5.0 Fathah (Zeber) Practice

5.1    Joining letters Fathah Exercise  

6    Kasra (zer) Practice

6.1 Joining letters Kasra Exercise

7.0    Damma (Pesh)  Practice

7.1        Joining letter Damma Exercuse 

11.0    Long Vowel Fathah (zaber) with Letter Alif

11.1        Long vowel Fathah (zaber) with Letter Alif (PRACTICE)

15.0    Long Vowel Damma (Pesh) with letter Waw

15.1    Long Vowel Damma (Pesh) with letter Waw

17.0    Long Vowel Kasra (Zer) with letter Ya

17.1        Long Vowel Kasra (Zer) Practice Exercises 


14.0    Fatha (zaber) with letter Waw

14.1    Fatha (zaber) with letter Waw PRACTICE EXERCISE

16.0    Fatha (zaber) with letter Ya

16.1        Fatha (zaber) with letter Ya PRACTICE EXERCISE

18.0        Combined Practice Exercises

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