This course uses  (Java applets  (Suns' Java technology)  In older version of Microsoft internet Browser the Microsoft Virtual machine VM -  to enable/disable click here. ) is already installed in your machine.   In newer version of windows installation, the Java  is  not install automatically. Now you must have to install the Java sepreately into your machine  (download free Java software)

DursulQuran is also available in "Printed version" , in theory does not require a computer and the course may be follow independently by using a booklet.   In addition,  the sound of each lessons have been recorded that may be run from stand alone CD player as well the audio cassettes.   The course material may be downloaded freely from this site.   The printed material are prepared in Acrobat Pdf. format and easily printable on 8.5 x 11 paper.  the sound clips are in MP3 format that can be burned into a audio CD (and latter transfer into an audio cassette) as well as run in your hard disk. 
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1. Installation:

In general, this course  or (CD) does not require any installation, just insert the CD - , in most cases the main menu of DursulQuran will appear. (if the CD is auto enable)  In case  no main menu appears - then using Windows explorer and navigating your  CD drive e.g. drive "D" click on DursulQuran.html to start.  For better performance you may copy the entire CD or part into your hard disk  then the CD may be pass on to your friends and relatives.

The Content of this CD

Content Folder Folder size
Entire Dursulur'an Course All folders except two folders below Approximately 80MB
Practice Holy Qur'an practice/ approximately 400MB
Ebook series eBook/ Approximately  213 MB


The Content of DursulQur'an Course:

Menu Items:


Introduction Introduction to DursulQur'an Course
About Holy Qur'an Several important articles and information about Arabic language and Holy Qur'an 
Level 1 Arabic Alphabets; shape; connecting Joining Combing letters 
Level 2 Makharij of Letters (points of articulation)
Level 3 Arabic Vowels signs Fathah;Kasra;Damma 
Level 4 TANWEEN DOUBLE SHORT VOWELS SIGNS Miniature letters Alif Waw and Ya 
Level 5 SHADDAH (TASHDID) MADDAH prolongation 
Level 6 Basic Tajweed Rules
Level 7 Practice of short   Quranic Chapters:
Level 8 Du'a (Supplication) and Salat Recitation
Level 9 Basic Arabic Grammar
Practice Holy Qur'an Practice Recitation of Holy Qur'an
Recitation of Holy Qur'an Recitation of Holy Qur'an
Printed version course Obtain DursulQur'an (Printed/Audio version)
Islamic eBooks Islamic eBook Series
as-sidq.(The Truth) IAs-Sidq (The Truth) important Islamic Articles
Links important external links
Copyright/Support Copyright and  appeal for the financial supportl
Help Help. troubleshooting

Course method

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

Know problems:

Take too long to load a lesson

No Java applets on the screen not even a gray boxes

Machine seems to be slow

From time to time the Dial-up Connection dialogue pops up 

Internet Browser other than Microsoft Explorer (ie. Netscape)

Virtual Machine JAVA (SUN) support

introduction to windows problems:

On the Microsoft Windows platform, the Java support seems frequently become unstable.  The result is that an applet that loaded correctly before, no longer loads.  Secondly whenever a Windows based program is running, it's consuming memory resources - unfortunately many Windows programs do not "clean up" after themselves and often leave valuable memory "locked", slowing your computer's performance!  In addition, memory is often locked in pages so if your program needed 100 bytes of memory, it's actually locking up 2,048 bytes (a page of memory)! Until now, The only way to free up this "locked" memory was to reboot your computer.   There are many other issues that might effect the performance.  It is important that you machine should be fine tuned.  Some of the recommended procedures. 

Microsoft Virtual Machine VM

To configure the Java:
Microsoft Internet Brower Select (1)  Tools menu (2) Internet Options(3) Advanced Tab (4) Microsoft VM or JAVA (Sun)  enable/disable switches as required. 


2.Why does it take too long to load a lesson?
This course uses Java applets.  On the Microsoft Windows platform, the Java support seems frequently become unstable.  The result is that an applet that loaded correctly before, no longer loads.   This course works reasonable good even in older machine Pentium I 133 MHZ with only 32 of RAM provided that your machine is fine tuned.

If you are having problem with loading images and sound (Java Applets) you need to optimize your machine performance, please try the following technique which divided into two part one deals with your Browser and second deals with your operating systems or your machine itself.  

Internet Browser: 
Note: the below steps  only applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer, however, if you  are using other type of browser look for  similar options in your browser: 

Delete temporary Internet files:

In IE - Select Internet Options --> select General Tab --> (in Temporary internet file section) click Delete files button -  follow rest of the instruction

While loading a lesson  what you get is Grey box - no images or sound

Select Internet Options --> select General Tab --> (in Temporary internet file section) click Setting button  --> select  option button "Every visit to the page" -   close your current internet session and restart. 

