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al-Furqan (The Criterion, The Standard)
as rendered by N J Dawood (draft)

N J Dawood (draft) rendition of Surah The Criterion, The Standard(al-Furqan)
25:1 Blessed be He who has revealed Al–Furqan to His servant, that he may warn the nations;
25:2 Sovereign of the heavens and the earth, who has begotten no children and has no partner in His sovereignty; who has created all things and ordained them in due proportion.
25:3 Yet the unbelievers serve, besides Him, other gods which can create nothing and were themselves created: which can neither harm nor help themselves, and which have no power over death or life, or the raising of the dead.
25:4 The unbelievers say: 'This[1] is but a forgery of his own invention, in which others have helped him.' Unjust is what they say and false.
25:5 And they say: 'Fables of the ancients he has written: they are dictated to him morning and evening.'
25:6 Say: 'It is revealed by Him who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth. He is surely forgiving and merciful.'
25:7 They also say: 'How is it that this apostle eats and walks about the market–squares? Why has no angel been sent down with him to give warning?
25:8 Why has no treasure been given him, no garden to provide his sustenance?' And the wrongdoers say: 'The man you follow is surely bewitched.'
25:9 See what epithets they bestow upon you! [2] Surely they have gone astray and cannot return to the true path.
25:10 Blessed be He who, if He wills, can give you better things than these; gardens watered by running streams, and palaces too.
25:11 Indeed, they deny the Hour of Doom. For those who deny that hour We have prepared a blazing fire.
25:12 From far away they shall hear it raging and roaring.
25:13 And when, chained together, they are flung into some narrow space; they will fervently call for death.
25:14 But they will be told: 'Do not call today for one death; call for many deaths!'
25:15 Say: 'Which is better, this or the Paradise of Immortality which the righteous have been promised? It is their recompense and their retreat.
25:16 Abiding there for ever, they shall find in it all that they desire. That is a promise which your Lord must needs fulfil.'
25:17 On the day He gathers them with all their idols, He will say: 'Was it you who misled these My servants, or did they choose to go astray?'
25:18 They will answer: 'Glory be to You! We should never have chosen other guardians besides You. But You gave them and their fathers the comforts of this life, so that they forgot Your warning and thus incurred destruction.'
25:19 (Then to the idolaters God will say:) 'Your idols have denied your charges. You cannot avert your doom, nor can you be helped. Those of you who have done wrong We will sternly punish.'
25:20 We have sent no apostles before you who did not eat or walk about the market–squares. We test you by means of one another. Will you not have patience? Surely your Lord observes all.
25:21 Those who entertain no hope of meeting Us ask: 'Why have no angels been sent down to us? Why can we not see our Lord?' How arrogant they are; and how gross is their iniquity!
25:22 On the day when they behold the angels, the evil–doers will not rejoice that day. The angels will say to them: 'You shall never cross that barrier.'
25:23 Then We shall turn to that which they have done and tender it as vain as scattered dust.
25:24 As for the heirs of Paradise, they shall lodge in a more auspicious dwelling on that day, and in a cooler resting–place.
25:25 On that day the sky with all its clouds shall be rent asunder and the angels sent down in their ranks.
25:26 On that day the Merciful will truly reign supreme. A day of woe it shall be to the unbelievers.
25:27 On that day the wrongdoer will bite his hands and say: 'Would that I had walked in the Apostle's path!
25:28 Oh, would that I had never chosen so–and–so for my companion.!
25:29 It was he that made me disbelieve in God's warning after it had reached me. Satan is ever treacherous to man.'
25:30 The Apostle says: 'Lord, my people have forsaken this Koran.'
25:31 Thus to every prophet We have assigned adversaries among the wrongdoers: but you need none besides your Lord to guide and help you.
25:32 The unbelievers ask: 'Why was the Koran not revealed to him entire in a single revelation?' We have revealed it thus so that We may sustain your heart. We have imparted it to you by gradual revelation.
25:33 No sooner will they come to you with an argument than We shall reveal to you the truth, better expounded.
25:34 Those who are dragged upon their faces into Hell shall have a viler place to dwell in, having strayed farther from the right path.
