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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Ma`un (Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Have you Seen, The Daily Necessaries)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Have you Seen, The Daily Necessaries(al-Ma`un)
107:1 Haven´t you seen the one who rejects the fact of the reward and punishment
107:2 He is (really) the one who (shoos and) shoves away the orphans harshly
107:3 And does not promote the feeding of the poor
107:4 Of course, misery is for (some of) those who perform ´salat´
107:5 Those among them who stay unmindful of their "salat´
107:6 Those who aim to be seen (doing good)
107:7 And they hold back even minor favors


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