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al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by N J Dawood (draft)

N J Dawood (draft) rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 Praise be to God, who has created the heavens and the earth and ordained darkness and light. Yet the unbelievers set up other gods as equals with their Lord.
6:2 It is He who has created you from clay. He has decreed a term for you in this world and another in the next. Yet you are still in doubt.
6:3 He is God in the heavens and on earth. He has knowledge of all that you conceal and all that you reveal. He knows what you do.
6:4 Yet every time a revelation comes to them from their Lord, they pay no need to it.
6:5 Thus do they deny the truth when it is declared to them: but they shall learn the consequences of their scorn.
6:6 Can they not see how many generations We have destroyed before them? We had made them more powerful in the land than yourselves, sent down for them abundant water from the sky and gave them rivers that rolled at their feet. Yet because they sinned We destroyed them all and raised up other generations after them.
6:7 If We sent down to you a Book inscribed on real parchment and they touched it with their own hands, the unbelievers would still assert: 'This is but plain sorcery.'
6:8 They ask: 'Why has no angel been sent down to him?' If We had sent down an angel, their fate would have been sealed and they would have never been reprieved.
6:9 If We had made him an angel, We would have given him the semblance of a man, and would have thus added to their confusion.
6:10 Other apostles have been laughed to scorn before you. But those that scoffed at them were felled by the very Scourge they had derided.
6:11 Say: 'Roam the land and see what was the fate of those that disbelieved.'
6:12 Say: 'To whom belongs all that the heavens and the earth contain?' Say: 'To God. He has decreed mercy for Himself, and will gather you all on the Day of Resurrection: a day not to be doubted. Those who have forfeited their souls will never have faith.'
6:13 His is whatever takes its rest in the night or in the day. He hears all and knows all.
6:14 Say: 'Should I take any but God for my Defender? Creator of the heavens and the earth, He gives nourishment to all and is nourished by none.' Say: 'I was commanded to be the first to submit. You shall serve no other god besides Him.'
6:15 Say: 'I will never disobey my Lord, for I fear the torment of a fateful day.'
6:16 He who is spared that day shall have received His mercy. That is the glorious triumph.
6:17 If God afflicts you with an evil, none can remove it but He; and if He blesses you with good fortune, know that He has power over all things.
6:18 He reigns supreme over His servants. He alone is wise and all–knowing.
6:19 Say: 'What counts most in testimony?' Say: 'God is my witness and your witness. This Koran has been revealed to me that I may thereby warn you and all whom it may reach. Will you really testify there are other gods besides God?' Say: 'I will testify to no such thing!' Say: 'He is but one God. I disown the gods you serve besides Him.'
6:20 6:20 Those to whom We have given the Scriptures know him as they know their own children. But those who have forfeited their souls will never have faith.
6:21 Who is more wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about God or denies His revelations? The wrong–doers shall never prosper.
6:22 On the day We gather them all together We shall say to the pagans: 'Where are your idols now, those whom you claimed to be your gods?'
6:23 They will have no case to argue, but will only say: 'By God, our Lord, we have never worshipped idols.'
6:24 You shall see how they will deceive themselves and how the deities of their own invention will forsake them.
6:25 Some of them listen to you. But We have cast veils over their hearts and made them hard of hearing lest they understand your words. They will believe in none of Our signs, even if they see them, one and all. When they come to argue with you the unbelievers say: 'This is nothing but fables of the ancients.'
6:26 They forbid it and distance themselves from it. They ruin none but themselves, though they do not perceive it.
6:27 If you could see them when they are set before the Fire! They will say: 'Would that we could return! Then we would not deny the revelations of our Lord and would be true believers.'
6:28 Indeed, that which they concealed before will manifest itself to them. But if they were sent back, they would return to that which they have been forbidden. They are surely lying.
6:29 They declare: 'There is no other life but this; nor shall we ever be raised to life again.'
6:30 If you could see them when they are set before their Lord! He will say: 'Is this not real?' 'Yes, by our Lord,' they will reply, and He will say: 'Taste then Our scourge, the reward of your unbelief!'
6:31 Lost indeed are those who deny they will ever meet God. When the Hour of Doom overtakes them unawares, they will exclaim: 'Alas, we have neglected much in our lifetime!' And they shall bear their burdens on their backs. Evil are the burdens they shall bear.