Operating systems i.e. Windows 98 

If your hard disk lacks space do the following:

(a) Clean your recycle bin
(b) Clean unwanted programs and files such as MP3 files etc.
(Note) you must have sufficient hard disk space to run your operating systems  efficiently. ( at least 1 to 2 gigabyte of space in your main drive)

If your machine seems to be slow - you must do the following:

 Go to Start -->  Programs -->  Accessories --> Systems Tools -->  Do the following in this order (1) Disk Clean (2) Scandisk (3) Disk Defragmenter 

If you have performed all the above mentioned procedures and you still have problem 

Use Memory or RAM, Cache optimization programs to free up memory  and remove unnecessary start  up programs from your machine - for this purpose Tweak-me, is a good   shareware program-  (download free Tweak-me Gold)  
Norton Utilities

Finally if the problem still persist seriously consider freshly re-installing your operating system  that involved the removal of  the old windows- this method required several hours of work - after installing new windows,  you have to re-configure your attach devices such as Modem, dial up connection, installation of drivers for display cards and other devices, you also have to re-install other working programs such as MS office- etc.  - this method is recommended to experience user only. 

Other Techniques:

  1. Whenever you have problem with loading images and sound Close all windows of your Browser and re-start your browser fresh.
  2. Refrain from using other internet session while using  DursulQuran.   Many  Web pages extensively uses the Java applets - this will interfere with DursulQuran's own applets. 
  3. When the images and sound are being loaded refrain from using mouse or keyboard to perform other tasks  (this applies to those who have slow machine or connection)  
  4. Make sure your browser accepts the Java applets  ( check go to Internet options- advanced tab - enable JAVA VM 
    Important: Do not click or use your keyboard while Java applets are loading, clicking or using your keyboard for other reasons might interfere with loading of Java applets. 

If you have firewall installed in your machine - you must permit full access to site 

if there is no firewall - then Go to internet options/advanced/(browsing section) (1) Uncheck  "display a notification about every script error" and  (2) check "Disable script debugging. 

This course has been tested in IE version 4, 5 and 6. ; the latest version of Netscape might work; except that access to ebooks module will not work properly in Netscape; we suggest that you access this module using Window explorer, navigating ebook/books folder (click As-Sidq.chm)  


If you are having problem with installing Virtual Machine JAVA supports in Windows xp,  you may download the  Sun Java TM Virtual Machine (JVM) directly from Sun  (download free Java software)

Netscape, certain features may not work properly if you are using Netscape browser -  I  recommend you to use Microsoft explorer 

4.   I do no see any Java applets on my screen not even a gray boxes

Answer: If you are running this course online (via internet)  check your firewall. permit this site to receive the  Java applets:  also see item 3 above windows xp

5.  From time to time the my Dial-up Connection dialogue pops up and try to dial up the internet connection - I do not want this to happened, I would like to use this course offline.

Answer: The entire course is saved in the CD, this course does not require internet connection (except for some external links which are optional), Change  your dial up connection from automatic mode  to manual mode-  -  Go to Internet Options (2) select Connection tab (3) change option to  " never dial connection"  ends
Now you must dial your internet connection manually for other use  

RealNetworks "Real player" recently launch a new player and browser "real one player" the browser seems to works very well the java applets.  If you are having problem with java applets in Windows environment then, we suggest that you should try free real one player. to download  RealOne Player  

After doing all the above, if  this course does not work, we suggest that you study this course with printed version which is also provided with this CD. for more information

Obtain Printed version click here


The Java applets requires the images  and sound clips  to be loaded into browser.   In normal circumstances your browser  will take extra few seconds to load these files.  After first access any  subsequent access to this page will be even faster due to cache option in your browser.    Make sure your cache is properly configured to the maximum capacity.  This course is available online for review and consultation purpose only.   If you are seriously following this course  and would to like access the lessons quickly and  without internet connection - now this course is available in CD-ROM Format.   To order CD  

Troubleshooting: some user will experience problem of loading images and sound, in such case close all windows and re-start your browser.  

Without your valuable feedback and suggestion, the success of this course is not possible. so keep providing me with your suggestions.   Those who are good in Qur'an reading can also check the instruction, scripts and its  sound  to make sure there are no errors.  



Please report any other problems: 

Without your valuable feedback and suggestion, the success of this course is not possible. so keep providing me with your suggestions.   Those who are good in Qur'an reading can also check the instruction, scripts and its  sound  to make sure there are no errors.  The true success of this course is depends upon your valuable feedback, I am greatly concern about the loading of images and sound clips using applets. 

I appreciate if you provide me with your valuable feedback, user of Netscape or Microsoft Internet explorer 5.5 may report to me if your course is working without any problem. - also if you have any good tips etc.

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