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The following Reliable Islamic topics contains valuable information.  Approximate over dozen  specialized Islamic topics have been selected for this series.  The each Islamic topic has been compile into a single file which is fully searchable either individually or collectively, a valuable source tool for serious researcher.   The topics have been carefully selected  in order to assure reliable Islamic information.

Note: You may find these e books in DursulQur'an CD in   eBook/books  folder

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How to use As-Sidq  (Collection of Islamic web sites)

As-Sidq (main file Note:This file will permit you to perform search collectively (all files entire data base), the online fatwa resource by Mufti Ebrahim Desai South Africa
Albalagh an Islamic E-Journal

La page de L'Islam (a Islamic Web site in French)

Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) South Africa

Darul Uloom     
    Deoband India
    Jamia Binoria    Q&A

Riyad-us-Saliheen Al-Imam Abu Zakariya Yahya bin Sharaf An-Nawawi Ad-Dimashqi
The Noble Quran In the English Language A Summarized Version of At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir with comments from Sahih Al-Bukhari By Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Ph.D. Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

Collections of famous hadith Books: Sahih Bukhari; Sahih Muslim (partial); Sunan Abu-Dawud (partial) Malik's Muwatta


Al Sidq min Siddiq Montreal Canada   'A Muslim Guide to Food Ingredients 
Islamic Financial Instruments

The Rights and Virtues of Women in Islam
Kitaabus-Saum Book of Fast

Kitaabul Hajj  Book of Hajj
Kataabul Taharrah  Book of Islamic  ritual cleanliness and Salah
Kitaabul-Imaan (The book of Islamic faith)
Advance Rules of Tajweed  appropriate for advance
Salat, moon, Qibla Calculator by Dr. Monzur Ahmed
The Bible the Quran and Science by Maurice Bucaille
The Truth , Newly discovered Scientific facts revealed in the Quran and
Harun Yahya Official Web sites

 Connecticut Council of Masajid,. and Madrasa-tun-Noor. eBook Project  - Nadeem Abdul Hamid

Ta'leem-ul-Islaam The Teachings of Islam 
Distribution of Wealth in Islam
by Mufti Muhammad Shafi
Kitaabul Imaan
The Authority of Sunnah  Mufti Taqi Usmani


A Children's Book of Dhikr and Du'a

Note: You may find these books in DursulQur'an CD in   eBook/books  folder

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