Aim and Object:

Internationally acclaim, DurusulQuran (Lessons of the Qur'an) fully interactive with sound, is FREE online course, designed to aid in learning how to read the Holy Qur'an in Arabic script.  The complete course includes:
This comprehensive course is targeted to adult learner, especially new Muslims, and may be use by the children to enhance their learning.    While ideally suited for the beginner, this course offers insight and support for the intermediate and advanced learners as well.   Additional resource is also available for those who have limited access to the computer.   

Still, this course has its limitations; therefore it is imperative to have a qualified teacher to aid in verifying the correct pronunciation and other phonetic (tajweed) rules. All students must actively seek out a qualified teacher or at the very least, someone who is adept at reading the Holy Qur'an. I would ask particularly that young Muslim children must not rely solely on the information provided in this course. The support provided by your nearest Masjid or similar facilities is essential in learning not only the Qur'an but other aspects of Islam as well.

Lastly, this course is not designed to provide instruction in the meaning of the Holy Qu'ran; such a study would require a comprehensive knowledge of Arabic vocabulary and grammar.  Recently (February 2003) a separate section has been  added (Level 9) "still under construction" to provide basic lessons on Arabic Grammar for English speaking.    

With blessing of Allah, the DursulQur'an( Learn to read Holy Qur'an) course is now available in two different format:

  1.  Interactive Online version requires Window based Computer and mainly relied on Java applets, capable of  running Online such as internet as well as Offline from your hard disk.   (1)  A sample course is now  available Free Online;(2)  the substantial part of this  course may be downloaded free  (3) full version is also available in CD format  for more information:

  2. Printed version, in theory does not require a computer and the course may be follow independently by using a booklet.   In addition,  the sound of each lessons have been recorded that may be run from stand alone CD player as well the audio cassettes.   The course material may be downloaded freely from this site.   The printed material are prepared in Acrobat Pdf. format and easily printable on 8.5 x 11 paper.  the sound clips are in MP3 format that can be burned into a audio CD (and latter transfer into an audio cassette) as well as run in your hard disk. 


Course Content:
The course is fully menu driven and divided as follow:

INTRODUCTION: Introduction to DursulQuran course  Aim and objective

ABOUT HOLY QUR'AN:      Important articles about the Holy Qur'an  and Arabic language

LEVELS:        (Level 1 to 4 beginner - Level 5 intermediate -  Level 6 Advance - Level 7 Quranic Chapters - Level 8 Du'a  (supplication and Salat recitation -  Level 9  Basic Arabic Grammar

Lessons:    The course consists of more than 30 lessons 

More detail about contents of this course

Course method:

The course is based on "AHSANUL-KAWA-ID" compiled by Moulana Shamsudin Brodvi (India) also known as "Qaeeda" or noorani-qaeeda. This method of learning is generally suitable for non-Arab learners.  It is believed that there are at least two popular methods are in used for reading the Qu'ran.  One is predominantly used throughout the sub-continent India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and neighboring  countries and settlements including  (central and South East Asia), where the majority of the Muslims live.  Another method is used in the Middle East mainly by the Arabs.  There are slight differences in both approaches.  For this course, we have adopted  the method which is used mainly in the Sub-continent, as this is generally regarded as being the easiest to apply for beginners. As both approaches naturally have their respective strengths and weaknesses, the differences in each method will be explained throughout this course, wherever necessary. The ultimate result however, remains the same.

Course capability and opportunities

As already apparent, this course will be offered in English.  Since the images and sound files, which are integral to this course, have already been created (representing the most substantial component of this undertaking) and the instruction to each lessons have been kept separate, the translation into other languages, such as French, Spanish, Portuguese and Urdu, or similar languages will be possible with far less effort. If you are interested in undertaking the responsibility of translating this course, please contact the publisher.

Your feedback is essential to the success of this course. We welcome any suggestions or corrections, particularly from those who are skilled at reading the holy Qur'an.

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