6:32 The life of this world is but a sport and a diversion. Surely better is the life to come for those that fear God. Will you not understand?
6:33 We know too well that what they say grieves you. It is not you that they are disbelieving; the evil–doers deny God's own revelations.
6:34 Other apostles have been denied before you. But they patiently bore with disbelief and persecution until Our help came down to them: for none can change the decrees of God. You have already heard of those apostles.
6:35 If you find their aversion hard to bear, seek if you can a chasm in the earth or a ladder to the sky by which you may bring them a sign. Had God pleased He would have given them guidance, one and all. Do not be foolish, then.
6:36 Those that can hear will surely answer. As for the dead, God will bring them back to life. Then to Him shall they return.
6:37 They ask: 'Why was no sign sent down to him from his Lord?' Say: 'God is well able to send down a sign.' But most of them are ignorant men.
6:38 All the beasts that roam the earth and all the birds that soar on high are but communities like your own. We have left out nothing in the Book. Before their Lord they shall be gathered all.
6:39 Deaf and dumb are those that deny Our revelations: they blunder about in darkness. God confounds whom He will, and guides to the right path whom He pleases.
6:40 Say: 'Do but consider. When God's scourge smites you and the Hour of Doom suddenly overtakes you, will you call on any but God to help you? Answer true, if you are truthful!
6:41 No, on Him alone you will call; and, if He please, He will relieve your affliction. Then you will forget your idols.'.
6:42 We sent forth apostles before you to other nations, and afflicted them with calamities and misfortunes so that they might humble themselves.
6:43 If only they humbled themselves when Our scourge overtook them! But their hearts hardened, and Satan made their deeds seem fair to them.
6:44 And when they had clean forgotten Our admonition We granted them all that they desired; but just as they were rejoicing in what they were given, We suddenly smote them and they were plunged into utter despair.
6:45 Thus were the evildoers annihilated. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds!
6:46 Say: 'Do but consider: if God took away your hearing and your sight and set a seal upon your hearts, could any but God restore them to you?' See how We make plain to them Our revelations. And yet they turn away.
6:47 Say: 'Do but consider: if the scourge of God overtook you unawares or predictably, would any perish but the transgressors?'
6:48 We send forth apostles only to proclaim good news and to give warning. Those that believe in them and mend their ways shall have nothing to fear or to regret.
6:49 But those that deny Our revelations shall be punished for their misdeeds.
6:50 Say: 'I do not tell you that I possess God's treasures or know what is hidden, nor do I claim to be an angel. I follow only that which is revealed to me.' Say: 'Are the blind and the seeing equal? Can you not think?'
6:51 Warn those who dread to be assembled before their Lord that they have no guardian or intercessor besides Him, so that they may guard themselves against evil.
6:52 Do not drive away those that call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking only to gain His favour. You are in no way accountable for them, nor are they in any way accountable for you. If you dismiss them, you shall yourself become an evil–doer.
6:53 Thus have We made some among them a means for testing others, so that they should say: 'Are these the men whom God favours among us?' But does not God best know the thankful?
6:54 When those that believe in Our revelations come to you, say: 'Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed mercy for Himself. If any one among you commits evil through ignorance and then repents and mends his ways, he will find God forgiving and merciful.'
6:55 Thus do We make plain Our revelations, so that the path of the wicked may be laid bare.
6:56 Say: 'I am forbidden to serve the gods whom you invoke besides God.' Say: 'I will not yield to your wishes, for then I would have strayed and ceased to be on the right path.'
6:57 Say: 'I have received veritable proofs from my Lord, yet you deny Him. I have no power to hasten that which you challenge; judgement is for God only. He declares the truth and is the best of arbiters.'
6:58 Say: 'Had I the power to hasten that which you challenge, our dispute would be ended. But God best knows the evil–doers.
6:59 He has the keys of all that is hidden: none knows them but He. He has knowledge of all that land and sea contain: every leaf that falls is known to Him. There is no grain in the darkest bowels of the earth, nor anything green or sear, but is recorded in a glorious Book.
6:60 It is He that claims your soul by night, knowing what you have done by day, and then awakens you to fulfil your allotted span of life. Then to Him shall you return, and He will then declare to you all that you have done.
6:61 He reigns supreme over His servants. He sends forth guardians who watch over you and claim your souls without fail when death overtakes you.
