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34:1  All the praises be to Allah to whom belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. To Whom be all the praises and thanks in the Hereafter. And He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.
34:2  He knows that which goes into the earth and that which comes out from it, and that which comes down from the heaven and that which goes up to it. And He is the Merciful, the Forgiving.
34:3  Those who disbelieve say: “The Hour (of Judgment) will not come to us.” Say: “Yes, by my Lord, it will surely come to you. He knows all the unseen, not even the weight of an atom escapes from His knowledge in the heavens or in the earth; nor there is anything smaller or greater than that, but is recorded in the clear book.”
34:4  He will reward those who believe and do righteous deeds. They are those for whom there is forgiveness and a generous provision
34:5  But those who strive against Our Revelations to frustrate them, there will be a severe painful punishment for them.
34:6  And those who have been given the knowledge can see that the revelations sent to you (O Muhammad) from your Lord are the truth, and it guides to the Way of the Exalted in Might, Owner of all praise.
34:7  Those who disbelieve say: “Shall we direct you to a man (Muhammad) who will tell you that when you will become fully disintegrated (after death into dust) with full dispersion, then surely you will be created new (again)?”
34:8  Has he (Muhammad) invented a lie against Allah, or is there madness in him? Nay, but those who disbelieve in the Hereafter are in punishment, and in gross error.
34:9  Don’t they see what is before them and what is behind them in the heaven and the earth? If We will, We can sink the earth with them, or cause a piece of the heaven to fall upon them. Surely, there is a sign for every believer who turns to Allah in repentance.
34:10  Indeed We bestowed grace on David (saying): “O mountains! Glorify (Allah) with him!” The birds also! And We made the iron soft for him,
34:11  (saying) that: “You make perfect coats of mail armor and balance well (the rings) of chain armor, and you do righteous deeds. Truly, I am All-Seer of what you do.”
34:12  And to Solomon (We subjected) the wind, its morning (sunrise to mid noon) was a month’s (journey), and its afternoon (midday to sunset) was a month’s (journey). And We caused a spring of (molten) brass to flow for him, the jinn worked in front of him by the permission of his Lord, and if any of them turned aside from Our Command; We caused him to taste the punishment of the blazing fire.
34:13  They worked for him what he desired of making high rooms, images, basins as large as reservoirs, and cooking fixed (in their places) vat. (We said): “O family of David! You work with thanks!” But few of My devotees are grateful.
34:14  When We decreed death for him (Solomon was leaning on his stick), no one informed the jinns of his death until a little termite of the earth chew away his stick and he fell down. The jinns saw clearly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have stayed in the humiliating punishment (of their task).
34:15  Indeed for the people of Sheba (a town in Yemen) there was a sign in their residing place: 2 gardens - one on the right and one on the left. (It was said to them): “Eat of the provision of your Lord and be grateful to Him, a fair land and a Forgiving Lord.”
34:16  But they turned away (from Allah). So We sent against them a flood of Arim (released water from the dam), and We converted their 2 gardens into gardens producing bitter fruits, shrubs, and some few lote-trees.
34:17  This is how We punished them because they were ungrateful (disbelievers). And We never punish except those who are ungrateful.
34:18  And We placed between them and between the towns which We had blessed, towns easy to be seen, and We made easy stages of journey between them (saying): “Travel in them safely night and day.”
34:19  But they said: “Our Lord! Make the stages longer between our journeys.” They wronged themselves, so We made them (in the land) as tales, and We dispersed them in a total scattering. Surely, there are signs for every patient, grateful person.
34:20  And indeed Satan did prove its thought true about them and they all followed him except a group of believers.
34:21  And there was no authority for him (Satan) over them except that We might test him who believes in the Hereafter from him who is in doubt about it. Your Lord is watching over everything.
34:22  Say (O Muhammad to those polytheists): “Call upon those (deities) whom you assert besides Allah, they don’t possess even the weight of an atom in the heavens or on the earth, nor they have any share in either, nor there is any supporter from among them for Him.”
34:23  No intercession with Him profits anyone except for the one whom He permits. Until when the fear will be removed from their hearts, they (angels) shall say: “What your Lord has said?” They say: “The Truth.” Allah is the High, the Great.
34:24  Say (O Muhammad to these polytheists): “Who gives you provision from the heavens and the earth?” Say: “Allah, and surely, (either) we or you are on guidance or in a plain error.”
34:25  Say (O Muhammad to these polytheists): “You will not be asked about our sins, nor we will be asked about your deeds.”
