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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Kauthar (Abundance, Plenty)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah Abundance, Plenty(al-Kauthar)
108:1 Surely We, We bestowed you Al-Kauthar. ['The Abundance' (of good). This is an Attribute for Allah's Book. See 15/87, 20/99]
108:2 Therefore offer Salat devoted to your Nourisher-Sustainer; and take part in Nahr (‘piercing the chest with bayonets’ or ‘piercing a sharp, pointed cutting instrument in the carotid artery at the neck’)
108:3 Surely, the enemy charged with hatred towards you: he (is) put to rout, (and is) made extinct. [See article – 'The detailed format of the Scripture (Rabt-e-Suwar)' in Prolegomenon for discussion on Nahr]


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