6:62 Then are all men restored to God, their true Lord. His is the Judgement, and most swift is His reckoning.'
6:63 Say: 'Who delivers you from the perils of land and sea, when you call out to Him humbly and in secret, saying: "Save us, and we will be truly thankful!"?'
6:64 Say: 'God delivers you from them, and from all afflictions. Yet you worship idols.'
6:65 Say: 'He has power to let loose His scourge upon you from above your heads and from beneath your feet, and to divide you into discordant factions, causing the one to suffer at the hands of the other.' See how We make plain Our revelations, that they may understand them.
6:66 Your people have rejected this although it is the very truth. Say: 'I am not your keeper.
6:67 The time will come when every prophecy shall be fulfilled, and you shall learn.
6:68 When you see those that scoff at Our revelations, withdraw from them till they engage in other talk. Should Satan cause you to forget this, take leave of the wrongdoers as soon as you remember.
6:69 Those that fear God are in no way accountable for them. We remind them only so that they may guard themselves against evil.
6:70 Avoid those that treat their faith as a sport and a diversion and are seduced by the life of this world. Admonish them with this lest their souls be damned by their own sins. They have no guardian or intercessor besides God: and though they offer every ransom, it shall not be accepted from them. Such are those that are damned by their own sins. Scalding water shall they drink and be sternly punished for their unbelief.
6:71 Say: 'Are we to call on idols which can neither help nor harm us? Are we to turn upon our heels after God has guided us, like him who, being bewitched by devils in the land, blunders along perplexed, although his friends call him to the right path, shouting: "Come this way!"?' Say: 'God's guidance is the only guidance. We are commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds
6:72 to pray, and to fear Him. Before Him shall you be gathered all.'
6:73 It was He who created the heavens and the earth in all truth. On the day when He says: 'Be,' it shall be. His word is the truth. All sovereignty shall be His on the day when the trumpet is sounded. He has knowledge of the unknown and the manifest. He alone is wise and all knowing.
6:74 Tell of Abraham, who said to Azar, his father: 'Will you worship idols as your gods? Surely you and all your people are in palpable error.'
6:75 Thus did We show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so that he might become a firm believer.
6:76 When night drew its shadow over him, he saw a star. 'That,' he said, 'is surely my God.' But when it faded in the morning light, he said: 'I will not worship gods that fade.'
6:77 When he beheld the rising moon, he said: 'That is my God.' But when it set, he said: 'If my Lord does not guide me, I shall surely go astray.'
6:78 Then, when he beheld the sun shining, he said: 'That must be my God: it is the largest.' But when it set, he said to his people: 'I disown your idols.
6:79 I will turn my face to Him who has created the heavens and the earth, and will live a righteous life. I am no idolater.'
6:80 His people argued with him. He said: 'Will you argue with me about God, who has given me guidance? I do not fear your idols, unless my Lord so willed. My Lord has knowledge of all things. Will you not be warned?
6:81 And how should I fear your idols when you yourselves are not afraid of serving idols not sanctioned by God? Which of us is more deserving of salvation? Tell me, if you know the truth.
6:82 Those that have faith and do not taint their faith with wrongdoing shall surely earn salvation, while they follow the right path.'
6:83 Such was the argument with which We furnished Abraham against his people. We raise whom We will to an exalted rank. Your Lord is wise and all–knowing.
6:84 We gave him Isaac and Jacob and guided both as We had guided Noah before them. Among his descendants were David and Solomon, Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron (thus do we reward the righteous);
6:85 Zacharias and John, Jesus and Elias (all were upright men);
6:86 and Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah and Lot. All these We exalted above the nations
6:87 as We exalted some of their fathers, their children, and their brothers. We chose them and guided them to a straight path.
6:88 Such is God's guidance; He bestows it on those of His servants whom He chooses. Had they served other gods besides Him, their labours would have been vain indeed.
6:89 On those men We bestowed the Scriptures, wisdom, and prophethood. If these are denied by this generation, We will entrust them to others who will not deny them.
6:90 Those were the men whom God guided. Follow then their guidance and say: 'I demand of you no recompense for this. It is butan admonition to all mankind.'