34:26  Say: “Our Lord will assemble us all together (on the Day of Resurrection), then He will judge between us with truth. And He is the Trust-worthy judge, All-Knower of everything.”
34:27  Say (O Muhammad to these polytheists): “Show me those whom you have joined with Him as partners. Nay! But He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.”
34:28  And We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a giver of glad tidings and a Warner for all mankind, but most of people don’t know.
34:29  And they say: “When is this Promise (the Day of Resurrection will be fulfilled) if you are truthful?”
34:30  Say (O Muhammad): “The appointment Day is fixed, which you can neither put back from it for an Hour nor put forward.”
34:31  And those who disbelieve say: “We don’t believe in this Qur’an nor in that which came before it.” If you could see when the wrongdoers will be made to stand before their Lord, how they will refer the blaming word some of them to others! Those who were deemed weak will say to those who were arrogant: “Had it not been for you, we would certainly have been believers!”
34:32  And those who were arrogant will say to those who were deemed weak: “Did we keep you back from guidance after when it had come to you? Nay, but you yourself were sinners.”
34:33  Those who were deemed weak will say to those who were arrogant: “Nay, but it was you who plotted night and day, when you ordered us to disbelieve in Allah and set up rivals to Him!” They will conceal their own regret (for disobeying Allah in this world) when they will see the punishment. And We shall put iron collars round the necks of those who disbelieved. Are they rewarded exactly for what they did?
34:34  And whenever We have sent a Warner to a town, its wealthy people said: “Surely we don’t believe in (the message) what you are sent with.”
34:35  And they say: “We have more wealth and children (our deities are happy), and we shall not be punished.”
34:36  Say (O Muhammad): “Surely, my Lord enlarges and restricts the provision to whom He wills, but most people don’t know.”
34:37  It is neither your wealth, nor your children that bring you nearer to Us. But those who believe, and do righteous deeds; for such, they will have double reward for what they did, and they will reside in the high residences (Paradise) in peace and security.
34:38  And those who strive against Our Verses to frustrate them, the punishment will be brought to them.
34:39  Say: “Truly, my Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His servants, and also restricts it for some. Whatever you spend of anything (for Allah), He will replace it. And He is the best of providers.”
34:40  And (remember) the Day when He will gather them all together and then will say to the angels: “Was it you that these people used to worship?”
34:41  They (angels) will say: “Glory be to You! You are our Lord instead of them. Nay, but they used to worship the jinns; most of them were believers in them.”
34:42  So today (the Day of Resurrection) none of you has power to profit or harm one another. And We shall say to those who did wrong: “Taste the punishment of the fire which you denied.”
34:43  And when Our clear Verses are recited to them, they say: “This man (Muhammad) wishes to hinder you from that which your forefathers used to worship.” Others say: “This is nothing but an invented lie.” Those who disbelieve in the truth when it has come to them say: “This is nothing but plain magic!”
34:44  And We had neither given them Scriptures to study, nor sent to them any Warner (Messenger) before you (O Muhammad).
34:45  And those who were before them denied; they have not received 1/10th of what We had granted to them, yet they denied My Messengers, then see how was My punishment!
34:46  Say (O Muhammad to them): “I urge you on one thing only that you stand up for Allah’s sake in pairs and individually, and then ponder (yourself the history of Muhammad), is there any madness in your companion (Muhammad)? He is only a Warner to you before a severe punishment.”
34:47  Say (O Muhammad): “Whatever reward I might have asked of you is for you. My reward is only from Allah and He is witness over every thing.”
34:48  Say (O Muhammad): “Surely! My Lord sends down the truth, the All-Knower of the unseen.”
34:49  Say (O Muhammad): “The truth (the Qur’an) has come, and neither falsehood can create anything nor resurrect (anything).”
34:50  Say: “(Even) if I go astray, surely, I shall stray only to myself. But if I remain guided, it is for what my Lord has revealed to me. Truly, Allah is All-Hearer, Ever Near (to all).”
34:51  And if you could only see when they (disbelievers on the Day of Judgment) will be terrified with no escape, and they will be seized from a nearby place.
34:52  And they will say (in the Hereafter): “We do believe now in it;” but how could they receive faith from a place so far off?
34:53  Indeed they did disbelieve in it before (in the world), and they used to guess about the unseen (the Hereafter) from a far place.
34:54  And a barrier will be placed between them and what they desired (turning to Allah in repentance), as was done before with the people of their kind. Surely, they were in grave doubt.