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The DurusulQur'an ( Learn to Read Holy Qur'an) is now available in CD format

Item # 1

DursulQuran interactive Course version 4.06 (updated October 27, 2003) 

  1. Latest version of Interactive Course  see note      Free download click here 
  2. Important Islamic e-Books (fully searchable)  for more detail
  3. Recitation of selected chapters of Holy Qur'an   for more detail
  4. Practice Quranic verses (MP3 files)  Entire Holy Qur'an in MP3 sound file (under development)

Cost $5 US plus postage and handling  $3  total $8 US  (or $10 Canadian)

Please note that the content of  Interactive course of DursulQur'an Course is available online for Free Download 


Item # 2

DursulQuran  Audio/Text version 

DursulQur'an Audio/Text  version course includes a Audio CD.  The course based on Ahasanul Qawaid   The audio CD  is  playable in both computer and stand alone Audio CD, VCD or DVD player 

Cost $5 US plus postage and handling  $3  total $8 US  (or $10 Canadian)

Please note that entire contents of CD#2 is now available online for Free download.

If you order both  items   total cost  is $13 US  or ($17 Canadian)   the price includes mailing ( first class letter mail from Canada expected delivery 5 to 10 working days ) 

Before ordering this course please try this course online or download some part of this course, If  the interactive  version course does not work properly in your computer,  It is  suggested  that you order only Audio/Text version 


The payment may be made either by cash  bank draft , personal cheque or money-order payable in in either Canadian or US funds   - Please send your complete postal address with your payment. 

Cheque Payable to :Siddique Katiya

Siddique Katiya
4771 O'Connell
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada

 This information last updated was October 20, 2005

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