6:91 They have no true notion of God's glory, those that say: 'God has never revealed anything to a mortal.' Say: 'Who, then, revealed the Scriptures which Moses brought down, a light and a guide for mankind? You have transcribed them on scraps of paper, declaring some and suppressing much, though now you have been taught what neither you nor your fathers knew before.' Say: 'God!' Then leave them to amuse themselves with foolish chatter.
6:92 This is a blessed Book which We have revealed, confirming what came before it, that you may warn the mother city and those that dwell around her. Those who believe in the life to come will believe in it and be steadfast in their prayers.
6:93 Who is more wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about God, or says: 'This was revealed to me,' when nothing was revealed to him? Or the man who says: 'I can reveal the like of what God has revealed'? Could you but see the wrongdoers when death overwhelms them! With hands outstretched, the angels will say: 'Yield up your souls. You shall be rewarded with the scourge of shame this day, for you have said of God what is untrue and scorned His revelations.
6:94 And now you have returned to Us, alone as We created you at first, leaving behind all that We bestowed on you. Nor do We see with you your intercessors, those whom you claimed to be God's equals. Broken are the ties which bound you, and that which you presumed has failed you.'
6:95 It is God who splits the seed and the fruit–stone. He brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead from the living. Such is God. How then can you turn away?
6:96 He kindles the light of dawn. He has ordained the night for rest and the sun and the moon for reckoning. Such is the ordinance of the Mighty One, the All–knowing.
6:97 It is He that has created for you the stars, so that they may guide you in the darkness of land and sea. We have made plain Our revelations to men of knowledge.
6:98 It was He that created you from a single being and furnished you with a dwelling and a resting–place. We have made plain Our revelations to men of understanding.
6:99 6:99 It is He who sends down water from the sky with which We bring forth the buds of every plant. From these We bring forth green foliage and close–growing grain, palm–trees laden with clusters of dates, vineyards and olive groves, and pomegranates alike and different. Behold their fruits when they ripen. Surely in these there are signs for true believers.
6:100 Yet they regard the jinn as God's equals, though He Himself created them, and in their ignorance ascribe to Him sons and daughters. Glory be to Him! Exalted be He above their imputations!
6:101 Creator of the heavens and the earth. How should He have a son when He had no consort? He created all things, and He has knowledge of all things.
6:102 Such is God, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of all things. Therefore serve Him. Of all things He is the Guardian.
6:103 No mortal eyes can see Him, though He sees all eyes. He is benign and all–knowing.
6:104 Momentous portents have come to you from your Lord. He that sees them shall himself have much to gain, but he who is blind to them shall lose much indeed. I am not your keeper.
6:105 Thus do We make plain Our revelations, that they may say: 'You have studied deep,' and that this may become clear to men of knowledge.
6:106 Therefore follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord. There is no god but Him. Avoid the pagans.
6:107 Had God pleased, they would not have worshipped idols. We have not made you their keeper, nor are you their guardian.
6:108 Do not revile the idols which they invoke besides God, lest in their ignorance they revile God with rancour. Thus have We made the actions of each community seem pleasing to itself. To their Lord shall they return, and He will declare to them what they have done.
6:109 They solemnly swear by God that if a sign be given them they would believe in it. Say: 'Signs are only vouchsafed by God.' And how can you tell that if a sign be given them they will indeed believe in it?
6:110 We will turn away their hearts and eyes from the Truth since they refused to believe in it at first. We will let them blunder about in their wrongdoing.
6:111 If We sent the angels down to them, and caused the dead to speak with them, and ranged all things in front of them, they would still not believe, unless God willed otherwise. But most of them are ignorant men.
6:112 Thus have We assigned for every prophet an enemy: the devils among men and jinn, who inspire each other with vain and varnished falsehoods. But had your Lord pleased, they would not have done so. Therefore leave them to their own inventions,
6:113 so that the hearts of those who have no faith in the life to come may be inclined to what they say and, being pleased, persist in their sinful ways.
6:114 Should I seek a judge other than God when it is He who has revealed the Book for you with all its precepts? Those to whom We gave the Scriptures know that it is the truth revealed by your Lord. Therefore have no doubts.
6:115 Perfected are the words of your Lord in truth and justice. None can change His words. He hears all and knows all.
6:116 If you obeyed the greater part of those on earth, they would lead you away from God's path. They follow nothing but idle fancies and preach nothing but falsehoods.
6:117 Surely your Lord is best aware of those who stray from His path, as He best knows the rightly guided.
