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al-Ma`un (Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Have you Seen, The Daily Necessaries)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Have you Seen, The Daily Necessaries(al-Ma`un)
107:1 Have you noticed the behavior of those who claim to be Muslims but from Islam do not carry anything but its name
107:2 These hypocrites are those who do not show any kindness to the orphans
107:3 These hypocrites are those who do not take any step to feed a hungry person
107:4 How dare these hypocrites to consider themselves a God’s worshipper
107:5 These hypocrites do no even attend their mandatory prayers regularly
107:6 The hypocrite’s engagement in charitable activities is not out of sincerity and is merely in order to be seen and earn a good name in public
107:7 The hypocrites may spend a lot of money to be known as charitable people, but they refuse to engage in small kindnesses (say Hi to the doorman, smile to their low level employees, buy a burger to the hungry man in the street, etc. etc. etc.


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