit emerges from its shell and no female is pregnant or gives birth but with His knowledge, and on the day they will be asked: where are your associates? they will say: let us be, we have no evidence.
41:48  And what they called on before deserted them, and they realise they have no escape.
41:49  Man does not grow weary of calling for good, and when harm afflicts him, he is weary and depressed.
41:50  And if We make him taste mercy from Us after harm afflicted him, he is likely to say: this is for me and I don´t think the hour will happen, and if I were to return to my Lord, I would find even better with Him, then We will inform those who rejected (the truth) of what they did and will make them taste an unrelenting punishment.
41:51  And when We give blessings to man, he rebels and keeps aside, and when harm afflicts him, he prays excessively.
41:52  Say: have you considered that if it is from Allah and then you reject it, who is more astray than him who is far away (from the truth)?
41:53  We will show them Our signs in the cosmos and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord is a witness to everything?
41:54  But they are in doubt about meeting their Lord, yet He surrounds everything.