6:118 Eat only of that which has been consecrated in the name of God, if you truly believe in His revelations.
6:119 And why should you not eat of that which has been consecrated in God's name when He has made plain to you what He forbade you, except when you are constrained? Many are those that are misled through ignorance by their desires: surely your Lord best knows the transgressors.
6:120 Sin neither openly nor in secret. Those that commit sin shall be punished for their sins.
6:121 Therefore do not eat of that which has not been consecrated in the name of God; for that is sinful. The devils will teach their votaries to argue with you. If you obey them, you shall yourselves become idolaters.
6:122 Can the dead man whom We have raised to life, and given a light to walk with among men, be compared to him who is in darkness from which he will never emerge? Thus do their deeds seem fair to the unbelievers.
6:123 We have placed in every city arch–transgressors who scheme within its walls. But they scheme only against themselves, though they may not perceive it.
6:124 When a sign is revealed to them they say: 'We will not believe in it unless we are given that which God's apostles have been given.' But God knows best whom to entrust with His message. God will humiliate the transgressors and mete out to them grievous punishment for their scheming.
6:125 If God intends to guide a man, He opens his bosom to Islam. But if He pleases to confound him, He makes his bosom small and narrow as though he were climbing up to the sky. Thus shall God lay the scourge on the unbelievers.
6:126 Such is the path of your Lord: a straight path. We have made plain Our revelations to thinking men.
6:127 They shall dwell in peace with their Lord. He will give them His protection as recompense for what they do.
6:128 On the day He assembles them all together, He will say: 'Jinn, you have seduced mankind in great numbers.' And their votaries among mankind will say: 'Lord, we have enjoyed each other's fellowship. But now we have reached the end of the appointed term which You decreed for us.' He will say: 'The Fire shall be your home, and there shall you remain for ever unless God ordain otherwise.' Your Lord is wise and all–knowing.
6:129 Thus do We give the wicked sway over each other as punishment for their misdeeds.
6:130 Then He will say: 'Jinn and men! Did there not come to you apostles of your own who proclaimed to you My revelations and warned you of this day?' They will reply: 'We bear witness against our own souls.' Indeed, the life of this world has seduced them. They will testify against themselves that they were unbelievers.
6:131 Nor would your Lord destroy the nations without just cause and due warning.
6:132 They shall be rewarded according to their deeds. Your Lord is never heedless of what they do.
6:133 Your Lord is the Self–sufficient One, the Merciful. He can destroy you if He wills and replace you with whom He pleases, just as He raised you from the offspring of other nations.
6:134 That which you are promised is sure to come. Escape it you shall not.
6:135 Say: 'Do all that is in your power, my people, and I will do what is in mine. You shall learn who is to gain the recompense of the Hereafter. The wrongdoers shall not triumph.'
6:136 They set aside for God a share of their produce and of their cattle, saying: 'This is for God' so they pretend 'and this for our idols.' Their idols' share does not reach God, but the share of God is wholly given to their idols. How ill they judge!
6:137 Their idols have induced many pagans to kill their children, seeking to ruin them and to confuse them in their faith. Had God pleased they would not have done so. Therefore leave them to their false inventions.
6:138 They say: 'These animals and these crops are forbidden. None may eat of them save those whom we permit.' So they assert. And there are other beasts which they prohibit men from riding, and others over which they do not pronounce the name of God, thus committing a sin against Him. He will punish them for their invented lies.
6:139 They also say: 'The offspring of these animals is lawful for our males but forbidden to our females.' But if it is stillborn, they all partake of it! God will punish them for that which they impute to Him. He is wise and all–knowing.
6:140 Losers are those that in their ignorance have wantonly slain their own children and made unlawful what God has given them, inventing falsehoods about God. They have gone astray and are not guided.
6:141 It is He who brings gardens into being: creepers and upright trees, the palm and all manner of crops, olives, and pomegranates alike and different. Eat of these fruits when they ripen and give away what is due of them upon the harvest day. But you shall not be prodigal; He does not love the prodigal.
6:142 Of the beasts you have, some are for carrying burdens and others for slaughter. Eat of that which God has given you and do not walk in Satan's footsteps; he is your inveterate foe.
6:143 He has given you eight kinds of livestock. Take first a pair of sheep and a pair of goats. Say: 'Of these, has He forbidden you the males, the females, or their offspring? Answer me, if you are men of truth.'