25:35 We gave the Book to Moses and assigned to him his brother Aaron as a helper.
25:36 We sent them to those who had denied Our signs, and utterly destroyed them.
25:37 As for Noah's people, We drowned them when they denied their apostles and made of them an example to mankind. For the wrongdoers We have prepared a woeful scourge.
25:38 The tribes of 'Ad and Thamud were also destroyed, and so were those who dwelt at Rass, and many generations in between.
25:39 To each of them We gave examples, and each of them We exterminated.
25:40 They must surely have passed by the city which was destroyed by the fatal rain: have they never seen its ruins? Yet have they no faith in the Resurrection.
25:41 Whenever they see you they deride you, saying: 'Is this the man whom God has sent as His emissary?
25:42 Had we not stood firm, he would have turned us away from our gods.' But when they face the scourge they shall realize who has strayed farther from the right path.
25:43 Have you considered the man who has made a god of his own appetite? Would you be a guardian over him?
25:44 Do you think most of them can hear or understand? They are but like cattle; indeed, even more misguided.
25:45 Do you not see how your Lord lengthens the shadows? Had it been His will He could have made them constant. But We make the sun their guide;
25:46 little by little We shorten them.
25:47 It is He who has made the night a mantle for you, and sleep a rest. He makes each day a resurrection.
25:48 It is He who drives the winds as harbingers of His mercy; and We send down pure water from the sky,
25:49 so that We may give life to a dead land and quench the thirst of countless beasts and men We have created.
25:50 We have made it flow freely among them, so that they may remember. Yet most decline to render thanks.
25:51 Had it been Our will, We could have sent to every city someone to give warning.
25:52 Do not yield to the unbelievers, but fight them vigorously with this.
25:53 It was He who sent the Two Seas rolling, the one sweet and fresh, the other salt and bitter, and set a rampart between them, an insurmountable barrier.
25:54 It was He who created man from water, and gave him kindred of blood and of marriage. All–powerful is your Lord.
25:55 Yet they worship idols which can neither help nor harm them. Surely the unbeliever is an enemy to his Lord.
25:56 We have sent you only to proclaim good news and to give warning.
25:57 Say: 'I demand of you no recompense for this. Let him who will, take the right path to his Lord.'
25:58 Put your trust in the Ever–living who never dies. Celebrate His praise: He well knows all His servants' sins.
25:59 In six days He created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, and then ascended the throne. He is the Lord of Mercy. Ask those who know, concerning Him.
25:60 When they are told: 'Bow down before the Merciful,' they ask: 'Who is the Merciful? Would you have us bow down to whatever you will?' And they grow more rebellious.
25:61 Blessed be He who decked the sky with constellations and set in it a lamp and a shining moon.
25:62 He makes the night succeed the day: a sign for those who would take heed and render thanks.
25:63 True servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth and say: 'Peace!' to the ignorant who accost them;
25:64 who pass the night standing and on their knees in adoration of their Lord;
25:65 who say: 'Lord, ward off from us the punishment of Hell, for its punishment is everlasting:
25:66 an evil dwelling and an evil resting–place';
25:67 who are neither extravagant nor niggardly, but keep the golden mean;
25:68 who invoke no other deity besides God, and do not kill except for a just cause (manslaughter is forbidden by Him); who do not commit adultery he that does shall meet with evil:
25:69 his punishment shall be doubled on the Day of Resurrection and in disgrace he shall abide for ever ––
25:70 unless he repent and believe and do good works, for then God will change his sins to good actions: God is forgiving and merciful:
25:71 he that repents and does good works shall truly return to God;
25:72 who do not bear false witness, and who maintain their dignity when listening to profane abuse;
25:73 who do not turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the revelations of their Lord when they are reminded of them;
25:74 who say: 'Lord, give us joy in our spouses and our children, and make us examples to those who fear You.'
25:75 These shall be rewarded for their fortitude with the loftiest abode in Paradise. There shall they find a greeting and a welcome,
25:76 and there shall they abide forever: a pleasant dwelling and a pleasant resting–place.
25:77 Say: 'Little cares my Lord if you do not invoke Him. Now that you have denied His revelations, His punishment is bound to overtake you.'


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