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31:1  Alif L[m M\m.
31:2  There are the signs of the wise Book,
31:3  a guidance and a mercy to the ones who are doers of good,
31:4  those who perform the formal prayer and give the purifying alms and they are certain of the world to come.
31:5  Those are on a guidance from their Lord. And those, they are the ones who prosper.
31:6  And of humanity is he who exchanges diversionary conversation to cause others to go astray from the way of God without any knowledge. And he takes it to himself in mockery. Those, for them will be a despised punishment.
31:7  When Our signs are recounted to him, he turned as one who grows arrogant, as if he had not been hearing them, as if there had been heaviness in his ears. So give him the good tidings of a painful punishment.
31:8  Truly, those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, for them are Gardens of Bliss,
31:9  ones who will dwell in them forever. The promise of God is true. And He is The Almighty, The Wise.
31:10  He created the heavens without any pillars so that you see the heavens. And He cast firm mountains on the earth so that the earth should not vibrate with you. And He disseminated in and on it of all moving creatures. And We caused water to descend from heaven. We caused all generous, diverse pairs to develop in it.
31:11  This is the creation of God. Then, cause me to see what other than He created? Nay! The ones who are unjust are clearly wandering astray.
31:12  And, certainly, We gave Luqman wisdom that: Give thanks to God. And whoever gives thanks, gives thanks only for himself. And whoever was ungrateful— then, truly, God is Sufficient, Worthy of Praise.
31:13  And when Luqman said to his son as he admonishes him: O my son! Ascribe not partners with God. Truly, association with God is, certainly, a tremendous injustice.
31:14  And We charged the human being about ones who are his parents. His mother carried him in feebleness on feebleness and his weaning is in two years. Give thanks to Me and to ones who are thy parents. And to Me is the Homecoming.
31:15  But if they both struggled with thee that thou hast ascribed partners with Me of what for thee is no knowledge, then, obey them not. And keep their company in the present as one who is honorable but follow the way of him who was penitent to Me. Again, to Me will be your return and I will tell you of what you had been doing.
31:16  O my son! Truly, even if it be the weight of a grain of a mustard seed and though it be in a rock or in the heavens or in or on the earth God will bring it. Truly, God is Subtle, Aware.
31:17  O my son! Perform the formal prayer. And command that which is honorable. And prohibit that which is unlawful. And have thou patience with whatever lit on thee. Truly, that is the constancy of affairs.
31:18  And turn not thy cheek away from humanity nor walk through the earth exultantly. Truly, God loves not any proud boaster.
31:19  And be moderate in thy walking and lower thy voice. Truly the most horrible of voices is, certainly, the voice of the donkey.
31:20  Consider you not that God caused to become subservient to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth and lavished on you His divine blessing, that which is manifest and that which is inward and yet most of humanity is he who disputes about God without knowledge and with no guidance and without an illuminating Book.
31:21  And when it was said to them: Follow what God caused to descend. They said: Nay! We will follow what we found our fathers on. Even if it Satan had been calling them to the punishment of the blaze?
31:22  And whoever submits his face to God while he is one who is a doer of good, then, surely, he held fast to the most firm handhold. And to God is the Ultimate End of affairs.
31:23  And whoever was ungrateful, let not his ingratitude dishearten thee. To Us is their return and We will tell them what they did. Truly, God is Knowing of what is in the breasts.
31:24  We give them enjoyment for a little while. Again, We will compel them to a harsh punishment.
31:25  And if thou hadst asked them who created the heavens and the earth, they will certainly say: God! Say: The Praise belongs to God! But most of them know not.
31:26  To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. Truly, God, He is The Sufficient, The Worthy of Praise.
31:27  And if trees on the earth were only pens and the sea causes to increase after that with seven more seas that were ink, yet the Words of God would not come to an end. Truly, God is Almighty, Wise.
31:28  Your creation and your Upraising are not but like that of a single soul. Truly, God is Hearing, Seeing.
31:29  Hast thou not considered that God causes the nighttime to be interposed into the daytime and causes the daytime to be interposed into the nighttime and caused the sun to become subservient and the moon, each run for a term, that which is determined and that God is Aware of what you do?
31:30  That is because God, He is The Truth and what they call to other than Him is falsehood. And that God, He is The Lofty, The Great!
31:31  Hast thou not considered that the boats run through the sea by the divine blessing of God that He causes you to see His signs? Truly in that are signs for every enduring, grateful one.
31:32  And when a wave overcame them like an overshadowing, they called to God as ones who are sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him. Then, when He delivered them to dry land among them are ones who halt between two opinions. And none negates Our signs but every ungrateful turncoat.
31:33  O humanity! Be Godfearing of your Lord, and dread a Day when recompense will not be given by a child to one to whom the child is born, nor will one to whom a child is born be one who gives recompense for the one who is born at all. Truly, the promise of God is True so let not this present life delude you nor let the deluder delude you about God.
31:34  Truly, the knowledge of the Hour is with God. And He sends plenteous rain water down. And He knows what is in the wombs. And no soul is informed of what it will earn tomorrow. And no soul is informed in what region it will die. Truly, God is Knowing, Aware.