6:144 Then a pair of camels and a pair of cattle. Say: 'Of these, has He forbidden you the males, the females, or their offspring? Were you present when God gave you these commandments?' Who is more wicked than the man who in his ignorance invents a lie about God to mislead mankind? God does not guide the wrongdoers.
6:145 Say: 'I find nothing in what has been revealed to me that forbids men to eat of any food except carrion, running blood, and the flesh of swine –– for these are unclean –– and any flesh that has been profanely consecrated to gods other than God. But whoever is driven by necessity, intending neither to sin nor to transgress, will find your Lord forgiving and merciful.'
6:146 We forbade the Jews all animals with undivided hoofs and the fat of sheep and oxen, except what is on their backs and intestines and what is mixed with their bones. Such is the penance We imposed on them for their misdeeds. What We declare is true.
6:147 If they disbelieve in you, say: 'All–encompassing is the mercy of your Lord: but His punishment cannot be warded off from sinful men.'
6:148 The idolaters will say: 'Had God pleased, neither we nor our fathers would have served other gods besides Him; nor would we have declared anything unlawful.' In like manner did those who have gone before them deny the Truth until they felt Our scourge. Say: 'Have you any evidence you can put before us? You believe in nothing but conjecture and follow nothing but falsehoods.'
6:149 Say: 'God alone has the conclusive proof. Had He so pleased He would have guided you all.'
6:150 Say: 'Bring me those witnesses of yours who can testify that God has forbidden this.' If they so testify, do not testify with them, nor yield to the wishes of those that deny Our revelations, disbelieve in the life to come, and set up other gods as equals with their Lord.
6:151 Say: 'Come, I will tell you what your Lord has made binding on you: that you shall serve no other gods besides Him; that you shall show kindness to your parents; that you shall not kill your children because you cannot support them (We provide for you and for them); that you shall not commit lewd acts, whether openly or in secret; and that you shall not kill, for that is forbidden by God –– except for a just cause. Thus God exhorts you, that you may grow in wisdom.'
6:152 Do not tamper with the property of orphans, but strive to improve their lot until they reach maturity. Give just weight and full measure; We never charge a soul with more than it can bear: Speak for justice, even if it affects your own kinsmen. Be true to the covenant of God. Thus He exhorts you, so that you may take heed.
6:153 This path of Mine is straight. Follow it and do not follow other paths, for they will lead you away from Him. He thus exhorts you, so that you may guard yourselves against evil.
6:154 To Moses We gave the Scriptures, a perfect code for the righteous with precepts about all things, a guide and a benison, so that they might believe in meeting their Lord.
6:155 And now We have revealed this Book truly blessed. Observe it and keep from evil, so that you may find mercy
6:156 and not say: 'The Scriptures were revealed only to two communities before us; we have no knowledge of what they read';
6:157 or: 'Had the Scriptures been revealed to us we would have been better guided than they.' A veritable sign has now come to you from your Lord, a guide and a benison. And who is more wicked than the man who denies the revelations of God and turns away from them? Those that turn away from Our revelations shall be sternly punished for their indifference.
6:158 Are they waiting for the angels or your Lord to come down to them, or for a sign from your Lord to be given them? On the day when a sign from your Lord is given them, faith shall not avail the soul that had no faith before or did not put its faith to good uses. Say: 'Wait if you will; we too are waiting.'
6:159 Have nothing to do with those who have split up their religion into sects. God will call them to account and declare to them what they have done.
6:160 He that does a good deed shall be repaid tenfold; but he that does evil shall be rewarded only with evil. None shall be wronged.
6:161 Say: 'My Lord has guided me to a straight path, to an upright religion, to the faith of saintly Abraham, who was no idolater.'
6:162 Say: 'My prayers and my devotions, my life and my death, are all for God, Lord of the Worlds:
6:163 He has no peer. Thus am I commanded, being the first of the Muslims.'
6:164 Say: 'Should I seek any but God for my Lord, when He is the Lord of all things? Each man shall reap the fruits of his own deeds: no soul shall bear another's burden. In the end to your Lord shall you return, and He will resolve your disputes for you.'
6:165 He has given you the earth for your heritage and exalted some of you in rank above others, so that He might prove you with His gifts. Swift is your Lord in retribution; yet is He forgiving and merciful.


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